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The Moses Controversy! See it today!

Greetings friends! If you’ve seen Exodus: Patterns of Evidence, you should be as excited about this as I am. THAT movie was amazing and it showed how real evidence from history matches what we should expect if the Exodus really … Continue reading

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The One Church Plan and a Mouthful of Cigarette Butts

Another dying church is debating whether or not they want to agree with the Bible. It’s a weird blend of sad, sickening, and so cliche that it’s boring. From we read: The One Church Plan (OCP) is predicated on … Continue reading

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Atheists Angry that I Define Atheism to Mean Atheism (Live from the Underground) Performed at a sold out show at the underground, with special appearances from Karl the Rabbit and Tom the Giraffe. A hilarious look at modern internet atheism! For more, subscribe at:

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The Abortion Flowchart (The case from Science)

What is Abortion, and what is it not? The Pro-life position is that Abortion is the murder of a human being, but is this true? The pro-Choice side argues that a woman should be able to decide what happens to … Continue reading

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What should I do in 2019? HOLLA BACK, DAWGS!

Please leave me some feedback via the poll below, and feel free to elaborate in the comments section. And thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year, friends!

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Why is this day different from all other days?

The Birth of Jesus- Luke chapter 2: In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.  (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.)  And everyone went to … Continue reading

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Happy Decemberween!

My goal today is not to tell you what to think, but merely to encourage you to think about what you think, and to think consistently about it. And by “it,” I mean them, and by “them” I mean Christmas … Continue reading

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