Should I Be Voting? (KKKan you Answer THIS KKKwestion?)

Elections in the United States, and a source of almost as much conflict, argumentation and violence as soccer is in most European countries. But we here at A Bit of Orange are concerned that a lot of voters are not educated enough to be voting. So, as a public service, we present, the “Should I be Voting?” Quiz, to determine if you know enough about the issues to cast an informed vote, or if you’re cretin who is being used by China to destroy the United States from the inside (aka: someone who thinks they have learned something by watching Tiktok).

QUIZ Question #1

The KKK is a white supremacist hate group responsible for the murder of literally thousands of Americans via lynchings. Which political party gave us the KKK?

A. The Republicans.

B. The Democrats.

C. It was the Democrats, but then all of the racist Democrats became Republicans.

D. The KKK was bipartisan and any white person was welcome.

Did you choose an answer? Let’s see how you did!

The answer was B. The Democrats.

The Tuskegee Institute has recorded the lynchings of 3,446 blacks and the lynchings of 1,297 whites, all of which occurred between 1882 and 1968. Why nearly 1300 whites? Because the targeted lynchings were intending to kill REPUBLICANS. In fact, the KKK had a list of black and white Republicans which they targeted to keep them from either getting elected into office or to stop them from helping other Republicans get elected.

In the 1927 KKK manual, the potential initiates into the KKK had to swear that they were not NOW and had NEVER BEEN a member of the “Radical Republican Party.”

The Democrats made and enforced Jim Crow laws, and other laws intended to stop blacks from voting. The Democrats voted down the Civil rights act of 1958 and tried again to vote down the Civil rights act of 1964, but the Republicans had more votes.

The Republican Party was founded with the primary goal of ending slavery in the United States, which is successfully accomplished.

You are now a little more prepared to vote.

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