Pizza Robots are Taking Over the World!

Behold your doom! Your delicious, convenient doom!

When Trump was “voted” out of office because of low gas prices and his historically high employment rates, especially among black, Hispanic and female workers… oops! I meant, because of his mean Tweets (some of which- according to a special report by CNN which I am NOT making up- even contained MISSPELLINGS) one of the things the Democratic left was DEMANDING was a higher minimum wage. A “Living Wage.”

People like millionaire Bernie “Mittens” Sanders was demanding that the toilet scrubber at McDonalds make AT LEAST $15 an hour. THIS, they insisted, is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT! Along with healthcare, Wi-Fi, and the password to someone’s Netflix account. EVERYONE, they insisted, deserves to make a LIVING WAGE!

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Evolution was developed by Cartographers? Also, Puppy Killing | Feedback Friday!

Welcome to Feedback Friday! I recently received this comment from a faithful reader (And by “Faithful”, naturally I mean she is an atheist/evolutionist/animal rights advocate who has stopped by a few times to assure me that I am an idiot.) Here is her comment in its entirety:

Sinnoh Map by Adam Rufino is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
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Pixar’s Soul has no Heart (and it’s racist)

Disney/Pixar’s Soul was paraded in ads as the FIRST Disney/Pixar movie with a black lead character! An actual African American person on screen, voiced by an actual African American person behind the scenes! And many of us said to ourselves, “Wait… what happened to Frozone from Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles and Incredibles 2?”

“Honey? Where is my public recognition?”

Do you see that Barack Obama? That’s what it’s going to be like when America gets a president with TWO black parents. You will be the presidential Frozone. But I digress.

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A “Consistent” Calvinist Clears Things Up

Ok, look. I don’t want to become one of those people who writes about Calvinism all of the time. The ONLY REASON I’m doing this is because I love you guys, and I want to save you a huge amount of time. I watched NINE HOURS of John Piper so I could explain TULIP to you. Now I’m going to tackle one of the strangest parts of Calvinism that I only discovered recently: Devine Determinism.

Devine Determinism teaches that EVERYTHING that EVER HAPPENS is DETERMINED by God. Not merely allowed and then used by his Wisdom to bring about His good plans, but DETERMINED. God is the great puppet master, and we are his puppets (But don’t say that to a Calvinist because they hate it even though, technically, they agree with it). In short, they have decided that we do not have free will.

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Communism and the Toilet Boy

For some reason, the kids who go to universities are getting their brains surgically removed and becoming communists. I guess it was the next logical step after face piercings.

You will hear them insist that it is only fair for workers to share in the profits. Why should the owner make more money than THEM when THEY are doing all of the work? And if your brain has been surgically removed, this probably sounds convincing. But let’s consider a few things:

Toilet boy, you’ll be a toilet man someday…

1. If it’s fair for workers to share in the profits, then it is also fair for workers to share in the losses.

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Painting Atheists with a Broad Brush | Feedback Friday!

In response to THIS ARTICLE, Jim wrote in and said:

You paint a very broad brush. You have no idea what kind of thoughtfulness and love there is in my home. Atheist and Catholics tied for the lowest divorce rates

You may not believe me, but this is the entire comment. Doesn’t that last sentence seem to come out of left field? I replied anyway.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on
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Florida: “What? No, go ahead and say Gay.”

The news has been ALL a buzz about the governor of Florida trying to pass a law to make it ILLEGAL to even TALK about homosexuals. It’s called the “Don’t Say GAY Bill,” and it would make it illegal for teachers to say the word “GAY” in schools. Hollywood celebrities came out to show their courage and confident understanding by saying things like, ” GAY GAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAY.” And also taking to social media to add, “GAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAY. #GAY”

Sure the kids know their ABC’s but do they know their Sodomies?

Despite being the smartest and most moral people in the whole universe, the Hollywood celebrities who chimed in on this matter managed to miss a few small, yet still relevant facts about this proposed legislation.

First, it was NOT called the “Don’t Say Gay,” bill. It was called the “Parental Rights in Education” Bill. And secondly, it has absolutely nothing to do with making it illegal to say “Gay.” It merely seeks to ban pornography and discussions of things like Sodomy at grades 4 and under.

So, you can still say “Gay” in Florida. No one cares.

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Tip Toeing Through the TULIP (or, I watched nine hours of John Piper so you don’t have to)

I wasn’t raised a Calvinist, but I have been immersed in Calvinistic churches for a long many years now, and most of the pastors I listened to on line have been Calvinists. So, I knew it existed, and I knew Calvinism was locked in an eternal struggle against the evil forces of Armenianism.

Those filthy heretics.

This is the hand that slapped a thousand Arminians like Will Smith slapped Chris Rock!
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Bad Guys: GREAT Movie!

I don’t typically do a lot of movie reviews, but recently I have taken to talking about movies through the lens of Biblical Apologetics. I wrote several posts about Turning Red and explained why it is an unlikable, immoral dumpster fire which you should avoid watching, in the way you should avoid looking directly at a solar eclipse. So I thought it only fair that I should tell you about a good movie: THE BAD GUYS!

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What I Learned from Flat Earthers

I often marvel at the strange and frequently hostile replies I get on social media from people defending their sacred Darwinism from my various criticisms.

What’s their deal? Can’t they just follow the evidence where it leads?

Well, I recently got a sneak peek into their world when I came upon a unique video made by a flat earth proponent. In my experience, most flat earth videos are pretty much the same. First, they have the remarkable ability to pack a full four minutes of content into a mere 2 and a half hours of video. That four minutes will consist of a lot of vague references to modern science, much of which will be wrong, including some flagrant misunderstandings of the ball earth model, like when they ask why all of the water on earth doesn’t drip off of the bottom of the earth, by which they mean the south pole. Apparently many of them think we believe that the earth is like a basketball in your living room, such that, if it were covered in water, all of the water would fall off and form a puddle on the vast cosmic carpeting underneath the south pole.

Image result for why doesn't the ocean drip off the south pole

How they would come to this understanding of the model if they had spent a single day awake in science class any time at all during their formative years, I cannot say. This is a gross misunderstanding so obvious that I suspect even Bill Nye would catch it. But I digress.

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