Eric Hovind Topples Evolutionism!

My main man, Eric Hovind just put out a great video where in he gives me a shout out, and since I’m a sucker for self promotion I’m sharing it with you.

The man, the myth, the legend.

Actually, it’s a great look into the reasoned evidence for a “Young” earth and against an Old Billions of Years Earth. People like Bill Nye tend to think that our only reason for rejecting the imaginary billions of years is a stubborn clinging to what Uncle Dad taught us in home school church. But the fact is, not only is the Bible very clear about the creation being six literal days around 6,000 years ago, but the science ALL points in that direction as well. Eric will show you how there are scientific observations that not only prove the Biblical timeline defensible, but also prove the Evolutionary timeline IMPOSSIBLE. Once again, the Bible passes the test of science and evolution fails on it’s face like one of those kids on Fail Army.

Go subscribe to Eric’s channel. He’s putting out great content all of the time. And visit for more amazing content and resources!

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3 Responses to Eric Hovind Topples Evolutionism!

  1. erichovind says:

    2 emails in a row!!! What??? Wow bro. Thanks for the LOVE!

    Did I do OK with your Domino Analogy?

    For God’s Glory,

    Eric Hovind


  2. wojtek says:

    Great to see Eric Hovind here. Like him as a guy alot, even if I don’t always agree with him.


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