At LEAST I am not a Cat Slaving Radish Eater! | Feedback Friday

Let’s talk about you “OWNING” A CAT.

First, you have enslaved an animal against its will so that it will know only the space, food, and experiences YOU have chosen for it. So Cruel. So UNNATURAL.

Photo by Tranmautritam on

Second, you let this animal POOP IN YOUR HOUSE, and no doubt anyone who is not numb to it will smell its feces the moment they step into the place where you eat and sleep! Filthy and Disgusting.

Third, I don’t like cats. I find them rude and selfish, murderous creatures who kill for sport. And I am allergic. They are unpleasant to be around, which tells me all I need to know about the type of people who trap them (against their will) in their houses. *laughs* Cat “Owners”…

Forth, I hate radishes. While not ipso facto directly linked to cats per se, the fact that you “own a cat” tells me that you are the kind of person who likely buys and eats radishes- an activity so vile and wicked that the rainbow flag doesn’t even have a stripe for people like you. Appalling. Perverse.

I find it hilarious that you can be this kind of radish munching animal slaver in a poop scented house, and yet you think you have the right to condemn ANYONE else for the comparatively TINY sins of lying and hypocrisy! Even if you COULD prove that I am a dishonest hypocrite- AT LEAST I am not some Cat Owning Radish Eater!

[pause for dramatic effect]

And Scene.

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Did Judas Really Have a Choice?

How did God determine that Judas would betray Jesus without overriding Judas’s own free will?

Calvinist will frequently point toward the events surrounding and leading toward the crucifixion of Jesus as being a clear example of God’s meticulous decree controlling historical events. James White likes to mock the non-Calvinist position by saying things like, “I guess God had to just hope REALLY HARD that somehow all of the events he wanted to happen just accidentally happened!” as if there is no middle ground between steering the events around the life of Jesus and controlling every choice of every person in all history. Sarcasm is not his greatest strength, but bless his heart, he keeps on trying.

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Preachers, Perverts & Pandas

A Gay Debate! Transgenderism! Other Stuff! PG-13!

In what is sure to be the reason I get kicked off of social media, I explain the debate over gay marriage, and why letting Pandas eat giraffes isn’t the loving thing to do. I explain how the American church has swung the reaction pendulum to both extremes of the LGBTQ debate.

I explain how the Transgender movement has failed so badly that I am Transgender (according to Google anyway). And we take a lengthy dive into the many ways a “LGBTQ affirming” church tries to use the Bible to teach things the Bible clearly does not teach. It’s a great lesson on how to start a cult.

But the whole point is, whatever our sins, Jesus loves us. That’s the good news the Bible has for all of us, even when we’ve taken a few bites out of the giraffes.

Read it online or download for free here:

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Trans-Racial Rights Are Being Denied!

A news article just came across my feed and I needed to share it with you. For context, Indigenous means American Indian, or Native American, or whatever term isn’t considered racist this week on Twitter. Emily Carr University is a school of of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada.

Artist Gina Adams, whose claim to Indigenous identity raised doubts, has resigned from her post as assistant professor at Emily Carr University, according to a statement released by the school yesterday, September 6. Adams, whose multimedia work explores themes of heritage, ancestry, ritual, and land, was hired in 2019 at Emily Carr as part of a targeted cluster hire of new Indigenous faculty members….

“Emily Carr University takes very seriously the allegations that a member of our faculty made a false claim to Indigenous identity,” the school’s statement reads, adding that an “Indigenous-led external review” would be initiated to establish better procedures for confirming the veracity of claims of Indigenous identity in their hiring process.
School or art and design, or haven of racist ideologies?

So, right off the bat, this school has such racist hiring policies that they feel the need to check your family background to make sure you are the race you are claiming to be. Because, it SEEMS, they are hiring based on race. Which, correct me if I am wrong, is the very definition of racist.

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Read “Thursday Night Nachos (The Defining Evolution Series)” FOR FREE!

Rent-A-Friend 2000 recounts the conversations he has with his friends at the local bar and grill, talking about Evolution. What is it? Is it science? How does it work?

As they wait for their weekly pile of Nachos to arrive, the friends discuss the science and evidence in this sometimes complex issue and divide truth from fiction. If you want to see exactly what evolution is, and how Darwin fails the test of science, then this is the book for you! Enjoy!

Read online or download for free here:

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OK, the Leftists are Right About Disney Princesses

They showed me this, and now I’m convinced. Disney should cast their movies however they want. Only a racist would say otherwise.

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Read “Answering Atheism” for Free and Help your Atheist Friends See the Truth!

Atheism seems so complex that even the Atheists on the internet seem to have no idea what it is. Despite their seeming limitless ignorance, those same internet Atheists have a LOT to say about… well, absolutely everything. How is one to understand them and respond?

This book makes all of it simple and clear, including WHAT Atheism is, the difference between knowing and believing, the Religion of Atheism (Including the 15 Core Tenets of Orthodox Atheism), Debunking the faith of atheism, and then applying the logic of atheism, which includes guest essays from our Internet Atheist friend PonyH8R. Learn to answer Atheism with wit and common sense, and remember, Jesus Loves them too!

Read online or download for free here:

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Let Me Clear Up This Whole Little Mermaid Controversy

If Disney cast their new, upcoming The Little Mermaid Live Action movie with an actress who looked like this:

we would hate that too.


This isn’t about race or racism. This is about THE MAIN CHARACTER in a BELOVED VISUAL ARTWORK which has been the same FOR DECADES in THOUSANDS of representations, from cartoons to theme parts, toys, shirts, Legos, dolls, home décor and park meet and greets being changed FOR NO REASON other than to be able to claim that America is racist.

Every time Hollywood changes something from an existing, popular property, people who were fans of the original HATE IT. But they keep doing it. It’s not because we’re racist, it’s because Hollywood keeps going, “You Love this, don’t you? We’re changing it.” And then they’re surprised when we’re not happy.

In summary, America isn’t Racist- Hollywood is stupid.

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Free Book! Read “Proof Of God” and Build Your Unshakable Faith!

Of course you can believe in God with no reasons, but if you want to know why God exists and the Bible can be trusted, then this book has a lot to offer you! Proof of God shows arguments and evidence for the existence of God from philosophy, science, morality, design, and British Literature. You’ll learn why atheism and agnosticism are not valid options, and you’ll learn some good reasons to avoid Shia LaBeouf.

Click here to read online or download for free:

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I Won’t Use Your Pronouns Because: Grammar

The woke Left has decided that pronouns are a means of expressing our individual experience and self-identity. I’m blaming the public schools because this is entirely wrong.

Get out those #2 pencils kids, because I’m about to clear this whole mess up for you.

A noun is a person, place, or thing. For example: Starship Captain.

A Proper Noun is the name of a specific person, place or thing, such as Captain Kirk.

A pronoun takes the place of a noun and places the person, place, or thing in a general category based on their objective physical/material characteristics: Male, female, object, or group; He, She, It, or They.

But this is where the problems start.

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