Shooting the Messenger Doesn’t Change the Message

I recently wrote a post invoking the name of a very controversial man: Ian Juby. He is a congenial Canadian who happens to be a member of Mensa (The genius club*) and a robotics engineer who has done a lot of personal study of geology and paleontology. The reason why he’s controversial is simple- he’s a young earth creationist who has done lots of GREAT work making the creation/evolution debate easy to understand and showing how very badly evolution fails when held up to the observable evidence. Apparently this upsets a lot of people. I referred an uninformed Twitter citizen to Juby’s youtube channel, suggesting that he learn something about Creation science before he tries to mock it. Immediately I had skeptical minds calling Juby an “idiot” and demanding to know his credentials.

Sharing a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee with Ian Juby- my 3rd best Canadian friend!

People do this to Juby all the time, as well as anyone who dares to question the sacred mythology of Darwin. They intend to say that someone who doesn’t have a PhD should NOT be saying anything about science. What’s embarrassing to these people is when you give them a list of PhD’s like

Dr. Georgia Purdom (Biology),

and Dr. Jason Lyle (Astrophysics),

and Dr. David Menton (Washington University School of Medicine),


They either quickly change the subject, abandon the conversation and vanish into the land of wind and ghosts, or, if they are a Roach Clown, they continue to mock the PhD’s for any of a list of stupid reasons, including “No REAL scientist rejects Evolution, so these people can’t be REAL scientists!”

Sigh, roll eyes, face-palm, sigh again. Continue reading

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John Philip Sousa’s “The Stars and Stripes Forever”

Happy 4th of July my friends!

Play this as loud as you can from 9pm until midnight. AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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Anthony Bourdain is the Atheist Father of the Year!

In early June of 2018 popular “As-Seen-On-TV” personality Anthony Bourdain committed suicide, leaving behind an 11 year old daughter. In the wake of this untimely death is a rather strange silence from the atheist community. I assumed that they would immediately declare Anthony Bourdain the “Atheist Father of the Year!”

After all, didn’t he really show the kind of commitment to self over biological offspring that Atheism permits?  Continue reading

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You JUST DON’T GET IT. | Feedback Friday!

Welcome to Feedback Friday! It’s the day when I respond to the viewers!

It’s not often that I get feedback which so seamlessly blends bitter disdain, elegant poetry, and juvenile, outdated 90’s sitcom put-downs. When this one came down the pike, I was fascinated. I would tell you what post he’s commenting on, but as you will see, it makes no difference. You’d be surprised how often that is the case. Here is the comment in its entirety:

Dude, you just don’t get it. Your lack of curiosity and willingness to repeatedly ignore the science in favor of Ouija board philosophy and proscribed reality. If you cared one whit about what makes us human you might consider that it’s possible your methodology for acquiring knowledge might be limiting and or flawed. You are constantly being schooled on simple subjects your average high schooler knows and you blithely wrap yourself in your proscribed cloak of knowledge while repeating the same biblical nonsense. Your world view can be summoned up in two words. “As if”. No big words needed.

I hope you took all of that in, for now I respond- though because his comment lacked any REAL substance, I choe to offer a literary critique for not only this author, but for anyone who wished to “debunk” me or any of my various positions: Continue reading

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First Prove God? (Another way Evolution Fails)

I find that a lot of conversations with atheists on social media tend to follow the same path. I always hope for better conversations, but instead I wind up in deja vu land, and I have yet another good reason to be thankful for that MUTE button. One of the tired and well worn avenues which I get dragged down by the roach clowns who stop by to start an argument with me is the declaration that, before I can prove Evolution is false, I have to prove that God exists, and then I have to prove that He is the God of the Bible and not Thor or Zeus or Oprah.

I spend a lot of time reading tweets multiple times and saying to myself,

“What the whaaaaaat?”

Here is the point: It is possible to prove that Evolution fails without first concluding that the Bible is true. The irony is, you can’t come to the conclusion that Evolution is a fact without first rejecting the Bible. That’s what Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin and a host of other people have done. Now a days the kids are all told to use their faith in evolution as a reason to reject the Bible, but the point is the same.

One does not need to accept the Bible as true before he can reject evolution, one only needs to know enough science. If you want to see evolution fail, just look closely at evolution.

Evolution fails all by itself.

But once it does, the smart thing is to start asking- “Where we did come from?”, which will eventually lead you to discovering that the Bible is true starting on the very first page. The entire “Defining Evolution/Thursday Night Nachos” series shows just this- that evolution fails on its own merits merely by examining what it teaches and the relevant sciences. I suggest you check that out here. Among other resources. And remember, #JesusLovesYou

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Evolution is to blame for the violence in Charlottesville

In late 2016 a collection of Nazis and KKK Klanspersons met in Charlottesville to protest something or generally be annoying. I don’t remember why and it’s not important enough to my point to Google. But it is worth noting that it was a pitiful, small gathering. Getting a group of White supremacists together is super hard these days unless you offer free pedicures or hold it under large banners reading “I’m with HER.” But I digress.

A big collection of other jerks came out to protest these jerks and shocking as it may be to those of you literally living under rocks in shallow holes in the ground, there was violence. I know, you expected the white supremacists and the black supremacists and other assorted loonies to meet and say, “Hey, look, we ALL love segregating people by color and assigning some value or identity to them based on their skin tone. Let’s meet on that common ground and talk out our differences over a Grande` skinny latte.”Image result for american nazis

Instead, someone got in a car and ran some people over.

On purpose.

I have to say “on purpose” because in places like, for instance, Chicago, people getting run over with a car happens with alarming regularity, but it’s often an accident caused by careless pedestrians walking on or near the street, or on the sidewalk, or occasionally in the lobby of posh hotels. Continue reading

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Why I end conversations with people on social media

Hey Friends,

Many of you have dropped by the blog or other social media outlets to converse with me, share your thoughts, and sometimes tell me how amazingly stupid I am, and I appreciate all of your comments. I prefer some over others, but I digress.

Some of you have found that these conversations don’t last forever, and I figured it was worth explaining why.

  1. I got busy with other things. This is a real common one, because I have bills and a wife and a child. A small child doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, but they are very distracting. And since I don’t get paid for this blogging stuff, I have to occasionally do other things so they don’t shut off the WiFi.
  2. I have said all I have to say. Once we go round and round I get vertigo and I need to lay down and play Angry Birds for several hours.
  3. You have failed to uphold your side of the conversation. If you’ve been throwing logical fallacies (Which I call being “Flawgical” TM) or personal attacks at me, I lose interest really quickly. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am asked or told something and I answer it directly, and the other person acts like I said nothing, or they pretend I said something COMPLETELY different*. Similarly, when I ask a question half a dozen times and it goes ignored. At that point I say, “If you are going to invent my side of this conversation and ignore what I actually contribute, then it’s really not worth it for me to provide my half,” and I go find something better to do. Sometimes I vacuum.

So if you asked me something, or told me something, and wondered why you never heard back, there’s why. If I’ve already told you that you’re acting like I’m not part of the conversation, then don’t be surprised when I start deleting your comments, or use that wonderful little “Mute” button over on Twitter.

You people over in category #3, I don’t get you guys. You really that bored? Is leaving sarcastic comments on my blog about things I never said really better than Mine Craft? Maybe you need to get a dog, or take up golf.

I donno. Something.

But to all of you who take the time to read and reply, thanks. I mean that.

And remember: #JesusLovesYou

*Here’s a great recent example which you will think I am making up, but I am not:

Me: Thus again I say, Natural Selection cannot create new species, and Darwin’s book is wrong before the very first page (Which interestingly he admits in the 4th chapter of his book in the 6th edition).

Them: You will also, hopefully, see how, well, dopey and childish it is to say things like “if you go to Darwin’s Origin, the third printing, and see that the second word of the second sentence of the fourth paragraph is misspelled it’s obvious that Darwin’s theory is wrong!’

Me: [face-palm]

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