A Transgender Debate (Between two Steves)

I wound up getting to Danny’s Bar, Grill and House of Rabbelrousing early last Thursday, and as I was waiting for my friends to join me for a giant plate of life-giving Nachos, I overheard the following conversation from two persons at the bar. Steve, I gathered from his speech and “Make America Great Again” hat, was a Conservative Trump supporter, and Stephen (Now going by Stephanie) is, as he said, a transsexual “woman”. Whatever that means. Lucky for me, Steve was wondering the same thing.

Steve: Help me out here. What does it mean when you say you are a “Transsexual woman”?

Stephen: While I may have been born biologically male, I am a woman.

Steve: So you actually ARE a man. Right?

Stephen: I self identify as a woman.

Steve: That isn’t what I asked. I didn’t ask how you self identify, I asked what you ARE. Continue reading

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Teaching Kids there is a Hell

A famous, As-Seen-On-TV atheist once said that teaching children that there is a hell is child abuse. Naturally this means that every Christian parent, pastor, or Sunday school teacher is an evil criminal who needs to be rounded up into concentration camps.

But not Muslims. They’re  a protected class right now.

Let’s consider the logic of his position. It makes a fair amount of sense that if you tell a child they will burn forever in the literal tormenting fires of hell, that they will not accept it as comforting news. They may (and I say this as a lay person who is not a child psychologist) dislike the idea rather strongly. In fact, it may frighten them almost as much as the seven foot tall Easter Bunny costume stuffed full of half baked community college liberal arts student which their parents force them to sit on to get their picture taken at the mall every spring.Image result for easter bunny mall photos crying Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Believe “Believe” Means what You Believe it Means

People all the times be saying, “Faith means believing in things which ain’t so.” Or sometimes, “Faith means believing things without, or sometimes in the teeth of evidence.”

And from these quotes, we can learn that some people, despite having been born and raised in the Christian West, have NO IDEA what the Bible says or what the church has taught for 2,000 years.

I personally think 2,000 years would be enough time for everyone to find the time to see what the Bible says before they go off writing books about it, but apparently I am being presumptuous. Thus to help you, my friends, I will show you what the Bible says:uncle sam copy Continue reading

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Is Luke Skywalker a Moral Monster?!?!?

Whenever dealing with deep theological and philosophical issues, all wise persons tend to let their minds wander toward Star Wars, especially the original trilogy, Episodes IV, V, and VI (that’s 4, 5 and 6 for those of you who don’t speak ancient Greek).

I  recently heard a question which comes up frequently when people are pondering the existence, character, and nature of God, which is “How do you reconcile the peace and love talk of Jesus with the war and genocide actions of God in the Old Testament?”

Sometimes people will just frame this question about the “slaughter of the Canaanites” which always makes me want to ask them, “Why are you so concerned with the killing of the Canaanites? Do you even KNOW any Canaanites? OF COURSE NOT! They’re all DEAD! For all you know they were the biggest jerks in the universe which YOU would have killed given half a chance!”

But it is a fair question. In the New Testament Jesus says “Love your neighbor” and in the Old Testament He apparently told the Israelites to kill all of the Canaanites. Seems like a sticky wicket doesn’t it?

Luke-Skywalker-monsterHmmm… I think Wicket was the name of that one Ewok in Return of the Jedi… Continue reading

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2 + 2 = 7 (Because sometimes what you DON’T know matters)

Anyone who knows any math will know that the single most certain truth on earth is that the Cubs will never win the pendant. Or this was true for 108 years…

Wait, no, I was going to say, the single most certain truth on earth is “2+2=4”. It is completely indisputable. Except when it’s wrong. I’m just going to come out and say it:

2 + 2 =7.

cake bath Continue reading

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Vice President Pence vs Hollywood

At the start of 2017, Vice President Mike Pence admitted that he never spent time alone with women who are not his wife. He does not even have dinner alone with another woman.

Image result for mike pence and wife

Hollywood and various TV celebrities and a slew of internet feminists flipped their lids and attacked him six ways until Sunday.

They called him names and mocked him for days.

At the end of 2017, of all of the men in California, New York or Washington DC, Mike Pence is the only man who has not been accused of being a rapist.

Image result for #MeToo

Something to think about.


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The Gender Nickel

In college classes with no practical, real world application outside of writing tersely worded blog posts, kids are being taught all kinds of ideas which are so new and silly that none of them can even explain what those idea ARE, even though they are pushing to make them legally enforceable. One of the most popular is non-binary GENDER.

Related image

We are told by face-pierced, pink haired 20 something girls with degrees in “Lesbian Dance Studies” that GENDER is NOT binary. While we may have been taught by our oppressive stone age patriarchy (or human anatomy classes) for the past 5,000 years that humans are either male or female, we now know that this is a horrible lie. There is an un-numberable number of genders. Plenty to choose from. Genders are like Pokemon now. There’s more every day and the ones you thought you knew keep changing. Continue reading

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