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Should I Be Voting? (KKKan you Answer THIS KKKwestion?)

Elections in the United States, and a source of almost as much conflict, argumentation and violence as soccer is in most European countries. But we here at A Bit of Orange are concerned that a lot of voters are not … Continue reading

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The WOKE Left is Racist Because of Darwin

The Left make a collection of foundational errors in their dealing with race related issues. Let’s look at a few: 1. They do not treat all races as equal. Their responses are tailored to the race of the apparently offended … Continue reading

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White People are THE BEST! (and other Woke Values)

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, learning what other people think is not only easy, it’s nearly impossible to avoid! There was a time when people wrote their secret feelings and thoughts in a secret document called a “diary” … Continue reading

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Pizza Robots are Taking Over the World!

When Trump was “voted” out of office because of low gas prices and his historically high employment rates, especially among black, Hispanic and female workers… oops! I meant, because of his mean Tweets (some of which- according to a special … Continue reading

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