Rights for Men who pretend to be Women, or Rights for Girls who are Girls?

Should men who declare themselves to be women be given the freedom to use the women’s restroom? Before you answer, consider the following.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

On an episode of Louder with Crowder, Stephen has a conversation with a man who self identifies as a woman. He ain’t foolin ANYBODY, but he still insists that he is a woman.

You know, a few years ago, this would be a comedy sketch, like on SNL or something. Monty Python did this for YEARS. Today, this is real talk.

The Trannie guest insists that NO Transsexual has ever sexually assaulted a child. Stephen Crowder disagrees and offers examples of when this has happened, and the guest Trannie says, “Those weren’t REAL Trannies.” Now, you may be expecting me to go off on the OBVIOUS use of the “No True Scottman” Fallacy, but that would be too easy. Let’s just bypass the glaring logical fallacy and assume he is right.

Assume for argument that no transgender person has never assaulted a child and never will. Now, based on this knowledge, assume we give bathroom rights to men who identify as women. Is that all they will get? What about changing room/locker room rights? What about the changing room at the public pool? Or the showers at the gym, or the locker rooms at school? Of COURSE he will be given those rights too! Remember, we are assuming that NO Transgender person has ever nor will ever hurt a child. 

Yeah, I know. Just pretend for the sake of argument.

Say, remember that SNL sketch where Rob Schneider played a man pretending to be a college girl so he could move into the girls dorm? He spent the entire sketch trying to get the girls to join him in the shower, with his water-proof camera. Ha ha! It was funny because he was clearly a man pretending to be a girl!

But, what if it wasn’t a comedy sketch on tv? What if it was a man at the public pool where you take your daughters?

Men who will assault children do exist. Are they HONEST men of HONOR? Or might they LIE, calling themselves Transgender persons even when they are not? Would they SAY they identify as women merely to get access to girls? Of course they will. Child molesters will lie to get access to children, and this includes claiming to be Transgender when they are not.

This is a no-brainer. The kind of sick pervert who wants to molest children will lie to be given the chance. When a man asks to use the girl’s locker room and showers, how are you going to know if he is one of the harmless “real” Trannies or one of these sick perverts PRETENDING to be a man who self identifies as a woman? Allowing them into girls’ bathrooms or changing areas is giving them occasion they will take. 

How do you protect the girls who are affected by this decision? Don’t girls and women of all ages deserve a little protection from the men who would take advantage of this inclusionary legislation? 

Whose rights should we protect- a man in a dress or a little girl? 

Please make a good choice, and then vote accordingly.

And if you are a Transgender person, consider that protecting children and women from those would be rapists is more important than your right to use the potty of your choice. Instead of selfishly focusing on your perceived sense of oppression, maybe be willing to use the potty that matches your actual gender so that fewer women and children are put in the position to be sexually assaulted. As a husband and father, I would appreciate that.

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