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From henceforth, I am claiming the rainbow flag as my own. From this day forward, let it be known that the flying of the RAINBOW FLAG is done in honor of A BIT OF ORANGE- which every flag already contains. … Continue reading

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Mr. Rogers is a Transphobic Hateful Bigot!

Just LISTEN to this hateful rant from the hateful bigot who wants to bring death to Trans kids! I can’t believe YouTube allows this hateful TRASH to be shown! Why haven’t they taken it down yet!?!??! And on a personal … Continue reading

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Preachers, Perverts & Pandas

A Gay Debate! Transgenderism! Other Stuff! PG-13! In what is sure to be the reason I get kicked off of social media, I explain the debate over gay marriage, and why letting Pandas eat giraffes isn’t the loving thing to … Continue reading

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Cross Dressing, Gender and Being Delivered

Under the article, The Dangers of Transgenderism a woman named Judy left me the following comment: Very interesting. Be more interesting if you got your facts straight. No one ‘decides’ to change genders. A fully functional man–or woman–does not suddenly one … Continue reading

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Rights for Men who pretend to be Women, or Rights for Girls who are Girls?

Men who will assault children do exist. Are they HONEST men of HONOR? Or might they LIE, calling themselves Transgender persons even when they are not? Would they SAY they identify as women merely to get access to girls? Continue reading

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The Dangers of Absinthe- The Green Fairy

Absinthe has great marketing, and opponents of it are painted broad brush as Puritanical, or simply as uncool. Its time for a careful consideration of the facts and an honest discussion. Continue reading

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Twitter Mob: You can Change your Gender, but NOT Your Menu!

The same Twitter mob who felt it akin to blasphemy for a pancake restaurant to suddenly start self identifying as a burger restaurant turned right around and declared Caitlyn Jenner the “Woman of the Year,” Continue reading

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You’ll Like the Matrix if you Know What’s Good For You

OK, I’ll just say what everyone is already thinking. Matrix 4 a hideous dumper fire that makes us long for the days of Adam Sandler films. It’s the Star Wars Holiday Special of the Matrix Universe. Continue reading

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Florida: “What? No, go ahead and say Gay.”

Despite being the smartest and most moral people in the whole universe, the Hollywood celebrities who chimed in on this matter managed to miss a few small, yet still relevant facts about this proposed legislation. Continue reading

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