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At LEAST I am not a Cat Slaving Radish Eater! | Feedback Friday

Let’s talk about you “OWNING” A CAT. First, you have enslaved an animal against its will so that it will know only the space, food, and experiences YOU have chosen for it. So Cruel. So UNNATURAL. Second, you let this … Continue reading

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Read “Answering Atheism” for Free and Help your Atheist Friends See the Truth!

Atheism seems so complex that even the Atheists on the internet seem to have no idea what it is. Despite their seeming limitless ignorance, those same internet Atheists have a LOT to say about… well, absolutely everything. How is one … Continue reading

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Are Atheists all PSYCHOPATHS? | Feedback Friday!

“Meaning is in our minds.” you say. But isn’t this like saying, “Magical flying unicorns aren’t REAL, but they are real FOR ME. Unicorns are in my mind.”? Continue reading

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Rights for Men who pretend to be Women, or Rights for Girls who are Girls?

Men who will assault children do exist. Are they HONEST men of HONOR? Or might they LIE, calling themselves Transgender persons even when they are not? Would they SAY they identify as women merely to get access to girls? Continue reading

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The Dangers of Absinthe- The Green Fairy

Absinthe has great marketing, and opponents of it are painted broad brush as Puritanical, or simply as uncool. Its time for a careful consideration of the facts and an honest discussion. Continue reading

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Will Smith and the Science of Slapping Chris Rock

The sciences can tell you all kinds of things about a man, but they cannot tell you if it is right or wrong to slap the taste out of his mouth right before you accept an Oscar. Continue reading

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Evolution was developed by Cartographers? Also, Puppy Killing | Feedback Friday!

You can’t defend a worldview where in cute fluffy puppies are valuable and should not be murdered without JUST CAUSE, but human babies are worthless and ought to be slaughtered for the convenience of women who don’t want to bother with birth control. Continue reading

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Painting Atheists with a Broad Brush | Feedback Friday!

Other animals eat their young, why should YOU not do so if we are merely animals as Atheism claims? Continue reading

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Ignorant Atheist Hates on the Autistic | Feedback Friday!

If you going to tell someone they’re an idiot, it could be worth a Google. Continue reading

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Animal Rights Atheist Talks Morality | Feedback Friday!

If morals “evolve” then they change. This means they are not objective, but exist only for a while and then become something else. So why then do you think it Morally wrong to kill and eat animals, or to treat them cruelly, or anything else, when your own morality is merely a fleeting and unpopular piece of a constantly changing ethic? Continue reading

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