A Gay Debate: Chapter Three- The Marx Brothers, Driftwood, Sex and Violins

If you haven’t seen the Marx Brothers movie “A Night at the Opera,” then it’s possible that, until now, your life has been a hollow lie devoid of meaning, hope, or joy. I suggest you rush right out and buy a copy at once. Aside from lasting joy and cultural education, I bring this film to your attention because of a particular scene.  

Near the end of the film, Chico and Harpo slip the sheet music for “Take me out to the ballgame” into the score, and then slip themselves into the pit. As the opera starts, the orchestra breaks into “Take me out to the ballgame” and Chico and Harpo pull out a baseball and have a short game, during which Chico pitches and Harpo uses a violin to smack the ball into the woodwinds. It’s classic Marx Brothers shtick which I will now use for my own metaphysical purposes. But first, let’s go to the beach.

Driftwood and Bon Fires

Welcome to the metaphorical beach! Here we find pieces of driftwood washed up on shore. Whatever the wood looked like in the distant past, it has been formed by wind and waves, chance and time to be smooth and aesthetically pleasing. In the 1970’s people would use them as home decorations until they ran out of wine and came stumbling down the stairs, squinting in the morning light, only to say to themselves, “What is that hunk of wood doing in the middle of the dining room table?” What was once $200 of interior décor is now found at garage sales for as little as 25 cents.

So, imagine you are at the beach, and you look into the water to find one such natural treasure floating your way. Having found some driftwood amidst the waves, you pick it up and you say to your friends, “Hey! We can use this as a baseball bat!” And despite the fact that there is no orchestra to be found, you play a rousing game of baseball with your new and all natural bat. As you play, Antonio Stradivari walks by and says to himself, “How clever! Those kids are using a piece of driftwood as a baseball bat.” And he goes home to watch a movie.

Eventually, you stop playing baseball to go get a Choco Taco. When you return you find that one of your friends has started a fire on the beach, which you think is wonderful until you realize that they have made this fire with your all natural driftwood bat! Mother Nature’s own Louisville Slugger is turning to ash before your eyes! The horror! The horror! “How could you do this to me?” you cry in despair. “That was my baseball bat!” Your friends stare at you as if you have bananas in your ears and say, “It’s JUST driftwood. It’s a hunk of dead tree that was shaped by the laws of nature plus chance plus time. You decided to use it as a baseball bat, and now we’ve decided to use it to make a fire. What’s the big deal?”

This is just like that time you found the perfect walking stick in the woods, and then set it down to get a soda, and your friends used it to make s’mores. You begin to wonder if any of them could be trusted to pet sit, or if they would eat your cat.

Meanwhile, at the Home of Stradivari…

Meanwhile, Antonio Stradivari has made it home and is watching the Marx Brother’s A Night at the Opera with his children. They are delighted and amused until the Opera starts. Then, Harpo- this icon of comedy entertainment- grabs a violin and uses it to whack a baseball! The children gasp in horror. “Daddy!” one of them cries, “What’s he doing with your violin?” But Antonio is unable to find the words to express the shock and disgust as his beloved creation, a Stradivarius violin, valued at $15 million dollars, is used in the same way one might use a found piece of common driftwood!

One of his children suggests that the Marx Brothers must be destroyed. Antonio realizes that this is so, and he grabs the phone intending to call the lawyer who works for him- the one who is known as “The Angel of Death.” But another child says to him, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Antonio, seeing the mercy of his child, puts down the phone and skips to the next scene.

Which brings us back to the topic of this series- the debate over gay marriage. No, really! This will all tie together in just a minute.

Nature or Craftsmanship?

The defenders of homosexual marriage are acting as if marriage and sexuality are like driftwood- it’s the result of accidental chance plus time which we have found and decided to use for one of several uses. When the other side comes along and says, “You can’t do that! That’s not what it’s for!” they roll their eyes and try to remind us that it’s JUST DRIFTWOOD. Just because we chose to use it as a baseball bat doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to use it the same way. And if we’re just arguing about driftwood, they are correct. Our baseball bat might be important to us, but it’s still just driftwood. It’s not really special and important. We just gave it a purpose which made us FEEL like it was special. But it wasn’t MADE to be a bat anymore than it was MADE to be a decoration for your dining room table- or firewood for that matter.

The defenders of traditional, Christian marriage are not just arguing about their feelings for driftwood. We are the children of Antonio Stradivari. Our father has made something beautiful and good. That piece of wood was not formed by chance and accident, but by the hands of a loving artist with great purpose. A violin has purpose built into it, which is why you need two different pieces. You need the violin and the bow. If you have no bow, it is a beautiful instrument, but it will not fulfill its primary purpose for existing- to make music. If you have two violins or two bows, you still do not have music. Like a key and a lock, a violin must be paired with something different to be complete-a bow-  to fulfill the purpose for which it was made.

I think the metaphor is fairly obvious, but I’ll spell it out anyway. God made sexuality with great artistry and purpose, as Stradivari made violins.  As the violin and bow are each a complete thing, made with beauty and purpose, men and women are complete by themselves and made with value, beauty, and purpose. But as a pair of bows will not make music- so a homosexual couple cannot fulfill God’s purpose in their design. This goes beyond the mere ability to reproduce, but it does include that. Men and women were made in the image of God, and alone we are not a complete image. Two men or two women also do not complete the image of God. And worse than simply being incomplete in purpose, when one violin is used as a bow on another, both are damaged and neither makes the music it was intended to make. I will address this subject more fully in a future chapter.

From Dining Room Table to Garage Sale Bargin Bin

If you reject the creator God and choose to say marriage, sex, and humankind is all driftwood- matter plus chance plus time- then you can use it as a baseball bat or a walking stick- but here is the point you have to face- you can also use it as firewood. The Nazis did this to homosexuals as well as Jews for exactly this reason. They rejected the Biblical God and the morality that came with in favor of Darwinistic naturalism, and they tried to kill all of the homosexuals in Europe. If you reject the Biblical God and the morality that comes from him in favor of Gay Marriage today, what will stop our nation from using them as firewood tomorrow?  Driftwood can be art for your dining room or fuel for your fire and all that keeps one from being the other is fashion. Today our fashion is calling for the legalization of gay marriage, but when our culture ejects the influence of the church and embraces Darwin as Germany did at the turn of the last century, what will keep us from doing away with this evolutionary dead end in the same manner? What keeps the$200 of dining room art from becoming a 25 cent piece of garbage you desire to rid yourself of? It can happen here. It happened in Europe not that very long ago.

And to make this point clear- it doesn’t matter what ELSE you use a Stradivarius for- if it is not for music, it is an abuse of the artist’s design. Homosexuality is not the only sin. God intended one violin and one bow for a lifetime of beautiful sheet music (pun intended). No trading bows with other musicians, and no using three bows at a time, or two bows and a toothbrush. No beating the violin with the bow like a drum. No filling the violin with beer or floating it in the bathtub. Had Harpo used the violin as a golf club, a football, or as a drum stick, he would still be doing wrong and the children of Stradivari would still oppose it, not because they hate the Marx Brothers, or even because they really believe Harpo intended to offend their father, but because they love their father and they know his work and the purpose for which it was made.

So as a son of Stradivari, I want you to remember that none of us are driftwood. You were made beautiful and with purpose. We are all Human First. And as humans we are made to make music, love God, and watch the Marx Brothers. Do yourself a favor- first, read the Bible. After that, get some Marx Brothers movies and watch them all. You’ll thank me. As for me, I’m going to grab a handful of change and go garage sailing. I’m looking for a big hunk of wood for the middle of my dining room table.

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The Gay Debate: Chapter Two- Building Bridges

Welcome back to a Gay debate about Gay marriage! When I last left you, I had spelled out the need for objective moral values in order to take EITHER side in this debate. Now I intend to take a minute to explain how much we all have in common. If your mind is easily blown, you may need a helmet- or a mind diaper.

The debate over giving homosexuals the right to marry is one where both sides want justice- you know, like Batman. We all want the law to reflect what is right and true and good and we want the Jokers on the other side to stop trying to ruin our metaphorical Gotham City. As a Christian, I believe what God has said about morality and building a good society, and thus I want the law to reflect what is best for everyone as instructed by God. On the other side are those who feel their homosexual friends would be made happy if they were given the right to be married, and so they feel it unjust to keep such freedoms from their friends. In the end, we all want justice- but we disagree about the proper application.

We all want happiness.

This is universal. Everyone wants total happiness. However…This is one of those times where it’s hard to make everyone happy. The pro-side of this debate is under the impression that giving homosexuals the right to marry will make their gay friends happy, and thus decide it is the best choice. In a future post I will explain how making someone happy might not be the same as loving them. For now, just imagine you had the power to turn things into gold just by touching them. It would make you very happy in the short run, but not in the long run. The short version is, you celebrate, get rich quick, and then lose everything and everyone you ever loved until your empire crumbles and you wind up repairing mufflers and breaks. This happened to some guy named Midas. Still, good for him that he can find work in this economy. Just don’t shake his hand when you take your car in.

What many people on the pro side of this debate may find surprising is that I have- and have had in the past- friends who are homosexuals. And I don’t mean just that one guy at work who I say hello to when I walk past. I mean I have had diner, gone to parties, exchanged Christmas presents with persons who are living homosexual lifestyles. I and people who agree with me on these matters have friends that we love who are homosexual. So this isn’t a matter of “If you only got to know some gay people…” This is a matter of some things being more important than just making others happy. Again, I will explain this in more detail in the future. For right now, let’s just admit that both sides of this debate have some friends we love who will be affected by its outcome.

People are PEOPLE

Aside from the common good we share of wanting justice and wanting happiness, we also have a few faults in common. Both sides of this debate have forgotten something which would help clarify why both of them are often in the wrong: We forget that homosexuals are people. They are human first. And we forget that homosexuality is not a person- it’s a set of facts about a person. We’re all throwing out the babies with the bathwater, and that makes for unhappy babies.

In my experience, this mistake can be traced to those persons living a homosexual lifestyle who, for reasons I do not understand, wrap their identity in their sexuality. These are the people who introduce themselves by saying, “Hi, I’m Becky- I’m a lesbian,” or sometimes just, “Hi, I’m gay.” At least Becky remembered to tell me her name. I can’t remember what gay’s name was. But that is sort of my point. He wasn’t a Tim or a Steve or a Ryan- he was just a “gay.”

Many homosexuals will say “I AM GAY” in the same way a certain zoo animal might say “I AM A PANDA!” Naming one’s species carries with it certain explanatory definitions of appearance and behaviors which are phenotypes determined by inherited genotypes. All of that is nerd-speak for, “Of course I act like a panda- I AM A PANDA! What did you expect me to do? I can’t help what I am! I’m proud to be a panda! DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!”

Dr. Phil and the Gay Panda

Aside from accepting their lifestyle, the liberal side quickly starts seeing homosexuals as animals determined by their genetics- unable to make any choices. I offer as evidence, TV’s Dr. Phil. He had a couple on his show where the woman complained that her husband had cheated with her not once, not twice, but repeatedly with at least three different MEN. The husband had told her, before they were married, that he had engaged in homosexual activities in the past. Having chosen to marry her, he assured her that his gay life was all in the past. Now, a couple of years and a couple of kids into the marriage, she finds he has been cheating with men.

So Dr. Phil, being trained in the art of Oprah-style morality and relationship counseling SCOLDS THE WIFE FOR EXPECTING HER HUSBAND TO BE FAITHFUL. I could not believe this as I watched it. Dr. Phil flatly told her, because the guy admitted he had been gay, she should not have believed him when he said he would be faithful to her. Dr. Phil delivered this speech in the same manner I imagine Animal Control gives the “It bit you because it was a wild animal speech to people who have tried to bring home a bear they found on vacation. The cheating husband got the slightest slap on the wrist, but the wife was told that this was basically her own fault. Once gay, still gay, always gay. He can’t help himself! He’s not a man who can choose to be faithful to his wife- he’s… a homosexual. They’re different. She (according to Dr. Phil) should have known better. Imagine this situation with the description “homosexual” being replaced with anything else- Italian, Chinese, a Cub’s fan, an alcoholic, rich, fat, tall, blonde… for what else would Dr. Phil have taken this stance? Nothing. Men and women are expected to keep their vows and promises. But homosexuals… they’re different.

What’s a Panda to Do?

This line of thinking treats men and women like animals. Not only is “Homosexual” their species, but (some believe) there is a gay gene that determined their lifestyle choice before they were born! The pro-gay marriage side basically feels like the Bible thumpers are hating on pandas for acting like pandas. What’s a panda supposed to do?

There are a couple of problems with this viewpoint. So far there is no evidence that a “gay gene” exists. After all, twins exist where one has homosexual feelings and one does not. But even if we decide there is a gay gene, that still doesn’t mean we ought to embrace the results of that gene. Do we celebrate down syndrome, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, or color blindness? Can’t something be a genetic trait which is also a bad thing which we seek to cure?  Knowing something has a genetic cause is not enough to determine something good or bad. To determine that, we have to know the purpose of the affected area. We know color blindness is bad because we know the purpose of the eye- to see the entire visible light spectrum. What was the purpose of sex again? I used to know, but I think we’ve thrown it out with the bathwater.

The Bible isn’t condemning Pandas for being Pandas. It’s condemning Pandas for eating the giraffes when they’re supposed to eat Bamboo. Even if the Pandas REALLY REALLY feel like they SHOULD eat the giraffes- it’s only going to make them ill and seriously freak out the zoo going children. God made a natural order to the universe, and that order included pandas being vegetarian. If a panda tries to eat the giraffes, it is right that the zoo should try and stop him, even if the giraffes are ok with the idea.

Giraffes are into some weird stuff.

Hating Pandas for the Love of Giraffes?

If a panda tried to eat a giraffe, the zoo keepers shouldn’t say, “We really hate pandas now. Cuz that’s wrong behavior.” And panda lovers shouldn’t say, “We love pandas, so they should be able to eat as many giraffes as they want.” Yet, this is what both sides of the gay debate have done. Neither of them is really in the right. What they should ALL be saying is, “We love the pandas, but it’s not natural for a panda to want to eat a giraffe. Let’s figure out what went wrong so we can help them.” Maybe they need more iron in their diet and can just have some spinach. I’m not a vet. All I know is, if you give the pandas a giraffe, you might make them happy for a while, but you aren’t going to make them healthy. It might kill them. And you certainly won’t have many happy giraffes at the end of the day.

We aren’t going to be able to solve the gay marriage debate by confusing the person for the lifestyle. First, we all need to stop labeling people as “gay” or “lesbian” as if it is their species. We are all human FIRST. They are not a sexuality in the form of a person, they are a human with feelings and desires- just as we all are. If we remembered that, we would all understand why Christians can condemn homosexuality without hating men and women, and Christians would understand why we should love men and women, even if they are living a lifestyle which is displeasing to God.

If we’re honest, we’ve all eaten a bit of giraffe in the past. That’s why we need Jesus in the first place.

Let’s end this chapter by reflecting on what we all have in common. First of all, we all agree that some things are good and some things are bad. We are striving to get others to know the truth, for we agree that truth is good. We want justice, and we want happiness, for we agree that they are good. We are- all of us- human. We are not different types of human- we are all simply human. One big, crazy, messed up family of humanity, with our own feelings and desires who each have left teeth marks in the local giraffes. We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and we all need Jesus to save us from our sin – to save us from the food poisoning that comes from eating giraffe when we were made to eat bamboo.

I hope all of you on both sides of this debate have found some things you share. My goal here is to build bridges. Let’s continue the debate as family and burn as few of them as possible.

And remember- Jesus loves you.

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A Gay Debate: Chapter One

Hello friends. I am your rent a friend, and today I am responding  to a good friend of mine named Amanda who is flummoxed by the debate over giving homosexuals the right to marry. I was further encouraged to reply by her friend Jonny who said, “I want you to post publicly so everyone can see what an idiot you are.” And I’m nothing if not a sucker for fan requests. So, here we go. For my good friend Amanda, her friend Jonny, and all the people out there who need a friend,  A Gay Monologue about the Gay Marriage Debate!

Chapter one: Every debate in a nutshell

Before we can start with the specifics of this particular debate, we need to look at the foundation of all debates. I know, that sounds like it’s going to be wading through six feet of metaphysics with no socks on, but trust me, it’s easier than it sounds. What we need to do is look BELOW the level of the specifics.

For this particular debate you have two sides one FOR the legalization of gay marriage and one AGAINST. As with any side of any debate, both of these sides think they are standing for what is right and good and true. Either they are not talking about the same thing, in which case they might both be right or they are diametrically opposed, in which case one of them is right and one of them is wrong.

I told you this would be easy.

This debate seems fairly well opposed. Some want gay marriage to be legal, and some do not. That can’t both be right, so how do we figure out which side to take?  In order to help us all out, I need to compare the basement level foundation of both sides. Before I do that, let me be clear that I am not here to try and defend EVERYONE who is opposed to gay marriage. I am only trying to make sense of the Biblical, Christian position. Rush Limbaugh, the Republicans, Muslims, Mormons, and those heretic freaks over at GodHatesFags.com are on their own. Especially that last group. I’d like the earth to open up and swallow them. But I digress.

Every worldview (The basement level) has four components which need to be defined and made cohesive. I got this idea from Ravi Zacharias, and I steal it here without his knowledge or consent. Those four components are Origins, Purpose, Morality, and Destiny.

First the Christian worldview: 


“In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” This is how the Bible starts, and it’s how our worldview starts. Everything that exists is directly or indirectly the result of God’s choice to create. What this means for our basement level is, everything has a purpose. God is not chaotic, but does things on purpose and with reason. The Bible tells us this in Acts 17:26, “From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.” God has a purpose in where and when you are born. You are not an accident. You were designed- or as it says in Psalm 139, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Also to be learned from this passage is that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights… But I digress.

Jesus says this in Mark 10:6, “But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.” Your gender isn’t an accident either. God made us male and female, and then, pretty much right away, he created the institution of marriage. God made marriage, and sex was part of that institution. After all, HE made us male and female. Some people mistakenly think sex was not God’s design, but the first sin. I don’t know how these people figured the human race would be fruitful and multiply as God commanded. I suppose they could have lived on fruit smoothies and invented algebra, but I don’t think that’s what God meant.

To be clear, sex was part of the original design. God made it, and he has a purpose. His purpose and design is part of the next step- Morality. God, being the creator and architect, has set up some rules so His creation can be used well. We call this the Moral Law. The root of every moral law is doing what is best for us, and avoiding what will hurt us. It’s like the driver’s manual for a car- you can drive in first gear and never change your oil, but when the instructions tell you to do otherwise it’s not because they want to ruin your fun. It’s because they don’t want your engine to burst into flames. The moral law is the same. When God says “Don’t” he generally means “Don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.”

Our destiny is one of two paths that we choose. In one, we say to God, “Your will be done,” and join him in his kingdom forever. In the other, he tells us “Your will be done,” and we are outside of his kingdom forever. Neither of these are as cartoons or heavy metal songs would have us believe. Let me sum it up with a mnemonic device: GOSPEL

G– God made you to have a personal relationship with Him.
O– Our sins separate us from God.
S– Sin cannot be removed with good works.
P– Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again.
E– Everyone who trusts in Him alone has eternal life.
L– Life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever.

In case you missed it, that S makes Christianity unique in all the world’s history. In every other path you tell God, “Step aside- I’ve got this.” The Bible makes it clear- JESUS has it. You either let him take care of it, or your sin will have you forever. You let God adopt you into the family, or you stay his enemy. Your destiny is you holding onto sin and death, or Jesus taking those from you and giving you life eternal. It really is that easy.

So, when the Christians say they are opposed to gay marriage, or polygamy or divorce or infidelity, or anything we call “sin,” we mean, “God made marriage, and THAT (sin) is not his design. His way is better than ours. God made sex and THAT (sin) is not his design. His way leads to more joy than ours. God made men and women, and THAT (sin) is not his design.  His way is purposeful and linked specially to His nature- as we are all made in his image.” Or if you like, we mean, “HE is God and WE are not.”

What about the atheist worldview? This will be a little easier to sum up:

Origin: Accident

Purpose: None

Morality: None

Destiny: Oblivion (Both personal and universal)

Maybe I should elaborate a little.

Origin: Accidental. The universe popped into existence uncaused for no reason. Life sprang into being accidentally (And against great odds). The human race is just another bump on the meandering tree of life- not the end nor the goal- just the most recent version of one branch. As a species, we’re only a variation on dirt, worms, fish, rats, or monkeys (Depending on when you join the story).

Purpose: None. No one meant us to be here, we have no prime directive while we live, and no one is waiting for us when we die. We are an accident, and we are alone. We are the ghost in the machine. A smoke which came from accidental random chemistry, and which will soon dissipate and be gone forever with no one to even remember us. Someday the universe itself will die and we will be nothing but a forgotten memory in a graveyard of dead stars, fading forever.

Dang- I am a poet. That gave me chills just then.

Morality: With no purpose and no destiny other than oblivion, there is no objective right and wrong. We exist because of a process where billions of things spent millions of years killing each other. With that kind of history, it’s hard to say that real objective morals exist. The best you can really do is, “We have been conditioned by our genetics to be in favor of some behaviors and opposed to others.” That doesn’t hold a lot of weight when the genetics of our ancestors used to be conditioned to living in holes and eating dirt.

Destiny: We’re a smoky ghost. You know, like from my poetic paragraph above. That was classic.

So when an atheist says “I don’t see why you would condemn homosexuality or gay marriage,” they are being sincere. They don’t have a moral code which forbids homosexuality because on Atheism, Sex is an accident with no purpose, plan, or destiny. How can an accident be right or wrong? This would be like complaining a puddle is the wrong shape.

I don’t mean to say that atheists are without any moral code, but I do mean to say they should be without a moral code. Personal preference they can have. Fashion, they can have. But when the whole universe came from nothing for no reason and will die a cold, slow death, and we spend our fleeting short years under the watchful eye of no one-it’s hard to justify saying “YOU should do what I am genetically conditioned to Feel is right.”  I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but the pro side of this debate is essentially angry at me because my genetic predisposition is not the same as theirs. But don’t blame me. Blame the random, blind evolutionary chance that made me.

The question you need to ask is not, “What’s wrong with gay marriage?” but rather, “Is anything wrong with anything?” Because, once you reject God, what standard do you have left? What is the measuring stick by which you judge the world around you? Second hand worm DNA? With all love and respect to my friends, you need more than that if you’re going to condone or condemn.

So, to my good friend Amanda, her friend Jonny, and all of their friends who are flummoxed by this debate, let me sum up:

I am not questioning your goodness or your ability to tell good from evil. I do not doubt that you are all, in your way, kind, generous, and loving people. What I am questioning is your assumption of atheism. If you are right, then I have no basis on which to condemn the homosexual lifestyle, and everything I believe is a lie. But then, if you are right, then you have no basis on which to condemn laws against gay marriage, or anything else for that matter. You have no basis on which to choose to be kind, generous, and loving people beyond your own feelings or social convention. How do you condemn a conservative puddle and condone a liberal puddle when they are both the result of random falling raindrops? Very simply, you cannot. But you know as well as I do that some things are good and some things are evil. You know that some things should be fought for, and some things should be fought against. That’s why you care about any of this in the first place. We’re not entirely different, you and I. I agree with your position more than you, or I dare say even my own camp, readily understand. But I’ll explain all of that in my next post.

In the mean time, let me end with some well needed apologies:

On behalf of those who hate in the name of Jesus, I apologize. Most of them are heretics, and not real Christians at all- and all of them are wrong. Jesus taught us that God loves the whole world- not just the clean, pious ones. So, for all of them, I am sorry.

On behalf of those who are real Christians but have failed to love you and your homosexual friends- I apologize. Jesus told his disciples to love each other and our enemies- so where ever you fall in that spectrum, we should love you. I am sorry that we have failed in this matter. Please forgive us.

I hope you can do yourself the favor of learning to judge Christianity on Jesus and not on Christians, just as you should decide the value of recycling based on the facts and not on the guy who collects your blue bin every week.

As for me, I love you all. That’s why I am your Rent a Friend.

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This Paperclip is a JERK! | PonyH8R

It’s Atheist Friday, and so resident Atheist, PonyH8R joins us in his mom’s basement to rant about a paperclip which makes him angry.

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God and Charlie Chaplin| Sunday School for Sinners and Saints #5

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Modern art sucks because… atheism

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Racism and the Fallacy of Composition

Because something is true of one member of a group- does that mean it must be true of all of them? We see how racism and political correctness make the same logical fallacies when it tries to describe the “Black Community” in America.

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Black Lives Matter… or DO THEY?

DO black lives matter? Do ANY lives Matter? Where does the value of human life come from?

Learn more about the racism and white supremacy in the foundation of the religion of evolution: https://youtu.be/kS0acB9n5lg

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Evolution at the roots of Racism in America

Darwin’s racist religion was at the roots of 20th century racism, injustice, and terrible abuses. See again why it matters that Evolution is a LIE and the Bible can be trusted from the very first page!

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Evolution is the Religion of White Supremacists!

From Darwin’s own words and disciples, see how the religion of Darwin makes racial equality impossible! Another reason why it matters that Evolution is a LIE and the Bible can be trusted from the very first page! As always, look for more answers at https://searchcreation.org/ https://abitoforange.com/

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See the full video here: https://youtu.be/kS0acB9n5lg

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