Should I Be Voting? (KKKan you Answer THIS KKKwestion?)

Elections in the United States, and a source of almost as much conflict, argumentation and violence as soccer is in most European countries. But we here at A Bit of Orange are concerned that a lot of voters are not educated enough to be voting. So, as a public service, we present, the “Should I be Voting?” Quiz, to determine if you know enough about the issues to cast an informed vote, or if you’re cretin who is being used by China to destroy the United States from the inside (aka: someone who thinks they have learned something by watching Tiktok).

QUIZ Question #1

The KKK is a white supremacist hate group responsible for the murder of literally thousands of Americans via lynchings. Which political party gave us the KKK?

A. The Republicans.

B. The Democrats.

C. It was the Democrats, but then all of the racist Democrats became Republicans.

D. The KKK was bipartisan and any white person was welcome.

Did you choose an answer? Let’s see how you did!

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Quiz: January 6th Capital Riot

Should YOU be voting, or are you too ignorant of relevant facts to make an informed decision? Let’s find out!

In April of 2021, President Joe Biden said that the January 6 riot at the Capitol building was “the worst attack on our democracy since ______”?

A. Last summer (2020) when BLM riots did $2 BILLION of damage to private property.

B. 9/11 when terrorists killed almost 7,000 Americans.

C. Pearl Harbor, where more than 2,000 Americans died

D. The Civil War.

Ok, Pencils down! Did you get this answer right?

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Pro-Choice is Pro-Rape

Many of you probably saw the title of this post and thought I was going to argue that Abortion exists so that rich and powerful men like many of those leftist, casting-couch Hollywood scum bags can destroy evidence of their sexual assault, and thus protect themselves from being convicted of rape like they should be (or have to pay child support). But that is not my point today. Rather, I have decided that we should just accept all of the pro-choice jargon and see what happens.

And what happens is we have a case for legalizing rape.

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The Socratic Ducky Audiobook!

Hello friends! I am working on making the Audiobook for the Socratic Ducky!

Right now I have chapters 1-10 (out of 28) for you to enjoy absolutely free! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

And if the link doesn’t work, let me know in the comments so I can figure something else out! I’m new at this!

And remember, Jesus Loves you!

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I Believe in Free Will Because I Have No Choice

I have a collection of questions outside of TULIP about the various doctrines in and associated with Calvinism. The primary collection revolve around free-will and determinism. Some people who call themselves Calvinists believe we have free-will and the ability to make real choices, but others, including John Calvin himself, seem to think that God meticulously determines ALL THINGS, and as such, free-will is an illusion.

So naturally, I have all the questions.

1. Calvinism rejects free will. 

Calvinism claims that EVERYTHING that ever happens is ALWAYS determined by God. Not merely ALLOWED, or overseen or guided. DETERMINED.

How do you ignore your own constant, daily experience of making free will choices in order to hold onto a doctrine that teaches that you cannot make those choices you make? Is this not like trying to convince yourself that the color blue does not exist while having an unobstructed view of the sky? 

Photo by Pixabay on
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Some Calvinists Aren’t Calvinists

If you have followed the old Bit of Orange for any amount of time, you have seen me explaining to Atheists and Evolutionists that they are not actually Atheists and Evolutionists. I’ve had to show people who believe the Big Bang cosmology that they don’t actually believe it because they don’t know what it is. This kind of thing happens on the regular around these parts, because people are a lot quicker, it would seem, to adopt a label than to completely research it and make sure they want to adopt it.

Our latest group to join the club of “I didn’t actually do all that much research” is Calvinists. Here is a screen shot from an apologetics YouTube channel (a Calvinistic youtuber that goes by “TreasureChrist” or “reformedwiki”) which was explaining the difference between Calvinism and non-Calvinism by critiquing Mike Winger and Allen Parr (both of whom I recommend).

This image is a screen shot of a Soteriology 101 video about that video, that you can watch here (about 18 min in for this screen shot). This brings us to my article about Dr Flower’s video about Reformedwiki’s video about Mike and Allen’s videos about Calvinism.

Let’s just take these one at a time:

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The WOKE Left is Racist Because of Darwin

The Left make a collection of foundational errors in their dealing with race related issues. Let’s look at a few:

1. They do not treat all races as equal.

Their responses are tailored to the race of the apparently offended party, and the race of the apparent offender. Just as an example, communist and domestic terrorist organization “Black Lives Matter” and the many woke, Leftist media outlets who supported their “mostly peaceful protests” never gave a flip on earth about any black-on-black violence. They never spoke out against it, and instead worked loudly to shut down conversation about it. The ONLY lives that mattered to them was the black lives killed by white cops. And CERTAINLY not the 19 MILLION black babies murdered via legal Abortions- a number so staggering that it would FILL the city of CHICAGO more than TWICE. But the genocide of two Chicago-sized cities of black children didn’t find a single BLM bumper-sticker or moment on CNN.

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on live television, no one decried this as an act of violence against a black man. They made memes about it. The left doesn’t care about violence against black people. They only want to constantly tell us that there is violence against them from WHITE people, but again only if those white people are heterosexual, cis gendered, Trump supporters. I mean, the KKK was literally a Democrat/anti-Republican organization, and the Left wants to pretend that didn’t happen.

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Witchcraft in the West?!?!?

How are Satanic rituals creeping into our lives without us even realizing it? Are we innocently allowing our children to be influenced by Satanic rituals with games, television, and movies?

Witchcraft is a subject about which I would just as soon stay ignorant. However, its prevalence is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the world, enticing people with promises of knowledge and power. You need to be informed about what is happening with witchcraft in our world today.

Join Eric Hovind and Bodie Hodge for a look at the background and current state of Witchcraft in the West.

And look for LOTS of other great content at

Or over at

And happy Halloween!

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Vocab Malone VS ATHEISM!!!!

I enjoyed this video, so I’m sharing it with all of you. Unlike a normal debate, they stop from time to time to talk about the reason, logic or logical fallacies being presented, so you’re going to learn more than one thing in this video. If you leave a comment, be kind, and tell vocab I said Hi!

VOCAB MALONE vs. SPENCER HAWKINS in Atheism vs. Biblical Christianity in a FRIENDLY DEBATE @ South Mountain Community College. TOPICS: Does Genesis 1 contradict Genesis 2? Does Genesis contradict modern science? Is the Bible mere mythology? What about the age of the earth?

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Leftist Hollywood Casting Hypocrisy

When an actor who is “white,” like Tilda Swinton, plays a traditionally non-“white” character like The Ancient One (from Dr Strange) people on the Left LOSE their collective, drug addled minds and start screaming that this is racist “white-washing” of an ethnic character which, up until this point, they had never heard of.

They apparently failed to notice that the Character used to be male. Funny how they never mentioned that in their Twitter rants.

When the same MCU casts “black” actor Samuel Jackson as the traditionally “white” character Nick Fury, not a single Leftist came out to defend the traditional look of the character from being changed to another “race.” And none of us fan-boys who liked those movies said anything either, because Samuel Jackson is awesome as Nick Fury. And none of us could remember what he looked like in the comics either, because, let’s face it, he’s no Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. He’s like Charlie on Charlie’s Angels. We don’t care what he looks like as long as there is a blonde, a brunette and a red head.

In response to one commenter on social media who COULDN’T understand why white people were getting upset about the casting of a black little mermaid, I said I didn’t care at all, and I told him how excited I was to see Jennifer Lawrence as Tiana in the upcoming live action Princess and the Frog. He lost his mind in the self-righteous, predictable manner you might think he would.

And did I hear that Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing an all-white cast musical about Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X? Sutton Foster as Rosa Parks is going to be AMAZING, but Hugh Jackman as Malcom X is the role he was born to play. If you don’t agree, you’re just a racist. There’s no other possible reason you would feel the way you do.

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