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The WOKE Left is Racist Because of Darwin

The Left make a collection of foundational errors in their dealing with race related issues. Let’s look at a few: 1. They do not treat all races as equal. Their responses are tailored to the race of the apparently offended … Continue reading

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Leftist Hollywood Casting Hypocrisy

When an actor who is “white,” like Tilda Swinton, plays a traditionally non-“white” character like The Ancient One (from Dr Strange) people on the Left LOSE their collective, drug addled minds and start screaming that this is racist “white-washing” of … Continue reading

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Leftists Amazed that A “Black” Person Did Something!

Forgive my sarcasm, but, seriously, what the what?!?!? “Making History” how? HOW Cinema Blend?!??!

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Gaston is Why I Hate the New Ariel

Do you see this guy? Take a good look. He’s skinny and short, thin necked and barely fills that coat. This is the “live action” Beauty and the Beast Gaston, played by Luke Evans. And look at this. He’s BARELY … Continue reading

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How to Catch a Killer (Who is a Man Pretending to be a Woman)

Over on the article, The Dangers of Transgenderism The Amazing Jonathan said (first quoting me, which is a nice change of pace from the usual attack on things I never said): “CSI. When the cops arrive at the scene of a … Continue reading

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White People are THE BEST! (and other Woke Values)

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, learning what other people think is not only easy, it’s nearly impossible to avoid! There was a time when people wrote their secret feelings and thoughts in a secret document called a “diary” … Continue reading

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Pixar’s Soul has no Heart (and it’s racist)

Soul was advertised as this historic thing where a black character was going to be on screen for the first time if you ignore all of the times black characters were on screen previously. Continue reading

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