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Candle Detectives and Dating Methods

Greetings friends! I have received some very good questions from readers, and I thought the answers may help others, so I am making a short series of feedback on reader questions. The first has to do with RadioDating methods and … Continue reading

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Leaf Cutter Ants and Modern Feminism

  Greetings my friends, and welcome to a bit of Orange, where we dare to ask the tough questions. To begin with, I shall ask a tough question which many in the liberal media know needs answering but are afraid … Continue reading

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Mind Blown! Agnosticism ALSO Fails!

I recently realized one of the ramifications of my recent academic offerings. It came as quite a shock. I was forced to lay down and play Angry Birds for several hours. But let me back up and set the scene. … Continue reading

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A Book Review for “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller

Greetings friends. I found this book review in my archives, written some years ago by now, and I thought it worth sharing. Enjoy! A Book Review for “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller How I came to read this book … Continue reading

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