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From henceforth, I am claiming the rainbow flag as my own. From this day forward, let it be known that the flying of the RAINBOW FLAG is done in honor of A BIT OF ORANGE- which every flag already contains. … Continue reading

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Mr. Rogers is a Transphobic Hateful Bigot!

Just LISTEN to this hateful rant from the hateful bigot who wants to bring death to Trans kids! I can’t believe YouTube allows this hateful TRASH to be shown! Why haven’t they taken it down yet!?!??! And on a personal … Continue reading

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Preachers, Perverts & Pandas

A Gay Debate! Transgenderism! Other Stuff! PG-13! In what is sure to be the reason I get kicked off of social media, I explain the debate over gay marriage, and why letting Pandas eat giraffes isn’t the loving thing to … Continue reading

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How to Catch a Killer (Who is a Man Pretending to be a Woman)

Over on the article, The Dangers of Transgenderism The Amazing Jonathan said (first quoting me, which is a nice change of pace from the usual attack on things I never said): “CSI. When the cops arrive at the scene of a … Continue reading

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Cross Dressing, Gender and Being Delivered

Under the article, The Dangers of Transgenderism a woman named Judy left me the following comment: Very interesting. Be more interesting if you got your facts straight. No one ‘decides’ to change genders. A fully functional man–or woman–does not suddenly one … Continue reading

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Why IDENTITY Drove Trans-Cheerleader to CHOKE OUT Teammate | What Do You Meme?

My main man John over at “What do YOU Meme?” posted this video recently, and I thought it was a thoughtful, compassionate, and Biblically wise take on the whole Transgender thing. As a lot of people have reported on, the … Continue reading

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