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Big Words and Other Cute Arguments from Atheists

https://abitoforange.com/2018/03/05/actually-atheists-you-do-have-the-burden-of-proof/ You know, it is highly unlikely, that there will be any cosmologists or astrophysicist ruminating this post. I’m guessing they weren’t your target audience. Here, you are making a specious agreement and displaying, for all the world to see, … Continue reading

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Proof of God 6: Proving God with Science (AKA: Indiana CSI: Tomb Raider)

Roach Clowns all the time be saying, “I don’t understand God, Science, or the concept of proof!” but because their spelling is so bad it frequently comes across as “I demand scientific proof for the existence of God!” Now because they … Continue reading

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Proof of God 4: Proving God with science- or, What does the Number Five Smell Like?

If you’ve admitted in the public space of social media that you are a Christian, you no doubt have been attacked by the filthy pests of social media which I call Roach Clowns in an exchange that sounds something like … Continue reading

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Does PBS KIDS Count as “Scientific Studies”?

In the comments section of the A Bit Of Orange YouTube channel, we get a lot of “words of encouragement” from people whose main message to us is, “Here’s something I think you don’t know!” and “You’re an idiot!” And … Continue reading

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Spirit and Dark Matter

When I was a kid, the universe was said to be made of time, Space, Matter, and Energy. That’s still essentially true, only now Big Bang cosmologists are claiming that 95% of the “matter” is actually “DARK MATTER. It’s KIND … Continue reading

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Science is a Belief System

Science is based on observation. We see things happening again and again and eventually come to believe that they’ve always been that way and will always be that way. When we decide that a certain action or reaction happens consistently … Continue reading

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Q and A: Science, Lies and Darwin

Greetings friends and welcome to a Q and A all about science and scientists and truth and evolution. We’re covering a lot of topics today, but the summation is, why do people like me claim Deep time, Big bang and … Continue reading

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