Why IDENTITY Drove Trans-Cheerleader to CHOKE OUT Teammate | What Do You Meme?

My main man John over at “What do YOU Meme?” posted this video recently, and I thought it was a thoughtful, compassionate, and Biblically wise take on the whole Transgender thing. As a lot of people have reported on, the incidents of violence from men who identify as women against people who don’t also pretend that they are women are many. But John here digs into the reasons why this may be the case, and I think his conclusions not only make sense, but might help us all find some compassion for those men. They need Jesus. Sometimes we can forget that, and it’s good to be reminded.

Enjoy! And remember, Jesus Loves You too!

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Elephant painters and…What sort of Buffoon AM I?

Welcome once again to Feedback Friday! In reply to this Post a faithful viewer had the following to say. You’ll note he spends a lot more time quoting me than he does understanding or answering me… in fact, it seems that I wrote more of his reply than HE did. None the less, he says (The parts in BOLD are him quoting me):

Nice strawman you are fighting there. You make the claim atheism is a religion. It is not. It is a lack of believing in an imaginary friend.

“Is it POSSIBLE that this person can KNOW that theism is “unsupported by good evidence”?” Yes. Your average atheist has done a lot of research, gone through many years of questioning the absurdities they have been told, only to finally understand religion is a lie. A con. An afterlife insurance policy they never actually have to deliver on.

“Is it possible that he knows enough to claim with certainty that theism is not supported by good evidence?”Again, yes. Your magic book is proof only that fallible individuals with a con to maintain, wrote a book. Nothing more.

“Is it even possible that he can say he knows all of the proposed or existing or possible evidence for God’s existence, and then be able to logically reject all of it as insufficient with justifiable cause?” I repeat. Your magic book is proof only that fallible individuals with a con to maintain, wrote a book. Nothing more.

“Could he ever prove, even to himself, that there IS NO GOOD EVIDENCE for God’s existence? None in all the universe? None in all of human history? None in existence now but simply absent from the conversations he’s had on FaceBook?”

Maybe you could show some evidence that your god actually exists. I’ll wait. But won’t be holding my breath.

The argument from elephants can do self portraits? What sort of buffoon are you?

Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

And I replied thusly:

Greetings !
Claiming Atheism is a religion is NOT a strawman. Maybe you simply don’t know the tenets of your own faith. Lucky for you I’ve made several great videos about it! Here’s one now!

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Racist Ranting from a Christian School Teacher

Weep for America my friends. Below is an actual quote from an actual School teacher at a Christian school. Think about the poor kids she is influencing.

But first, the context: She is responding to the small and insignificant gathering of EVERY NAZI in America (nearly thirty five of them) and a handful of KKK Clansmen (Klanspersons? Whatever.) at Charlottesville, August 2017, where in someone got run over with a car. From a brief look at Wikipedia, it seems there were 50 KKK members and not enough actual Nazis to count (Come ON Wikipedia! Get your head in the game!). The “Terrorism” mentioned by her is when one of the white supremacists drove their car into the counter protesters, injuring 19 and killing 1.

Just to put it in perspective- There were 8 people murdered in Chicago in a single weekend that August, meaning it was 8 times more dangerous to be around normal Chicagoans in August than to be at the National Gathering of White Supremacists. And frankly, for Chicago, that was a pretty chill weekend. 2020’s “Mostly Peaceful Protests” had that beat by a long shot. But I digress.

The post which follows shows how very badly the American Church needs to learn to think. Take a deep breath and read her public statement to the world below:

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PLEASE, Let’s All Agree to Stop Reading the KJV

I know that many of you hold the King James Version of the Bible in a special place in your hearts as your favorite translation. Many of you read and quote nothing else, and I am about to make all of you kind of mad- but before you go throwing full grape juice bottles at your computer screen, please hear me out.

My position is founded on the many MANY videos I have watched on the interwebs about theology. I like theology because I am that kind of nerd, and so I watch a lot of videos about many Bible related topics. However, when I hear a man quoting scripture say “Thou” or “speakest” or “bubukles,” it’s a red flag that tells me his theology has a better than 79% chance of being ridiculous.

“Verily I speakest the truth, which I findeth in the KJV!”

When a person on the internet breaks out the old King James like it’s nothing and starts quoting the 1611 AD English, I know before he even makes his point that whatever theological point he is about to make has a better chance of being ridiculous than a Tweet made by a New York politician.

Ok, that is an exaggeration, but to make a point.

Yes, he is quoting the Bible, which has convinced him that his position is the ONLY Biblical position that should be tolerated by the church. Yet, his position is almost certain to be nonsense that makes me want to involuntarily slap my own forehead in dismay because a man is using the Bible to teach the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Bible actually teaches. Sometimes it is revealed that they are insane cultists who are intending to fight actual Christian doctrine, but not all of the time. Just too often.

But HOW? How does a man quoting from the Bible manage to come to such an absurdly unbiblical position?

It’s because he has no idea what the Bible actually SAYS.

And the reason why is that NOBODY HAS TALKED LIKE THAT FOR 400 YEARS.

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Read “Proof of God” FOR FREE!

Of course, you can believe in God with no reasons, but if you want to know why God exists and the Bible can be trusted, then this book has a lot to offer you!

Proof of God shows arguments and evidence for the existence of God from philosophy, science, morality, design, and British Literature. You’ll learn why atheism and agnosticism are not valid options, and you’ll learn some good reasons to avoid Shia LaBeouf.

Read it online or download it FOR FREE! Enjoy!

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“Safe and Legal”? The Abortion Debate in a Nutshell

Abortion can Never be “Safe and Legal”

  1. Should Abortion be Legal?

Is it morally justifiable to kill an innocent, unborn human baby?

Is it acceptable to kill a baby?

Is it ok to murder? Should murder be LEGAL?

If no, then abortion is evil and should not be legal.

Photo by SHAHBAZ AKRAM on Pexels.com

Abortion can NEVER be “Safe and Legal.”

2. Can Abortion ever be “Safe”?

By definition, if no living human is killed- if NO ONE DIES- the abortion has failed.

For an abortion to succeed, a baby MUST DIE- not by accident or natural causes, but by intentional murder of that baby.

So calling Abortion “Safe” is either willful ignorance or the most bitter of sarcasm, akin to saying condoms should be made free so that rape can be “safe.”

As murder is already illegal, it is impossible for Abortion to be legal. As it requires a baby to be murdered, it can never be safe.

Thus, Abortion can NEVER be “Safe and Legal”

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Read “The Socratic Ducky” FOR FREE!!!

Ever wanted to learn or teach Biblical Apologetics but didn’t know where to start? Start with a Rubber Duck! Our book, The Socratic Ducky, is a fun, entertaining, entry-level look at the philosophy, theology, and apologetics it takes to make sense of the Biblical Worldview.

If you can understand a rubber duck, you can understand why you can be certain that the Bible is true from the very first page. Learn about God, reality, truth, knowledge and faith!

Then, learn a few arguments that prove that the God of the Bible is real, and is the one true God.

Finally, spend some time getting to know the GOSPEL! The Good News of the love of God. Jesus Loves You! Read all about it! It’s free to read on line, and it’s free to download. Enjoy!

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Amber Vs Whitney and Why the Gospels are True

This year’s trial of the century has just ended, as Johnny Depp sued Ex-Wife Amber Heard for defamation, and she (Neener-Neener) sued him right back for defamation as well, both asserting that the other had abused them and then lied about it. Also, Amber’s dog stepped on a bee. That will be a pivotal piece of information later.

Amber, Whitney, and Johnny

On Johnny’s side, a few dozen witnesses came forward to say that Amber was lying, and to support Johnny’s version of events, such as the time Amber threw a bottle at him, costing him the end of one of his fingers. But on the other side was Amber’s sister Whitney who claims to have seen an actual act of violence. Or maybe she was the victim of an act of violence? Let me break it down for you.

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Is God a Cosmic Dictator?

One of the things I tend to notice a lot in conversations with skeptics is how many people tend to confuse Christianity with Islam. The God of the Bible is loving, merciful, Just, slow to anger, and compassionate. He does punish sin, but he gives time and opportunity for sinners to repent. (Repent means to turn away from sin and toward God). In many instances, He gives generations for a people to repent.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The god of Islam is not loving, nor merciful. He demands you earn your way to heaven, and commands you obey him merely because he has commanded.

In the Bible, God tells his people that He is presenting them with the way of life. He tells us to obey, not merely because he commands, but tells us (And we can know from experience and common sense) that He commands because WHAT he commands will give us life, joy, and peace. When the God of the Bible says “Do not sin” he is saying “Do not hurt yourself or others.” When he says “Obey,” He is showing us the way to our own joy and well being.

And this is not a criticism of Islam. I am not talking bad about Islam, but merely pointing out some of the key differences between the depiction of their god and the God of the Bible. So often people think they are the same, but they are not. For instance, as I said, God makes Adam and Eve to be his children, and He walks with them and talks to them. He warns them not to do what separates them from Him and what brings death.

In Islam, Allah is described as distant and so other than he cannot be understood. You cannot have a relationship with Allah. You merely obey because he commands, or you go to hell. THAT is like a dictatorship.

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Are Atheists all PSYCHOPATHS? | Feedback Friday!

In response to This Article, our friend Essip wrote us some of his thoughts. 

I had said, “If the entire human race is simply the byproduct of time and chance and evolutionary mechanisms, then why do black lives or any lives matter at all? From an evolutionary and atheistic world view NO lives matter, because “lives” are just accidental byproducts of a blind random chemical process…So nothing matters, nothing has value.”

And so he replied:

You hold a severe misunderstanding if you think that evolution, atheism or Darwin imply meaninglessness. Agreed, there is no absolute meaning. Meaning something for us. Meaning is in our minds. Black Lives matter to us, people. You don’t need an imaginary god to value meaning or to value lives.
Atheism is not a form of psychopathy.

Photo by mark glancy on Pexels.com
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