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Here’s your Homework! Giftwrapped Research for 2016

Hello my friends and welcome to Giftwrapped Apologetic Research for 2016! Below you will find a wide range of information (by category, but in no particular order) on topics related to the creation/evolution debate, as well as the intellectual defense … Continue reading

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Q and A: Science, Lies and Darwin

Greetings friends and welcome to a Q and A all about science and scientists and truth and evolution. We’re covering a lot of topics today, but the summation is, why do people like me claim Deep time, Big bang and … Continue reading

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Q and A: Isn’t Evolution Logical?

Today’s question is about Evolution: What are the biggest problems you see with Evolution exactly? The more I look into it, the more it seems like evolution is more logical. I mean why can you accept small changes over a … Continue reading

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Q and A: The Copycat Jesus Theory

Today’s Q&A involves something which no doubt all of you have seen in memes on Facebook: The Copycat Jesus Theory. An astute reader says: How about mythological deities that seems similar to Jesus? If we were to say that Jesus … Continue reading

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Q and A: A flood of questions about Noah

Today’s thoughtful comment has to do with the world’s WORST weather. It was just like that movie 2012, but without John Cusack. Apparently it did have Russell Crowe and Hermione Granger. These historical documentaries are invaluable for my research, let … Continue reading

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Just for the record: FOSSILS

Today’s Q&A is about the fossil record. An alert reader, replying to my previous writings and video content, said the following: As to the fossil record, if we actually find an animal on the wrong rock layers then that would … Continue reading

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Waters ABOVE the Waters? HubbaWHA?

Welcome to another Q&A! Today’s question is about the description of the earth given in the Genesis Creation account: In Genesis, the bible describes a rather unusual Earth where we live on a flat Earth with water surrounding the land … Continue reading

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If you’ve made the mistake of wandering into social media as of late, you’ll discover that bored and self loathing teens have started asserting the idea that there are a limitless number of genders. This idea ties tightly into the … Continue reading

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