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Black Lives Matter… or do they?

The liberal ideology expressed recently in the Black Lives Matter movement seems to be a contradiction. They assert that black people are oppressed by white people black people are poor and disadvantaged and white people are rich and privileged black people have poor … Continue reading

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Debunking the Debunking of the Flat Earth

I stumbled upon this video not long ago, and it contains a section which is both sad and funny, which serves as a good cautionary tale. The video as a whole is intended to debunk the debunking of the flat … Continue reading

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Soft Tissue in Dinosaurs? Is that a thing?

Fossils are just bone which has been replaced with rock- a bone shaped piece of rock with no bone left in it. Right? Not always! Sometimes a fossil is fresh enough to eat. When Mary Schwitzer found soft tissue in … Continue reading

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Welcome to QUESTION EVOLUTION DAY! Here at A Bit of Orange, we question Evolution all of the time, and then we go a step further and show it is intellectually BANKRUPT. Here’s just some of the many ways we have … Continue reading

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Darwin Did Not Believe Evolution

Darwin did not believe evolution. I know that is hard to hear. In fact, many of you will assume I am being sarcastic, but I think I can make a case. 

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Or… maybe this is just a meme. Either way, the annual day of throwing off the shackles of religious indoctrination (i.e. Darwin) and choosing to do some free thinking (i.e. asking questions my college Biology 101 teacher REFUSED to allow … Continue reading

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The Darwinian Tree of Right and Wrong (or, These Dinner Rolls are to DIE For!)

Remember Darwin’s TREE OF LIFE? At the base is bacteria- the first universal common ancestor- and then at the top is us humans and other things which live with us today like squirrels and humming birds and moose and cuttlefish … Continue reading

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