Soft Tissue in Dinosaurs? Is that a thing?

Fossils are just bone which has been replaced with rock- a bone shaped piece of rock with no bone left in it. Right?

Not always! Sometimes a fossil is fresh enough to eat.

When Mary Schwitzer found soft tissue in a T Rex bone in the 1990’s, the world collectively wet their scientific pants.* Schwitzer herself was so surprised that she uttered the now famous exclamation of scientific discovery which has resonated with female scientists working in the field all over the world:

“Cool beans.”

-M. Schweitzer**

Yet, when you dig into the research, you can find similar discoveries for decades before that. I’ve seen examples dating back to the 1920’s.

But is this a fluke? Or is this a piece of normal science that has been kept hidden for obvious funding related reasons? Check out the link below and you’ll see more than 40 examples of dinosaur fossils found with original soft tissue from within my lifetime.

Did the dinosaurs die out 65 MILLION years ago? No Chemical Way my friends. NO Chemical way. Those babies are fresher than King Ramses II.

The dream of the DinoBurger is closer than ever. Warm up the grill and start making fries!

And remember, #JesusLovesYou

Click to access Original-Tissue-Fossils-and-Age-Implications.pdf

* Scientific Pants would be a good name for a band, but not a good band.

**This is a real quote. See it in context here:

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