Proof of God 6: Proving God with Science (AKA: Indiana CSI: Tomb Raider)

Roach Clowns all the time be saying, “I don’t understand God, Science, or the concept of proof!” but because their spelling is so bad it frequently comes across as “I demand scientific proof for the existence of God!

Now because they so often want scientific observations of God Himself, they prove only what they don’t know. They are demanding physical observations of a immaterial being.

This is like asking how much water love would displace when submerged or how tall Jazz is in centimeters. On the other hand, there is a second way to take this demand. We could alter it to demand that science be used to show the existence of God (Sometimes you need to help the Roach Clowns make sense before you can answer them. This is one of those times). It is in this second way that science is of great help to the Christian Apologist. But before I explain that, I need to tell you something truly amazing about this article.

BagawatChurch copy

You may picture me (Stunningly good looking, hair blowing in the wind) sitting at my laptop and typing away at these articles, and most weeks that is true. However, this week I did not write ANY of this article! Not even this paragraph! I actually left my laptop out in the back yard during a nasty thunderstorm, and hail rained down on my keyboard for nearly half an hour. When it was all done, the hail strikes on the keyboard had managed to produce this entire article! Even this paragraph! Can you believe it!?!

OK, I am of course just kidding. I wrote the above paragraph. However, the rest of the article was written in exactly that way because of falling hail! Is that not AMAZING?!

For what doest thou roll thine eyes? Ought I to be offended? Surely thou thinkest not that information comest from minds only? Egad and forshooth! Does thou? Then like archeologists, CSI scientists and the SETI team listening for radio signals from space, thou concludest thast information- the specified complexity which carries in it meaning- comes not from brute matter but from minds only? Not even from a well organized storm of hail on a laptop running Windows 10?

Alas poor Darwin. I knew him well Horatio. He was a man of infinite jests and silly theories pretensing to be science. And he married his first cousin. What’s with that, Horatio?

Consider how Crime Scene Investigators or Archaeologists use science.

Both will look at existing evidence, consider all of the logical and possible ways that the evidence may have been caused, and then try to determine the single most likely cause of the evidence.

CSI teams and archaeologists can often run into a common difficulty, and that is not being able to talk to the person responsible for a particular piece of evidence. When an archaeologist finds a piece of pottery made 3,000 years ago in Egypt, he may never even hope to know the name of the individual who had made it, but he knows as well as anyone that the pottery was made by a person with a mind, who chose to make that piece, as opposed to wind, sun, and rain over thousands of years. Furthermore, in thousands of years, we have never once seen a plant or animal make a piece of pottery, and thus any fragment of pottery from thousands of years ago is proof that there was a human who chose to make pottery at least that once. Even if we cannot know the man, we know the man was there.

This brings us to all of the sciences. While I could go on and on with examples for ages, I will sum up a couple of the best examples from science:

  1. Math and physics (Specifically the laws of thermodynamics) prove that the universe cannot be infinitely old, thus, it must have come into being. Anything that comes into being must have a cause, and that cause must have been God (To read more on that, read THIS and the previous article in this series.
  1. Physics and biology have shown the universe, from the very big to the very small to be AMAZINGLY fine tuned for life, and brilliantly designed. From the laws of matter and energy, to the vast amounts of information packed into every cell, as well as the irreducibly complex machinery in every living thing, we know that nothing but the greatest mind in the universe could have caused the world we know. Design demands a designer, and only a fool would try to say otherwise.

If you want to know what it’s like to be someone like me talking to a Roach Clown about these things, watch any one of those CSI shows, and imagine that one of the detectives was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that ALL of the evidencewas created by natural causes like wind, rain, and random chance. Bullet holes? Natural causes. Ransom note? Ink being spilled by the wind accidentally forming the illusion of words. Footprints? Dug by ants in the unlikely but not impossible shape of a foot. Eventually you start to go a little crazy.

Until next time, try to stay sane, and remember: #JesusLovesYou

Dr Craig’s Fine Tuning Video

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