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NEW Free book! Sunday School for Sinners & Saints

Are you a Sinner or a Saint? Maybe a bit of both? Well, then! Gather ’round, class! It’s time to take a friendly dive into the Bible and understand what makes it different from all those other religions! We’ll learn … Continue reading

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The Pride Flag Just Cannibalized Itself

Here’s something I have heard in SEVERAL places on the old internet- something a lot of us saw coming. Transgender lesbians (by which I mean men dressing as women who want to have sex with women) are calling cis gender … Continue reading

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OK kids, here’s what we know. For 30 years, Disney has had merch, shirts, dolls, wall art, pictures, a live show, meet and greet, parade appearances, statues and actresses portraying the little mermaid as she appears in the original movie. … Continue reading

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Preachers, Perverts & Pandas

A Gay Debate! Transgenderism! Other Stuff! PG-13! In what is sure to be the reason I get kicked off of social media, I explain the debate over gay marriage, and why letting Pandas eat giraffes isn’t the loving thing to … Continue reading

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Trans-Racial Rights Are Being Denied!

A news article just came across my feed and I needed to share it with you. For context, Indigenous means American Indian, or Native American, or whatever term isn’t considered racist this week on Twitter. Emily Carr University is a … Continue reading

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Read “Thursday Night Nachos (The Defining Evolution Series)” FOR FREE!

Rent-A-Friend 2000 recounts the conversations he has with his friends at the local bar and grill, talking about Evolution. What is it? Is it science? How does it work? As they wait for their weekly pile of Nachos to arrive, … Continue reading

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OK, the Leftists are Right About Disney Princesses

They showed me this, and now I’m convinced. Disney should cast their movies however they want. Only a racist would say otherwise.

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Read “Answering Atheism” for Free and Help your Atheist Friends See the Truth!

Atheism seems so complex that even the Atheists on the internet seem to have no idea what it is. Despite their seeming limitless ignorance, those same internet Atheists have a LOT to say about… well, absolutely everything. How is one … Continue reading

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Let Me Clear Up This Whole Little Mermaid Controversy

If Disney cast their new, upcoming The Little Mermaid Live Action movie with an actress who looked like this: we would hate that too. BECAUSE ARIEL IS A RED HEAD. This isn’t about race or racism. This is about THE … Continue reading

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Free Book! Read “Proof Of God” and Build Your Unshakable Faith!

Of course you can believe in God with no reasons, but if you want to know why God exists and the Bible can be trusted, then this book has a lot to offer you! Proof of God shows arguments and … Continue reading

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