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Evolution is to blame for the violence in Charlottesville

In late 2016 a collection of Nazis and KKK Klanspersons met in Charlottesville to protest something or generally be annoying. I don’t remember why and it’s not important enough to my point to Google. But it is worth noting that … Continue reading

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Racism and the Fallacy of Composition

Various racist groups commit the fallacy of composition when they decide that because some black people are lazy and stupid that all of them must be lazy and stupid. The fact is, there are many who are not.  Similarly, these … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter… or do they?

The liberal ideology expressed recently in the Black Lives Matter movement seems to be a contradiction. They assert that black people are oppressed by white people black people are poor and disadvantaged and white people are rich and privileged black people have poor … Continue reading

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The Darwinian Tree of Right and Wrong (or, These Dinner Rolls are to DIE For!)

Remember Darwin’s TREE OF LIFE? At the base is bacteria- the first universal common ancestor- and then at the top is us humans and other things which live with us today like squirrels and humming birds and moose and cuttlefish … Continue reading

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Evolution, Baseball, ShowBoat and Political Correctness

Have you ever wondered how BaseBall and the Musical ShowBoat explain why the racist undertones of Political Correctness lead to Obama becoming our “First Black President”? If you have, I would be very surprised. But just for you, I have … Continue reading

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