Leaf Cutter Ants and Modern Feminism


Greetings my friends, and welcome to a bit of Orange, where we dare to ask the tough questions. To begin with, I shall ask a tough question which many in the liberal media know needs answering but are afraid to ask:

What is “Misogynist”? Like, a SOUP or something?

Because it sounds like some kind of soup, like you’d get as an appetizer at a Chinese restaurant. “Let’s start with some crab Rangoon and a couple bowls of the Misogynist Soup.” You have to say it Miso-Gynist. I imagine it being too salty and full of those mystery vegetables which Americans never buy for ourselves at the store. But I digress. Let’s see what Google has to say.

According to Google, a Misogynist is “a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.” Right off the bat, I have a hard time believing these people really exist. Who doesn’t love women? Even the gayest of gay men loves women. Now, CERTAIN women might grate on your nerves and make you swear you’d take a full African porcupine in the left nostril before you’d ever vote for her, but ALL women? That’s like saying you hate ALL cupcakes. It’s… well, its unfathomable.

However, I think it can be argued that there is a collection of persons in this nation who constantly attempt to persuade the rest of us to view women as pitiful, weak, stupid creatures. But who? WHO would spend their days and nights on social media and network TV trying to persuade us of these heinous ideologies?

I’ll reveal that to you in dramatic “as seen on TV” fashion, but first, let’s talk about common North American ants.

The Carpenter ant and the Leaf Cutter ant are both common North American ants that have the distinction of having legitimate and respectable jobs. Entomologists tell us that these two groups are often in conflict with each other, and as long as they’ve been crawling on God’s green earth (and in tunnels underneath it) the situation has been as follows:

First, the Carpenter ants are stronger, physically, than the Leaf Cutters. Any time they conflict, the Leaf Cutters fair badly and are afraid to walk down the sidewalk alone, especially at night, knowing full well what may happen to them. And they know full well that if they are attacked by Carpenter ants, no one will even believe them when they report it to the ant authorities.

Next, the Carpenter ants seem to have full access to resources and Leaf Cutter ants never do. Even when both ants work at the same task for the same amount of time, the Leaf Cutters always come away with nearly 30% less, and many of them are forced to take second jobs. Many of them are forced to work as Fire ants in the backyard districts just to make ends meet.

Of course, the reason Carpenter ants are called that is because they have the ability to work with wood to make mathematically precise constructions, where as the Leaf Cutters are intimidated by math, probably because of the boldness of their neighbors, and as a result they have gone into Leaf Cutting, which is a much more arts and crafts profession as insect work goes. Not that it isn’t respectable, and it certainly requires its own level of skill, but entomologists all agree that the majority of wood working at the ant level is dominated by the Carpenter ants. According to a survey of top scientists, if Leaf Cutters were human, they would have a regular booth at the Farmer’s Market selling dream catchers.

Finally, the leaders of the Carpenter ant colonies are always inflicting their will on the Leaf Cutters. Any time the Leaf Cutters try to assert themselves to represent their own kind, the bigger and more math-confident Carpenters roll right over them and keep them oppressed and afraid. Many of the Leaf Cutters spend their weekends in sweat pants, eating chocolate ice cream and crying.

So, while the Carpenters tend to be bigger, stronger, more math savvy, in control of resources and real estate, and even though the Leaf Cutters are smaller, more often abused, intimidated, controlled, and rewarded with less for the same work, entomologists assure us that they are equal and ought to be thought of in this manner. Certainly there is no justification for any open minded, thinking person to speak of or treat these two species as different in any way. Only a bigot of the worst kind would ever assert some kind of superiority on behalf of the Carpenter ants. And I think you get that we are telling you how you better feel if you want to avoid a severe righteously indignant hash-tagging all over your backside…

At this point you may be asking, “What is he TALKING about? It’s obvious that he was thinking of Miso Soup! There’s no “Gynist” in the name of any popular soup on earth!”

If this is you, I would like you to think about the fact that I have just spent a whole page telling you about ants. Did you read that part? That, my friends, was a cleverly constructed analogy. I wasn’t REALLY talking about ants at all. Are you surprised?

No? Really. What gave it away?

Oh, never mind, let me just get to the point I was making.

The New Feminists are constantly painting us a picture of woman as the weaker, oppressed, abused, powerless and controlled members of society who get paid a third less for doing the same job. BUT, they assure us, Women are EQUAL to men. This is the point where in I have to ask two central questions-

  1. How sad are the lives of these women that they think ALL women experience life this way?
  2. and Equal HOW?

I could go through their worldview and dismiss it with facts and whatnot, but instead I want to ask HOW you can paint two groups in conflict, where in one is so CLEARLY winning at every level because they are stronger, more educated, richer, more powerful and in control of government, businesses and culture, and yet somehow deny that the group who is winning is superior. When one group DOMINATES the other in every way possible, saying that they are equal sounds like sarcasm.

And here comes my main point- the New Feminists are the New Misogynists. They spend their time telling us that women are these weak, stupid, timid, powerless little victims who are controlled by men at every point of their lives, and then tag on, almost as an afterthought, that women are equal and should (something something) “rights” (something something) vote for ME/give money to ME and I shall fix things.

Very honestly, I do not see how anyone can accept the New feminist narrative as true and still see women as equal to men in ANY aspect, except that they are both carbon based life forms which utilize oxygen in metabolic processes (Although, that trait is also shared by most vermin, such as roaches and millipedes, so it doesn’t do much for their case). From a very secular point of view (and the New Feminism is at least secular if not actually hostile against the Christian church) I cannot see how women SHOULD be considered equal. The entire world and all of human history seems to indicate that Evolution gave all of the good stuff to men as, if the New Feminists are to be believed, the man have all of the strength, power, influence, control, brains, courage, and moustaches of great design (although certainly some feminists do have respectable moustaches of their own).

I for one reject the New Feminist narrative (and evolution). It is a pile of lies stewed with hate, garnished with more lies and served on a bed of self loathing. The correct view of the genders has to start with the creation of them in Genesis 1: 27:

So God created man in his own image,     in the image of God he created him;     male and female he created them.

Why are we equal? For many reasons, to be sure, but our equality is founded on the fact that we are each made in the image of God. To be HUMAN is to be a child of God. There is no loftier foundation for equality, and none nearly as secure. So whatever the statistics say about who can bench press the most, or who makes the most money, or who spends the most money, or anything else which you may use as a measure to see how very much alike we are or are not, the place where we all need to begin is with the understanding that we are all brothers and sisters, made in the image of our loving father.

I advise you all reject the New Feminist Narrative which tells us that women are all weak victims and men are all strong victimizers, and let’s all see in each other the value God placed in us when he made us in his image. And then, lets all go out for some soup.


Thanks for reading/watching. If you think you can explain how women can be the oppressed victims as the new feminism narrative says and yet still be equal in a godless worldview, please leave a comment below. Thanks for liking and subscribing, and I will see you on the flippity sizzle.

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