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Maybe the Atheists are onto something…

I was called a name recently which I had not been called before. A twit on twitter called me an “evolution denier.” Right off the bat I want to state for the record that, whatever differences we Creationists may have … Continue reading

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People CAN Change Their Minds! Even on FACEBOOK!

A lot of haters be hatin’, and saying things like, “Why you gots to be sayin [poop] about other people? Why cants you just leave them alone?” Lots of people simply like to rag on others for using social media … Continue reading

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Why can’t we all be right? (A Not-a-Mormon misses the point)

I was listening to an enraged caller trying to attack the host of a TV show for saying Mormonism is wrong. After a few minutes it was clear that she wasn’t really sure what Mormons believe, and while she claimed … Continue reading

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How Darwin invented the Internet

Like Bill Nye, he calls himself the “science guy” and he had this to say on a recent online article. “Funny how the religious fanatics (by which SG means people who reject evolution) seem to forget that without science they would be writing … Continue reading

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Big White Whale (Not a post about dieting)

Lately, the church attenders in our nation have wondered how, if it’s so obvious to people like me that Genesis 1-3 are meant to be read as literal history, that so many people with college degrees have decided that it … Continue reading

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For the Love of Pigeon Poo

A lot of people tend to be very offended by people like me, because I compare different ideas and then judge some of them true and some false. A disproportionate number of these people tend to be female, and often … Continue reading

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Homosexuality is NOT the ONLY “Abomination”

If you’re like most people, you probably have never read the entire Bible. Or much of it at all. You might have read a few verses from your coworkers inspirational coffee cup, like that one about God lifting us up … Continue reading

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