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Evolution at the roots of Racism in America

Darwin’s racist religion was at the roots of 20th century racism, injustice, and terrible abuses. See again why it matters that Evolution is a LIE and the Bible can be trusted from the very first page! As always, look for … Continue reading

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Flat Earth vs Creationism – A Biblical perspective

Are Creationists “Flat Earthers”? While probably most creationists would answer with a resounding “NO” it must be admitted that there are Flat Earthers who are Creationists. These believers in the flat earth would argue that they reject evolution and the … Continue reading

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“FAITH ON THE EDGE” – Review of this Flat Earth Documentary

IS THE EARTH FLAT? Kyle Justice of The Creation Guys asked me to watch their recent project, Faith On The Edge. This video examines the Flat Earth Model to determine if it is in line with Scripture and science as its … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Issues—Like One Nation under…Who?

America the Beautiful On July 4th, we celebrate the United States of America, not because she is perfect, but because she is our home. Despite her many failings she has been one Nation under God seeking to love our neighbors … Continue reading

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Triceratops Vs. the Redundant Religion of Darwinism

A recent Creation Today video featuring Eric Hovind and me in a museum of natural history became the focus of some controversy when a “friendly” internet atheist described it by saying, “Creationists Pathetically Try to Debunk a Museum of Natural … Continue reading

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Giving Up Darwin

“The origin of species is exactly what Darwin cannot explain.” —David Gelernter, Professor of Computer Science at Yale University I recently had the privilege of being a guest teacher at a Christian academy in the Chicago Suburbs. I was invited … Continue reading

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How to Find Contradictions in the Bible

If you’ve spent any time listening to the criticisms of Christianity from skeptics, you very quickly hear the assertion that there are contradictions in the Bible. Not only are you told that the Bible contradicts itself (thus, they assure you, … Continue reading

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Putting the FUN in Fundamentalist, one DAY at a Time

The Following is from a conversation I had with a Catholic friend I like and admire. If you are defining a “Fundamentalist” as someone who refuses to accept any part of the bible as poetic or figurative, then I do … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Sunsets (Examining the Flat Earth with no help from NASA)

I recently wrote an article for Creation Today about the different ways in which Young Earth Creationists (YEC’s) and Flat Earthers interpret the Bible. You can read it here: In reply, I had a fellow named Scott imply that … Continue reading

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I admit that modern art isn’t that good…

In reply to: Your point is extremely flawed. Art doesn’t come from God, it comes from imagination. Now I admit that modern art isn’t that good, but I’m not in any position to critique anyone’s art style, and neither are … Continue reading

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