The New Ariel is Princess Segregation

According to the font of knowledge which is Wikipedia, “Racial segregation is the systematic separation of people into racial or other ethnic groups in daily life.” In other words, it’s a system which has the intention of dividing people based on their perceived race. In the Democrat run cities of the 1940s, that meant some restaurants were for “whites only” where as certain drinking fountains were for People of Color (which they called “colored people” which I think twitter considers hate-speech now). The system of various cultural and legal norms were designed to physically and emotionally separate “black” Americans from “white” Americans, and probably to separate both of them from the Jews.

It involves signage, rules, policies, laws and mask wearing Karens to constantly shout, “THIS is for WHITE people, and THAT is for BLACK people. STAY IN YOUR LANE!” Or, your safe space? Whatever. The point is, white people here, black people there. That is what segregation is all about.

Now for those of you who think the political parties are pretty much the same, or for those of you who think that the Republican party (Conservative, Christian, and which was LITERALLY invented to end slavery) is racist while the Democratic party (Leftist, Secular, Socialist, and which literally gave us the KKK) is opposed to racism, let’s talk about Racial Segregation. Is it happening today? And if so, who is pushing it, and who is fighting it? Think about it.

OK, now let’s talk about Disney.

Disney has shoved another pointless diversity hire into a Disney property because they encourage parents to teach their kids to be racist. Somehow the Democratic Left has decided that children should be encouraged to DEMAND to SEE THEMSELVES on screen. If the princess doesn’t LOOK LIKE YOU, then you’re supposed to see her as someone else’s princess.

And at the same time, The Left is DISCOURAGING white children from dressing as their favorite non-white Disney princesses. They have decried this as “cultural appropriation.” I have friends whose preschool daughter LOVES Moana, but they are afraid of the backlash they will face if they let her dress as Moana for Halloween. She is four, but if she dresses like her favorite (non-“white”) princess, she will be attacked on Twitter and her parents will too. She needs to dress as a “white” princess. Moana is for Colored People. I mean, People of Color.

The Conservative right has spent these many years saying, “Kids should be able to dress as anything they want on Halloween. If they can dress as a Ninja Turtle, then a little girl can dress as a Disney Princess who doesn’t happen to match her shade of melanin.” And then people on Twitter tell us that we’re “insensitive.” By which I mean, Leftist white women with no kids and too many cats get on Twitter to speak on behalf of all Polynesian people, reminding us that Moana is THEIR Princess, and the Whites-Only Princes is over in Frozen, or Sleeping Beauty, so STAY IN YOUR LANE!

For YEARS we have been told on all forms of social media that it’s inappropriate to let “white” kids dress as “non-white” characters for Halloween, and yet these same rabid Leftists can’t imagine why we want an actress that looks like the Ariel we’ve seen for 30 years that LOOKS like Ariel to play Ariel. We must be racist. It’s the only possible reason. Everyone who likes anything that was made by Disney before 2007 is a white supremacist racist who hates women. Almost everyone who has Disney + is probably a Nazi.

It’s the only possible reason we have to hate this abomination, stolen from the set of Wakanda Forever:

I have all of the questions.

So the Blue Fairy is from Wakanda now? And she’s part of the royal guard? But I digress. This is about the Mermaid.


Remember segregation from your history class? That was when “black” Americans were not allowed (in certain, Democrat run southern cities) to sit with, eat with, or go potty with “white” Americans. We kept things separate, based on the race of the persons. The underlying theory was, “Hey, you look different, so we should treat you different.”

This separation of people by race is literally the foundation of woke, Leftist ideologies. Some Halloween costumes are “Whites only,” while others are for the “people of color.” Some Disney princesses are for “Whites” only, and others are for colored people. I mean, People of Color.

Ariel was a white character, which means she was only for White little girls to enjoy. But it’s not fair that only little white girls have a mermaid princess they can enjoy! How to solve this problem? Easy! Remake the ENTIRE MOVIE, but cast a “black” actress as Ariel so now little black girls can enjoy The Little Mermaid! After all, they certainly can’t enjoy a Disney Princess movie unless the princess on the screen LOOKS LIKE THEM! Right?

I mean, my friends’ 4 year old daughter loves a Disney Princess who doesn’t look like her, but I suppose we have to assume that “white” children are less racially biased than all of those little “black” girls. Disney certainly does. Disney has figured that the only way to get little “black” girls to watch The Little Mermaid is by making the Little Mermaid “black”. But that’s why the Democrat/Leftist Twitter mob is there to remind us- Ariel was for “white” girls, “black” Ariel is for “black” girls. Moana is for Polynesians, and NOT for “white” girls. I don’t know if “black” girls are allowed to like Moana and dress as her for Halloween. I suspect the Woke Left doesn’t care what little “black” girls do, as long as the little “white” girls remain racially pure. Oops! I mean… “culturally sensitive.”

So let’s all admit that almost no one in the world cares who is playing Ariel in the upcoming Disney box-office Disaster. What this is about is the Woke Left’s continuation of their 1940’s Klan segregation policies. They want to separate whites from blacks by any means necessary. In the 40’s it was telling “blacks” that they weren’t allowed to sit here or drink from there. Now it’s primarily focused on telling people that segregation is to avoid offending the non-whites. Whites can’t wear that, listen to that, say these words, wear these clothing or accessories, and their kids can’t dress as THOSE Disney princesses for Halloween because THOSE are for the Coloreds Only. Uh, that is, for People of Color. Because, we’re not racist. We just want people to be judged on the color of their skin and not the content of their character, and for whites to have separate food, music, sports, clothing, and Disney Princesses.

Someday soon the drinking fountains, lunch counters and bathrooms will be “culturally sensitive” again too. Perhaps, some fine day, in woke, Democrat run cities like New York or Chicago, even the streets will be “culturally sensitive” so that everyone can always be reminded to STAY IN THEIR LANE.

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4 Responses to The New Ariel is Princess Segregation

  1. jsneese62 says:

    Very well said my friend! I feel you hit the nail on the head and there is nothing I can really add.


  2. wojtek says:

    Nice article to read.


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