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10 (non)Commandments of Atheism #1 and 2- A Mind as Open as a Gulag

Just when I had begun to think, “Maybe I’m being too hard on the Atheists** out there. Maybe they aren’t insane people who give no thought to what they profess,” CNN gathers the data it takes to remind me that, … Continue reading

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The Return of Reasoning Child! Apathy powers ACTIVATE! | Feedback Friday!

Welcome again to Feedback Friday! Today sees the return of REASONING CHILD (cue catchy theme song) as he tries to take me to task for my position on Transgenderism which I wrote in this post. He said this: You misrepresent … Continue reading

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Proof of God 1: I Think I Think, Therefore Maybe I Am?

Today we are going to take a good close look into your brain. Of course, I don’t mean you’ll be taking your brain out of your head. I am going on the assumption that you have an extra brain or … Continue reading

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I’m a Vegetarian! (A poem to make you think about the validity of a profession)

Whether it’s someone trying to convince me that Hitler claimed to be a Christian, or the media’s insistence that no terrorist on earth is an ACTUAL Muslim, men can be women if they FEEL like one, or “fake black NAACP … Continue reading

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The Revenge of Reasoning Child! | Feedback Friday!

Welcome again to Feedback Friday! This installment follows the last as a faithful reader named “Danny” was outraged that I had defined “Atheist” to mean “Atheist.” In this post he continued to try and explain to me why I was … Continue reading

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Jesus was GUILTY! (And all of his followers knew it)

The Bible is a collection of books, written by a large number of men over a long time. The New Testament is a collection of biographies of Jesus, the history of the early church, and some letters to some of … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Hate Speech

You may have heard the term “Hate speech” in the past couple of years. I know it was recently, because, when I was in college, nobody talked like that. Today, this is the term which means, “I disagree with that … Continue reading

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