Q and A: Science, Lies and Darwin

Greetings friends and welcome to a Q and A all about science and scientists and truth and evolution. We’re covering a lot of topics today, but the summation is, why do people like me claim Deep time, Big bang and Evolution are false when so many scientists believe those models? Am I saying they are all liars or all bad scientists? And if those models were discredited by science like I say, wouldn’t all of the scientists in the world be happy to learn the truth? A faithful reader poses the question as follows:

Now one thing that caught my eye immediately was this quote of yours: “Dating methods are based on assumptions. Most scientists probably don’t think about these assumptions and almost no textbooks will ever address these.” Now of course reading the rest of your article you do go into detail on these assumptions in the form of a metaphor. But here’s my biggest problem with this. There hundreds of thousands of scientists all over the world writing peer-reviews articles and publishing them for other scientists to read and these articles get critiqued all the time and yet nobody is willing to question these out of risk of losing their jobs? That’s what science is all about!

..That’s how most scientists seem to feel to me! They want the truth! And honesty is extremely important to a scientist. If you lie about something as a scientist and you’re caught then your credibility is shot! Lies are not tolerated.

A very good point, worthy of addressing.whale2a

This commenter says “If you lie about something as a scientist and you’re caught then your credibility is shot! Lies are not tolerated.” This is a wonderful ideal, but sadly, this is not the truth. Yes, questioning common beliefs because of new information or new discoveries is what science is all about. And it is true that some scientists have lost credibility for being frauds. Science is the search or truth and knowledge, but it has been corrupted by politics, just as many things have been. Even secular sources, like the Evolution minded The Week.com, are declaring science to be dead or at least broken due to the corruption, politics, greed, and fraud.  http://theweek.com/articles/618141/big-science-broken

Furthermore, faith in the process of peer review is also founded not so much in fact as in marketing. As Ian Juby points out with many examples, peer review in many or most of those publications are not only OVERTLY biased against Creationists (or anyone who dares to question Darwin) but they also stifle new discoveries because they stubbornly stick to what they already believe.  https://youtu.be/0rhF9R9re_s

I wish it was true that all scientists care only for the truth, and I do not doubt that this is the norm. However, history is full of scientists who have fought, not for the truth, but for their own fame or their own pre existing beliefs. Evolution is now the American religion and the institutions which employ scientists or science teachers DO NOT tolerate dissent.  Just watch “EXPELLED: No Intelligence allowed” and you will see what I am talking about with far more real examples. https://youtu.be/V5EPymcWp-g Richard Dawkins is in it and does a classic (but not rare) job of shooting himself in the foot.

Another comment had this to say;  “Looking back on history, scientific accomplishments keep getting denied and suppressed due to religious beliefs.”

This is a popular view on the internet, but not among historians. History tells us that the Christian Church created the sciences as we know them. Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Medicine, Physics, and Astronomy are what they are today due to Christian men studying the creation of God and the word of God. Here is a partial list of some of those men and their accomplishments:


Just as one popular lie which leads to the above stated belief, we are told by the internet that Galileo was punished by the church for saying the earth is round and goes around the sun. There is a popular stage-play which tells this story of a scientists looking to follow the evidence wherever it lead, even if it meant going up against the powerful church authorities. The problem, aside from the fact that it is a dull play, is that it is a lie.

Galileo was supported by the church (his main opposition for most of his career came from other scientists), and the church did not question the shape of the earth- they knew it was round- they questioned the positions of the earth and sun in the solar system. One of the reasons they rejected his claim that the earth went around the sun was because some of his arguments were bad. They really were. But he was not punished for proposing it or even for teaching it as theory. What we have been told about this case, and about many others, is atheist propaganda which seeks to make us believe, as you said, that religion is the enemy of scientific progress, when History tells us the exact opposite is true. Watch this video to see the facts of the Galileo case, and note that the presenter is using atheist publications to support the actual history of the event.
Origins: Galileo https://youtu.be/GsaPvjKNXDA

As for the church opposing Darwin- he’s buried in Westminster Abby. The church in England hardly gave him a dirty look and when he died they placed him with Newton. The church in America provided better opposition, and for good reason, but I digress. It’s time to see what history tells us about the integrity of scientists who buy and sell evolution.

Scientists Who Lied to Sell Evolution

For one example of evolution being sold with lies, look into Haeckel’s Embryo drawings which have been presented in textbooks for over a hundred years as evidence for Evolution (I’ve found them in a 2014 edition textbook). The truth is, he faked the evidence and was accused of fraud in his lifetime. He admitted that they were fake, and he invented them to support evolution. They are still used in textbooks today, even though they are a lie and acknowledged to be a lie by evolutionists. https://youtu.be/lAC807DAXzY

For another, just look into the history of human evolution. There are many examples, but my favorite is Nebraska Man. For decades this evidence was used to support evolution and human evolution. A picture of the Nebraska Man and his cave wife was printed in newspapers: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/MTasXl3Wx7A/hqdefault.jpg


The truth is, it was constructed of a SINGLE TOOTH. And not a human tooth or an ape tooth- a PIG’S tooth. This was not mere error, but fraud for fame and fortune. The fossils of Human evolution contain quite a few of these frauds. A recent example of ape to human fraud which got hyped on Google and its own Tv special- The Link–  is looked into by Carl Kerby in this video: https://youtu.be/zbWDER83NwE
Not only does Kerby explain the deception, he shows it is contained within their own tv special about the proposed “missing link.” I highly recommend this video as Kerby lets the evolutionists speak for themselves and builds his case on their words and fossil evidence.

There’s a MAJOR fraud in the story of whale evolution, which of course will get chalked up to being a “hypothesis”- but then why it is constantly proposed as evolutionary fact? Why is it in textbooks and museums? Someone is lying to you. In short, the artist reconstructions are not based on fossils, they are based on wishful thinking and fraud peddling Darwinism. Like in other proposed evolutionary lineages, the more fossils we have found, the more the proposed lineages are shown to be frauds. https://youtu.be/Zio1ttlDjlM?t=5m2s

Speaking of lies in the name of Darwin, Consider the case of Archeaoraptor. National Geographic had a cover story of a fossil showing a creature which was CLEARLY part reptile and part bird, thus being the missing mink between birds and reptiles. The lie is two fold. First, the fossil was a fraud, created by a Chinese artist and sold to American evolutionists as a missing link. Second, National Geographic knew it was a fraud BEFORE THEY PRINTED THIS EDITION. They knew it was a lie and published it anyway- they published it THREE MONTHS AFTER they found out it was a fraud. In the video below you will hear from the lab which discovered the fraud.

In his Complete Creation series, Juby discusses not only these frauds in the name of Darwin, but he explains how the concept of Deep time was invented by Charles Lyell for the express purpose of discrediting Genesis, and using what he knew to be false data. https://youtu.be/atXl6XTwNPA?list=PL71769AB52FF1BEAA

Here’s a collection of similar stories from the history of science showing that scientists themselves have been a great hindrance to progress because of arrogance and dedication to wrong ideas: https://youtu.be/5ESmAg68UHQ

I have no doubt that MANY scientists have considered the search for truth to be paramount, but the publications, universities, and other money sources do not share this priority. If you present evidence which opposes Darwin, your career is over. If you lie in the name of Darwin, you get a hall pass. MANY examples can be found on both sides of that equation. The evidence I have given you is the tip of the ice berg, but I encourage you to search for the truth and stop accepting the propaganda.

Science is a very big world my friend, and you are not going to learn it from people like Dawkins and Nye. They have a vested interest in preaching evolution no matter what the facts are. Lies have been told in the name of evolution since its inception, and the science of deep time was likewise INVENTED and built on lies, and NOT discovered as you may have been lead to believe. Big bang/Deep time/Evolution/atheism is paper thin and an inch tall and is, every pat of it, debunked by science- real observable, testable science. I promise you that if you keep searching you will come to find that this is the case. I used to believe that Deep time/Big bang was compatible with Genesis, and that it was defended by science. What changed my mind was science (and reading Genesis). The facts DO NOT fit the atheist religion. They fit the Bible.
I wrote about the Big Bang in these articles:




Keep asking questions- and not just to me. Check out http://creationtoday.org/ In the upper right hand corner is a button that says “Get Answers! Search Creation.” This will provide good answers from good sources. Also, I recommend Ian Juby’s videos. He’s clear, entertaining, in depth, and provides LOTS of sources, almost always from evolutionary sources in order to back up his positions. And its video, so you don’t have to read so much. Sometimes I prefer that, like when I want to learn and eat nachos at the same time.

While I do not doubt that the majority of scientists and science teachers in the west accept deep time and evolution (at some level) I do want you to see that many have and continue to be persuaded by the actual evidence that evolution is merely fiction. I have seen many scientists in many different fields say this about their own fields, and if you can get a copy, check out the book “In Six Days” where scientists of all different fields explain in their own words why they believe the Biblical creation account. In the mean time, Here are some scientists explaining how they were persuaded by the evidence that Evolution is a lie.




Here’s Astronomer Spike Psarris. Spike was previously an engineer in the United States’ military space program. He entered that program as an atheist and an evolutionist. He left it as a creationist and a Christian. He was persuaded by the evidence from Astronomy that there was a creator, and then he found out who that creator was- Jesus. He tells his story in this video and then explains why The Big Bang never happened: https://youtu.be/P-B2hACS0dQ

 And because I like his style, here is Spike going through space to show how only Creation by God explains the observable data. Like most creation speakers, he uses almost exclusively atheistic, evolutionary sources in his presentations just to make sure you know he’s giving you the facts which the atheists accept as true. https://youtu.be/1AjSjIr8cso?list=PLebLAvrUbivbhGSqJE6sm8YOKXircRzib


And remember #JesusLovesYou

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