Mark 6 and a Literal Interpretation of Scripture

This is part of a conversation I had with a Catholic friend I like and admire. In his previous email, he had questioned by use of Mark 10:6 to defend the idea that Jesus believed and taught that the creation of mankind was at the beginning of Creation, as opposed to 13 billion years later. Mark 10:6 quotes Jesus who says, ““But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’” 

You call into question my use of  Mark 10:6 to prove Jesus took this literally. I believe my position still stands, and here is why.

A look into Bible commentary shows that the phrase “of the creation” is not even found in the oldest texts, so even if one chooses a hyper-literal interpretation, they have to wait until later editions to do so, because the older texts say “At the beginning God made them male and female” (and not “At the first moment of creation…”). Also, I have to simply argue with your assertion that a literal interpretation of Jesus words would have to mean “at the very moment” Creation began. Jesus doesn’t say that, even in the English versions based on later texts. He says From the beginning,or at the beginning, or from the beginning of creation.

It does not use CREATION as a verb, such as “From the beginning of creating,” or “When God Began Creating…” Creation is used as a noun. And the creation account in Genesis, which Jesus is clearly referring to, shows Adam and Eve being created at the beginning of the Creation- DURING the creation of the Creation in the first of 52 weeks, in the first of (at Jesus’s time) 4,000 years.

Creation is the heavens and the earth, the sky and sea and all that live in them. The beginning of Creation was Genesis 1. Jesus meant what he said, and it does not clash with the Young Earth position at all unless you arbitrarily FORCE the words of Jesus to mean the first ACT of creation, or the first DAY of creation, when he does not say anything like it. Once again, I merely suggest we take the text as literally as the text is meant to be taken.  Not more and not less. Continue reading

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Consider the Text (Genesis gets its YOM on)

The following is from a conversation I had with a Catholic friend I like and admire: 

Genesis 1 refers to each day as a “day”,

in numbered order, and with the inclusion of evening and morning. What in the text, either in Genesis 1 or anywhere else in scripture, tells us NOT to take it as written? Simply, nothing.

The text shows us we MUST take it as written.

In Exodus 20, God says “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day.” The reason why is because He is telling the Israelites that He set the example for them by working for six days and resting for one. Not only is this passage a lie if God actually worked for 13 billion years in six somewhat overlapping epochs, but it also makes no sense.

Why even bring up Genesis 1 if not to show that they are following a divine example? Surely even these people, without the benefit of i-phones and a public school education, could count to seven, or understand the idea of taking a day off? In other sections of the OT when God refers to a six to one ratio, such as working the land for six YEARS and then letting it rest for one YEAR, He does not bring up the creation week. If it was merely a metaphor meant to illustrate a six to one/ work to rest, then why only bring it up when He is talking about DAYS but never other lengths of time? Continue reading

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More on the Failure of the Fossils | Feedback Friday

A loyal reader wrote in on an article I wrote called:

Darwin Did Not Believe Evolution

First he quotes me from my article saying;

“He[Darwin] knew that the fossils did not contain the transitional forms his theory anticipated. This was also in his book. He expressed hope that SOMEDAY the fossils would reveal some transitional forms, but he admitted that, as of his lifetime, they had not. 

150 years later, they still have not.”

And then he replied by saying;

Those transitional fossils have now been found. Birds, wales and horses all have obvious roots, interim forms and their ancestors are documented in fossils. The other point about primitive eyes have also been well documented in living as well as the fossil record.

Sorry Loyal Reader, but it’s simply not true.

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How old does the Universe LOOK to you?

The following is part of a conversation I had with a Catholic whom I like and admire:

No doubt you may still have in your mind that Evolution, Deep time and Big Bang Cosmology are science- established facts based on observation.

Do these bones make my dinosaur look old?

You say:

If reason (not ideology) indicates that Genesis 1 is not a scientific account of creation, then the revelation contained in Genesis 1 must be something other than literal.”

And I would agree, though I would add, “Or it is wrong.” But only if by “a scientific account of creation” you actually mean “an ACCURATE scientific account of creation.” Because Genesis is not a SCIENCE account, it is a HISTORICAL account.

If you literally mean what you say here, that proving Genesis is not a scientific account (but rather a HISTORICAL account) would, by that fact prove it cannot be taken literally, then you are making the case that NO historical account can every be taken literally, and only SCIENCE books can be believed to mean what they say. I don’t think you mean that. And despite your words, I think you mean something different than what you said because of the larger context of this comment.

See? This stuff is wonderfully applicable to your everyday life.

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The Definition of Hypocrisy | Feedback Friday

Welcome to Feedback Friday! Today’s fan mail comes from This Article wherein I make the following comment:

“An atheist has no reason to get married, or stay married. An atheist has no reason to make vows or keep the vows they make.”

This is a statement about Atheism’s total lack of moral foundation. I in no way suggest that Atheists should not be ALLOWED to get married or anything like that. None the less, I got this reply.

Atheists have no reason to get married? How discriminatory & frankly ignorant. It should be a crime to indoctrinate children into that sick [swear words]

And yes, this was her entire comment with only the swears removed.

Angry Ferret is about to make you sorry to ever opened your big, dumb mouth!

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The scientific case for a young earth model

Many people want to know if we Young Earth Creationists can make a case for our position beyond merely poking holes in the Deep Time/Evolutionary position. The answer is yes. Here are just a few examples of scientific observations which prove the deep time/evolutionary timeline to be impossible, and that the earth is, at most, .02% the age we are told by evolutionary dogma (note- NOT 2%, but 0.02%):

  1. The faint sun paradox: The sun is getting brighter over time, which means it was darker in the past. If the earth is 4.5 billion years old, then the earth would have been frozen solid at the time life was supposedly evolving. But even worse, the ice and snow would have reflected back enough light to make the earth even colder, and it would have never thawed.

Deep time Ice age models have the same problem. Once an ice age begins, how do you make it stop? No models have an answer, except those which show the ice age as a result of the global flood (As described in Genesis).

The earth CANNOT be older than 3.8 billion years or the surface would be frozen solid and life could not exist.

We’ve just cut down the age of the earth by a billion years based on observational science.


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Atheists have found the problem- and it’s me.

Every now and then a self professed “atheist” comes to my blog to tell me what an idiot I am. I appreciate this, because sometimes I forget, and it helps to be reminded. They assure me that I am wrong, and EASILY debunked. You can imagine how excited I get at the opportunity to be educated.

But it never happens.

They tell me that there ARE answers to my position. They assure me that there ARE arguments for atheism, or proofs that Christianity is false, and many other things. They promise that they are writing an essay which will teach me WHY I’m wrong, so I can learn a few things and stop being such a big, dumb monkey.

But it never happens. The essay is never finished. The Answers don’t come. I used to sit here at my keyboard all sad and dejected, but then I figured out why the Atheists don’t follow through and provide me with the education I so desperately need:


Atheist monkey COULD tell you why your religion is dumb… but you’re not worth his time…

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