NEW BOOK! Evolution 101

Come with us into a world of Evo-Believers whose faith far outweighs their facts, and a team of PhD’s who have dedicated themselves to Darwinism when in fact they can’t even clearly tell you what it is. Welcome to Evolution 101 (Or, how to make every living thing, from Wolves to Cabbages,

using just the tools and bacteria you’ll find around the house).

A Critical Review and some snarky comments by Rent A Friend 2000

Original material including text and images comes from from
The site I am reviewing is called Evolution 101, and will be presented by me with no editing (though plenty of editorials) and in those few places where parts were cut out for brevity, I make note of it being done. The original site is a collaborative project between Berkley, the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the National Center for Science Education. That it took this many PhD’s to make this web site will become either unbelievable or incredibly sad later on. Their words will appear in normal font. My words in BOLD, with BOLDNESS nearly approaching ZESTY BUFFALO RANCH BOLD! Nearly.

Read it online or download it for FREE here:

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