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Truth/ time

Truth changes over time. What was true yesterday isn’t necessarily true today, and what is true today won’t necessarily be for tomorrow. There is no absolute truth. Oh wait a minute… About what I just said… That was true couple … Continue reading

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Slavery and Bacon

“Atheists” try to attack the Bible by saying it condones slavery. This is false and has been answered well more times than I can say. If you wish to see how, here is just one of MANY places you can … Continue reading

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Give me a G! (The Amazing Gospel!)

OK, let’s see here: We’ve taken Pascal’s wager, met an elephant, we’ve thought (And therefore we are), we’ve had dinner with Hitler, and seen how nature and the universe at large prove the existence of God. Whew! I don’t know about … Continue reading

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Big White Whale (Not a post about dieting)

Lately, the church attenders in our nation have wondered how, if it’s so obvious that Genesis 1-3 are meant to be read as literal history, that so many people with college degrees have decided that it is a literary device … Continue reading

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Proof of God 4: Proving God with science- or, What does the Number Five Smell Like? PODCAST

When skeptics demand “Scientific Proof for the existence of God,” it’s a lot like asking what the number five smells like. To subscribe or hear more podcasts, visit: Enjoy! And thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend!

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Proof of God 3: Tological Argument: ON! | PODCAST

The Podcast is back with more Rent-A-Friend! When you are asking for mathematical proofs for the existence of God, what you are saying is, by definition, God is someone that exists, and thus, God=real. Can God’s existence be proven with … Continue reading

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This paper clip is a real jerk

What’s up my fellow atheists? Thank the improbable eventualities it’s Friday, huh? Let me tell you something I was thinking about between my all CAPS LOCK flame attacks on those stupid Christians. I went into the kitchen to get a … Continue reading

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