FREE BOOK! The Socratic Ducky

This book takes a rubber duck level look at the kind of philosophy it takes to understand the Christian Worldview. If you can understand a rubber duck, you can understand why you can be certain that the Bible is true from the very first page. Learn about God, reality, truth, knowledge and faith! Then, learn a few arguments that prove that the God of the Bible is real, and is the one true God. Finally, spend some time getting to know the GOSPEL! The Good News of the love of God. Jesus Loves You! Read all about it.

Click here to read online or download for free:

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3 Responses to FREE BOOK! The Socratic Ducky

  1. jsneese62 says:

    I am going to trust you even though the last time I read a book that headlined a bird I was scarred for life. If you are wondering the book was Jonathon Livingston Seagull one of the most evil books on earth if you ask me. I like orange and I like ducks so I will give it a read.


    • I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and it made me want to never read another novel.
      My book is not about a bird that learns to transcend time and space and starts a cult. It’s just a fun look into philosophy and apologetics.
      No birds were harmed in the making of this book.
      Let me know what you think. ūüôā

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      • jsneese62 says:

        I have read the first chapter and I am loving it so far. I am a bit slow at reading my eyesight thanks to cataracts is fractured so it will take me two or three days to finish it.
        I figured it was nothing like Jonathan Livingston Seagull I was just pulling your leg. I was forced in junior high to read it in English Lit and the teacher gave me a bad grade for saying the book was stupid and I hated it. I have read a lot of novels in my life mostly fantasy fiction which I know is not real nor do I believe they are, but there was something about that book that just gave me the willies and I hated it.


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