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Debunking Evolution One Gene at a Time

I was thinking about the debate over Evolutionism recently, and I was reminded how a lot of Evolutionists seem to think that ANY change is evolution, to the extent that more than one has told me that, the fact that … Continue reading

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Dr Calvin and the Cancer Restaurant

Our intrepid reporter is on location to interview the one she has been told is the Great Physician. A beautiful restaurant is full of people from all walks of life, enjoying a meal and drinks in a grand hall. The … Continue reading

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Read “Preachers, Perverts & Pandas” FOR FREE!!!

Preachers, Perverts & Pandas, aka A Gay Debate! Transgenderism! Other Stuff! PG-13! is available online for free for your entertainment and education. And it’s PG-13, so don’t try and use this one to teach the little kids’ Sunday School classes. In what … Continue reading

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NEW BOOK! Evolution 101

Come with us into a world of Evo-Believers whose faith far outweighs their facts, and a team of PhD’s who have dedicated themselves to Darwinism when in fact they can’t even clearly tell you what it is. Welcome to Evolution … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Frozen

Everyone LOVES Frozen. It’s a beautiful movie with likable characters and VERY catchy songs that your kids will sing over and over and over and over until you catch yourself thinking about drinking rum strait from the bottle like you … Continue reading

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Calvinism SMACK DOWN! (James White Vs James White)

I know I keep saying this, but I have no interest in making this one of those blogs that talks about Calvinism Vs Arminianism all of the time. First, because it’s a false dichotomy and I am neither. Secondly, because … Continue reading

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Read “Thursday Night Nachos (The Defining Evolution Series)” FOR FREE!!!

Rent-A-Friend 2000 recounts the conversations he has with his friends at the local bar and grill, talking about Evolution. What is it? Is it science? How does it work? As they wait for their weekly pile of Nachos to arrive, … Continue reading

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Feedback Friday: Clubby Farts in the Car

I wrote the article Fart In a Car (An Honest Critique of Atheist Communication Skills) about the perplexingly many atheists which have forced me to ignore their questions so I can teach them how to make an argument or simply … Continue reading

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Robot Cat Waitress is Coming for Your Job

You think I am kidding. But I have actually seen one of these with my own eyes while eating sushi. Robot cats are becoming waitresses, and you don’t even need to tip them. Our good friends on the increasingly Socialist … Continue reading

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White People are THE BEST! (and other Woke Values)

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, learning what other people think is not only easy, it’s nearly impossible to avoid! There was a time when people wrote their secret feelings and thoughts in a secret document called a “diary” … Continue reading

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