There’s a Sucker Inheriting Traits Every Minute

In an attempt to educate/enlighten/indoctrinate/brainwash me, I often have readers and viewers send me comments like this one:

“Evolution is the process of change in heritable traits in population subject to descent with modification.”

Even though A Bit of Orange has produced videos and articles about this several times, many people still tend to miss it, so here we go again. Fasten Seat-belts and mind-diapers, everyone!

Evolution cannot be just ANY kind of changes.

To say it is CHANGES in Heritable traits is like saying Mt Rushmore is the result of rock being removed from the mountain.

True? Sort of. But sufficient? Absolutely NOT. Continue reading

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Does PBS KIDS Count as “Scientific Studies”?

In the comments section of the A Bit Of Orange YouTube channel, we get a lot of “words of encouragement” from people whose main message to us is, “Here’s something I think you don’t know!” and “You’re an idiot!” And sometimes “This guy is an idiot!” Then they try to educate me and demonstrate their solid grasp of unsubstantiated blanket assertions.

One such loyal viewer and subscriber said the following: “Studies in paleontology, geology, radiation, cosmology and genetics have all yielded results which overwhelmingly support  a model of earth’s history in which life first appeared on this planet as single celled organisms over 3.5 billion years ago and gradually became more and more diverse from that time until this.”

You’d be interested to see what studies he is referring to in all of those fields and the ways in which they do support the evolutionary timeline. I would also be interested in all of those studies, as he never offered even a single one of them. Apparently I am just to take his word that they exist and assume he has read them all. Continue reading

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Pinterest, Perverts, and the Prophet Mohammed

So I found this on Pinterest. Naturally, I was rolling my eyes about the attempt to use a poorly drawn cartoon meme to normalize all kinds of sin, folly, and self destruction*. 

And I’m all, “Geepers guys, why can’t you just break out the book of Leviticus, flip on over to chapter 18 and figure out…”

Wait… Continue reading

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Racism and the Fallacy of Composition

Various racist groups commit the fallacy of composition when they decide that because some black people are lazy and stupid that all of them must be lazy and stupid. The fact is, there are many who are not. 

Similarly, these racists assume that, because they can find a person who is both black AND lazy and stupid that there is some causative connection between blackness and laziness and stupidity. When all the facts are in, it becomes clear that it is asinine to believe that the density of melanin in the skin could have an effect on the character of the person. Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter… or do they?

The liberal ideology expressed recently in the Black Lives Matter movement seems to be a contradiction. They assert that

black people are oppressed by white people

black people are poor and disadvantaged and white people are rich and privileged

black people have poor schooling and white people have good schools

black people have little or no influence in culture, business and government and white people have all the power in culture, business and government

and yet


they also assert that we are equal.

But How?

Continue reading

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Debunking the Debunking of the Flat Earth

I stumbled upon this video not long ago, and it contains a section which is both sad and funny, which serves as a good cautionary tale.

The video as a whole is intended to debunk the debunking of the flat earth. The section which interests me is about 2 1/2 minutes in, and it is where the Flat Earth Debunker offers his proof #2 for why the earth is NOT flat: The phases of the moon. Image result for phases of the moon Continue reading

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Soft Tissue in Dinosaurs? Is that a thing?

Fossils are just bone which has been replaced with rock- a bone shaped piece of rock with no bone left in it. Right?

Not always! Sometimes a fossil is fresh enough to eat.

When Mary Schwitzer found soft tissue in a T Rex bone in the 1990’s, the world collectively wet their scientific pants.* Schwitzer herself was so surprised that she uttered the now famous exclamation of scientific discovery which has resonated with female scientists working in the field all over the world:

“Cool beans.”

-M. Schweitzer**

Yet, when you dig into the research, you can find similar discoveries for decades before that. I’ve seen examples dating back to the 1920’s.

But is this a fluke? Or is this a piece of normal science that has been kept hidden for obvious funding related reasons? Check out the link below and you’ll see more than 40 examples of dinosaur fossils found with original soft tissue from within my lifetime.

Did the dinosaurs die out 65 MILLION years ago? No Chemical Way my friends. NO Chemical way. Those babies are fresher than King Ramses II.

The dream of the DinoBurger is closer than ever. Warm up the grill and start making fries!

And remember, #JesusLovesYou

* Scientific Pants would be a good name for a band, but not a good band.

**This is a real quote. See it in context here:

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