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Leftists Amazed that A “Black” Person Did Something!

Forgive my sarcasm, but, seriously, what the what?!?!? “Making History” how? HOW Cinema Blend?!??!

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The New Ariel is Princess Segregation

According to the font of knowledge which is Wikipedia, “Racial segregation is the systematic separation of people into racial or other ethnic groups in daily life.” In other words, it’s a system which has the intention of dividing people based … Continue reading

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How Disney Celebrates “Diversity”

Disney/Pixar: We’re making the lead character of Soul a black man voiced by a black man! Twitter: Hooray! Diversity! Disney/Pixar: …and then he falls into an open sewer and dies nine minutes later, only to have a white woman take … Continue reading

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Gaston is Why I Hate the New Ariel

Do you see this guy? Take a good look. He’s skinny and short, thin necked and barely fills that coat. This is the “live action” Beauty and the Beast Gaston, played by Luke Evans. And look at this. He’s BARELY … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Frozen

Everyone LOVES Frozen. It’s a beautiful movie with likable characters and VERY catchy songs that your kids will sing over and over and over and over until you catch yourself thinking about drinking rum strait from the bottle like you … Continue reading

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Soul is a Good Movie Ruined from the Outside

The movie itself doesn’t drag the audience through the identity politics that the promotion did, so I don’t think it fair to judge the movie based on that, or to decide not to see it because of what the marketing people did with it. Continue reading

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Pixar’s Soul has no Heart (and it’s racist)

Soul was advertised as this historic thing where a black character was going to be on screen for the first time if you ignore all of the times black characters were on screen previously. Continue reading

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Florida: “What? No, go ahead and say Gay.”

Despite being the smartest and most moral people in the whole universe, the Hollywood celebrities who chimed in on this matter managed to miss a few small, yet still relevant facts about this proposed legislation. Continue reading

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Turning Red Isn’t BRAVE- It’s SELFISH

I’ve just rewatched Disney/Pixar’s brave from 2012. It’s a great movie for a lot of reasons, and it brought into focus some of the problems with this year’s Pixar release, Turning Red. Continue reading

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Why Mei is a Trash Panda (Turning Red Review)

Between this selfish start and the arrogant, murderous ending, Mei goes from being an annoying, over confident girl, to being a lying, dishonest, and occasionally violent (as well as “Sweaty and lusty” according to the director) child pornographer. Continue reading

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