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Proof that Atheists aren’t 100% Insane! (Maybe!)

I never thought the day would come, but I have found a ‘unicorn’ which I guess I had assumed did not exist because, in my 40+ years in the Christian church, Christian pop culture, and general Christian book store musings, … Continue reading

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Shooting the Messenger Doesn’t Change the Message

I recently wrote a post invoking the name of a very controversial man: Ian Juby. He is a congenial Canadian who happens to be a member of Mensa (The genius club*) and a robotics engineer who has done a lot … Continue reading

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There Are Only a Dozen Atheist on the Internet- and they are Professionals

I was watching most recent episode of Louder with Crowder in which they start the show talking about the historical fact that Jesus truly existed. I scrolled down to the comments and I saw one of the angry hostile atheist … Continue reading

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The Definition of Atheism… Again

Below is a concise clarification of the argument offered in the video titled, The Definition of Atheism… Again. Atheism Traditionally, the statements “I do not believe God exists” and “I believe God does NOT exist” have been treated as equivalent. … Continue reading

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Atheism according to Social Media

What is atheism? This used to be something everyone knew and no one argued about. For the past century (or three) western culture has had periodic debates about IF God exists or NOT, but not a lot of debates were … Continue reading

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Your Definition of Atheism is Counterproductive

Remember when you could use the word “Atheism” and everyone knew what it meant? Remember the days when a man could declare himself an atheist and everyone knew what he was trying to say? Thanks to the efforts of social … Continue reading

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Atheists Angry That I Define Atheism to Mean Atheism (part 4)

The conclusion to the sold out show at the UnderGround. Karl Marx was an atheists, but now, according to some, so is your shoe. We need a word that means that? Enjoy this bit of orange from the Underground.

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