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Why Kevin is a Hero, and So Can We!

I recently wrote a series of articles where in I explained why Matt Walsh is an idiot. In short, it was because he decided to spend valuable time on social media- time he COULD have spent teaching people why they … Continue reading

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Big White Whale (Not a post about dieting)

Lately, the church attenders in our nation have wondered how, if it’s so obvious that Genesis 1-3 are meant to be read as literal history, that so many people with college degrees have decided that it is a literary device … Continue reading

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A Christmas Roach Clown (Because Stupid knows no season)

Every now and then you see a news story which you are almost certain was originally from the Onion, or Babylon Bee, or other satirical news sites and somehow accidentally got spread as real news by people who didn’t check … Continue reading

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Is Ken Ham a Stumbling Block?

Political commentator and Olympic ribbon dancer Matt Walsh recently started a firestorm on social media when he decided to prove to his followers how stupid and opposed to science Young Earth Biblical Creationists are by proving how he himself knew … Continue reading

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Proof of God 5: A Universe from Nothing | Podcast

Logic and laws of science tell is that the universe cannot be infinitely old, so, how did we get a universe? Only one answer makes sense of things. Rent-A-Friend 2000 tells you how! To subscribe or hear more podcasts, … Continue reading

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More BackWalsh Debunked (Or at least gawked at in confusion)

Not long hence, a man in a car uploaded a rant to YouTube about matters with which he was remarkably ignorant, yet, somehow also passionate. Then, about a BILLION other people saw this and decided to do exactly the same … Continue reading

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The Backlash from Matt Walsh (The Backwalsh)

A few weeks before the writing of this article, conservative author, speaker and toaster strudel enthusiast Matt Walsh decided that the excitement over the mid-term elections has been simply too much for him, and he chose to lighten the mood … Continue reading

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