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Happy Decemberween!

My goal today is not to tell you what to think, but merely to encourage you to think about what you think, and to think consistently about it. And by “it,” I mean them, and by “them” I mean Christmas … Continue reading

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Someone tell Santa that the ground is LAVA!!!

Canadian rabblerouser and language-police protester Jordan Peterson has said that telling your kids that Santa is real is not wrong, because, as he says, “Look, I think “lying” is the wrong way of thinking about this. Santa Clause is a … Continue reading

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All the Things are Bad: Charlie Brown Edition

Remember when black Americans had to deal with oppression and injustice? Apparently no one on America’s social justice left does. I mean, it doesn’t take a LOT of research to find out what it was like decades ago when, in … Continue reading

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All the Things are BAD: Veggie Tales Edition

In case you were ever tempted to think that anything is good, California has apparently been gathering groups to inform us that ALL the things are bad. Today’s group is- and once again the believing is hard to be doing– a … Continue reading

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Why Kevin is a Hero, and So Can We!

I recently wrote a series of articles where in I explained why Matt Walsh is an idiot. In short, it was because he decided to spend valuable time on social media- time he COULD have spent teaching people why they … Continue reading

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I’m a Vegetarian! (A poem to make you think about the validity of a profession)

Whether it’s someone trying to convince me that Hitler claimed to be a Christian, or the media’s insistence that no terrorist on earth is an ACTUAL Muslim, men can be women if they FEEL like one, or “fake black NAACP … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Hate Speech

You may have heard the term “Hate speech” in the past couple of years. I know it was recently, because, when I was in college, nobody talked like that. Today, this is the term which means, “I disagree with that … Continue reading

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