Mr. Rogers is a Transphobic Hateful Bigot!

Just LISTEN to this hateful rant from the hateful bigot who wants to bring death to Trans kids! I can’t believe YouTube allows this hateful TRASH to be shown! Why haven’t they taken it down yet!?!??!

And on a personal note, being a Leftist is SO MUCH easier than being rational. I may have to make another blog for that. Just toss around “Racist, hateful, and Bigot” and either gay, trans or Islam with “phobic” at the end, and you’ve already won the debate without having to make an argument!

So, it’s time to #CancelMrRogersHatefulNeighborhood

You can send money to support my movement via Venmo or Paypal, or just in bags full of cash.

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1 Response to Mr. Rogers is a Transphobic Hateful Bigot!

  1. erichovind says:

    I saw this!!! Wow! So good.

    For God’s Glory,

    Eric Hovind


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