The Evidence for Atheism is: Ignorance

In the past I have said that there is NO ARGUMENT that can be made for atheism, and that no evidence exists which can be used as evidence FOR atheism. Well, thanks to the many conversations I have had on social media, I see I have been wrong, and I am a big enough man to admit when I am wrong. My many atheist readers/viewers have presented the same argument/evidence to me so often that I am ready to now admit that I was wrong, and they DO have a case for their position.

An Atheist’s primary argument and evidence FOR atheism is: his own ignorance. Image result for derp cat

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Louis Pasteur Confronts Darwin

Image result for louis pasteurIn the fall of 1860, the Linnean Society of London gathered for a dinner at which scientific papers were shared and discussed. One of the works discussed at length was On Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, first published only two years prior. The keynote speaker was Louis Pasture. Following is a transcript from the night’s proceedings. 

Master of Ceremonies: Gentlemen of the Linnean Society of London, it is now our honor to welcome the esteemed French Biologist, Mr Louis Pasteur. Many of you know him as the microbiologist and chemist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. His work has not only proven the Law of Biogenesis, but has also contributed to our ability to halt the spread of disease, and the ability to preserve foods for much longer than previously possible, which will open doors for a boom in the grocery economy and safety for food consumers all over the civilized world. Gentlemen, please welcome, Mr. Louis Pasteur.

[a light smattering of polite applause]

Louis: Ok, look, I was going to read this paper on various methods of pasteurization, trademark mine by the way, but I just sat here listening to you old heifers prattle on and on about Charles Darwin’s new book, On the Origin of Species, blah blah blah. I have my copy here. I read it, and we need to have a littler family chat. Where is Darwin?

[Darwin raises his hand]

Hey, Chuck. You stink at writing. Anyone ever tell you that?  Dull as dirt and I gotta say your emotional issues bleed through this like a stuck pig in a satin dress shirt. Even on the cover you already stink. First of all it takes six and a half minutes just to read the cover. Ain’t nobody got time for that. A book needs a title, Chuck, not an abstract for your paper. How about something catchy, like, Darwin’s Magical Mystery Tree? Or, Evolution, a User’s guide. Or more accurately, “Sorry to bother you, but if you squint just right, don’t I look like a monkey.” Continue reading

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Stay On Book! (A Christmas Pageant)


What better way to celebrate Christmas that with a pageant telling the story of Jesus birth? How about with a look backstage as your favorite celebrities come together to rehearse such a show? It’s not as educational as other depictions, but it is a lot funnier.

Enjoy, my friends!

And Merry Christmas!

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Believing in God is Like Believing in Santa Claus

Do Christians believe in Santa Claus?

Of course. He’s one of us.

You won’t get too far in the internet’s funderful world of Atheist Jihad Bloggers before you hear someone accuse Christians of being like those who believe that a fat man in a red suit comes down our chimney once a year to put toys in a sock. The connection they are trying to make is obvious- they think Santa Claus doesn’t exist- that only foolish children think Santa is a real person. And they think anyone who believes in God is similarly childish and silly. But they are wrong on both counts, and for the same reason.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and you have the right to believe.

But I would suggest you believe what is true.

The connection is something we call a Straw Man Argument. See, the version of Santa Claus the Blogger Jihad is referring to is the one created by Hollywood and Coke commercials, NOT the real one from history.


Yes, Virginia. Now calm down before you spill egg nogg all over my tree skirt.RAF santapic copy Continue reading

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X Mas, the Fat Man, and the Twitter Duck

On a Christmas past I posted this on Twitter:

#Atheists are attacking #christmas, but are they demanding the Jews take Yahweh out of Chanukah, or for secular versions of Muslim Holidays?

This is in response to the atheists in Chicago putting a giant A at an annual Christmas Market-Which Stands for “Atheist.” Or “Atheism”. Or maybe “Aardvark.” On Atheism, what does it matter? But I digress.

No, really. They forced a big red A into a Christmas event. Read the sign they put upREAD ABOUT IT HERE. And of course the billboards and other print ads put up for a few years now by he American Atheists, which you can see and read about here.  And more about it here. These guys are more obsessed with Christmas than Buddy the Elf.Image result for buddy the elf

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STAR WARS: A Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas friends! Just for fun, here’s a collection of Star Wars action figures acting out the Christmas Classic- a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

I recommend the original book, it’s actually a great read.

In the mean time, here’s a YouTube treasure from a handful of years ago.

Just in time for Christmas and the release of Star Wars Ep. VIII, STAR WARS: A CHRISTMAS CAROL! See your friends from a galaxy far, far away telling the tale of a a dark lord of the Sith as he learns about giving a care, or something like that.

Sideous gets a visit from the three ghosts of Christmas and learns to love the light side of the force. God bless us, everyone! And may the Force be with us!

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Molecular Clocks Fail Again

The rare frilled shark is considered a “living fossil” because evidence of its existence dates back to at least 80 million years ago. This summer, researchers found one alive and thriving off the coast of Portugal, uncovering more clues about the resilience of this ancient sea creature.*

“Molecular Clocks” is a theory used by evolutionists to support deep time. It says that DNA mutates at measurable and predictable rates, so we can use it to determine how long it took two species to evolve from their common ancestor.

Then the rare frilled shark comes swimming up and says, “Hey guys! What’s going on?”

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