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The One Church Plan and a Mouthful of Cigarette Butts

Another dying church is debating whether or not they want to agree with the Bible. It’s a weird blend of sad, sickening, and so cliche that it’s boring. From we read: The One Church Plan (OCP) is predicated on … Continue reading

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Atheists Angry that I Define Atheism to Mean Atheism (Live from the Underground) Performed at a sold out show at the underground, with special appearances from Karl the Rabbit and Tom the Giraffe. A hilarious look at modern internet atheism! For more, subscribe at:

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The Abortion Flowchart (The case from Science)

What is Abortion, and what is it not? The Pro-life position is that Abortion is the murder of a human being, but is this true? The pro-Choice side argues that a woman should be able to decide what happens to … Continue reading

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