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How to Determine a Speed Limit

We find Rent-A-Friend standing in the middle of a wooded area, next to his rad BMX bike, near a newly discovered path through the woods. With him are Blue Beard (the Post Modern Pirate), Tom (from accounts receivable) and their … Continue reading

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Radishes, Cats, and Human Suffering

I have seen the light. Thanks to the many tireless commenters on social media, I have seen the error of my ways and I have begun to realize that the atheists are right. Morality doesn’t depend on God! We can … Continue reading

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Objective Morals and the Speed Limit on the Moon

One of the comments I see from atheists on social media all the time has to do with their views on morality. Christians who have studied some philosophy will tell them that, if God did not exist, then objective morals … Continue reading

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