Proof that Atheists aren’t 100% Insane! (Maybe!)

I never thought the day would come, but I have found a ‘unicorn’ which I guess I had assumed did not exist because, in my 40+ years in the Christian church, Christian pop culture, and general Christian book store musings, web sites, books, magazines, podcasts, etc., I have never seen. BUT IT EXISTS. And this proves that maybe…


Atheists aren’t 100% insane.

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Someone tell Santa that the ground is LAVA!!!

Canadian rabblerouser and language-police protester Jordan Peterson has said that telling your kids that Santa is real is not wrong, because, as he says,

“Look, I think “lying” is the wrong way of thinking about this. Santa Clause is a game. Its a game of pretend. And Children play games of pretend all the time, so I don’t see any harm in it at all.”

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This question comes up every year around this time-  Is it wrong to lie to your kids about Santa? Professor Peterson here has taken the popular approach of deciding that it is not REALLY lying, because its fun. Yes, you are intentionally convincing your children to believe something which you KNOW not to be true, but its OK because its FUN! THEY enjoy it- until they’re sitting on his lap at the mall, at which time they scream and cry as if they suddenly think they are on a playground slide covered in spiders which ends in a meat grinder. On the other hand, there’s not a mall-Santa in the world as terrifying as the average Mall Easter bunny. But I digress. Continue reading

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All the Things are Bad: Charlie Brown Edition

Remember when black Americans had to deal with oppression and injustice? Apparently no one on America’s social justice left does. I mean, it doesn’t take a LOT of research to find out what it was like decades ago when, in certain neighborhoods filled with Democrats who were still bitter about how the Civil War ended, a young black boy could be literally beaten to death for whistling at a white girl. THAT is what we USED to mean by oppression and injustice- being murdered for being flirtatious. Today, only Brett Kavinaugh would have been attacked for that behavior.

Today’s warriors for social equality have a different idea of what it means to be oppressed. Today, oppression for black Americans means being forced to sit in a lawn chair… ALONE.

And by “Being forced” of course we mean, “Being invited by someone who considers you a friend” and by “alone” we mean “On the side of the table with the least amount of people.”

But that lawn chair is a REAL lawn chair. The struggle is real.

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All the Things are BAD: Veggie Tales Edition

In case you were ever tempted to think that anything is good, California has apparently been gathering groups to inform us that ALL the things are bad. Today’s group is- and once again the believing is hard to be doing– a group of students at a California college’s “Annual Whiteness Forum.” Part of the reason this is hard to believe, aside from the cartoon like conclusions which all seem to have originated from the mind of a Sponge Bob villain of some kind, is that the group is run by Professor Dreama Moon.

I suspect we can easily decode this professor’s stance on the legalization of weed, but I digress.

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Bunny Poops Cannot Be Removed with Good Works

Welcome to Cooking with Rent A Friend! Today we’re going to be making an easy recipe that everyone will love! We’re going to be making some cookies. This is an old family recipe; it goes all the way back to our first parents Adam and Eve. But don’t worry- this isn’t Grandma Eve’s Apple Cobbler Surprise!

[audience laughter]

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The Burning Rubber Duck of Sin

Welcome back to the GOSPEL! To refresh your memory, here’s the hot rockin’ acronym that’s been lighting up the top of the Pop Metaphysical Charts:

G– God made you to have a personal relationship with Him.
O– Our sins separate us from God.
S– Sin cannot be removed with good works.
P– Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again.
E– Everyone who trusts in Him alone has eternal life.
L– Life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever.

So far we’ve taken a good look at the person we call “God.” He made you to have a personal relationship with him. In a previous episode I unpacked some of his defining traits, but summing up the eternal God in a two page semi-weekly blog is like drawing New York City on a Napkin.

This week, we’re going to take a look at the second letter in our acronym, whose name I am not allowed to say on account of it being copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by Harpo Studios. But I think you know the one I mean.  You may remember this vowel from the start of the Canadian National Anthem, or from the end of the names of some of your favorite cereals and canned spaghetti’s.

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G, Davey, Who IS Mr. God Person?

To the casual observer, theology can seem like a dense underbrush of spiky vines, meshed grasses, towering trees, stinging insects, and near lethal allergens. This is how the rain forest in the Amazon Rain Basin appears to me. I’ve not been there, but I spoke to a friend about it. She went to the Amazon to work on a medical boat, providing assistance to the poor villagers who live on the river. Apparently I was absolutely correct.

It’s a miracle that anyone survives living there.

Their average stinging insect is the size of a single engine plane. To be fair, the Chicago Suburbs has all the allergens, stinging insects and humidity of the Amazon, but far more traffic due to construction, and where they have trees, we have political corruption. But I digress.

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