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How old does the Universe LOOK to you?

The following is part of a conversation I had with a Catholic whom I like and admire: No doubt you may still have in your mind that Evolution, Deep time and Big Bang Cosmology are science- established facts based on … Continue reading

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Metaphysical Issues of Genesis v Darwin

While this is not part of the case exactly, it is important to understand WHY the YEC is superior to the OEC position for reasons non textual or scientific. Like I always say in my videos- WHY is this conversation … Continue reading

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How Darwin invented the Internet

Like Bill Nye, he calls himself the “science guy” and he had this to say on a recent online article. “Funny how the religious fanatics (by which SG means people who reject evolution) seem to forget that without science they would be writing … Continue reading

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Gene Duplication, Printing Errors, and the Secrets of Lady Duck

Imagine you wrote a book. It’s a novel about a Bluebird who is actually a secret agent with MI6: “The Nest is Not Enough” (Followup to your runaway best seller “Gold Feather”).  It’s a real page turner and is doing … Continue reading

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There’s a Sucker Inheriting Traits Every Minute

In an attempt to educate/enlighten/indoctrinate/brainwash me, I often have readers and viewers send me comments like this one: “Evolution is the process of change in heritable traits in population subject to descent with modification.” Even though A Bit of Orange … Continue reading

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Darwin Did Not Believe Evolution

Darwin did not believe evolution. I know that is hard to hear. In fact, many of you will assume I am being sarcastic, but I think I can make a case. 

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Chocolate Bars and the Non Evolution of Beetles | A Mouthful of Soap

Can you make a new recipe by making smaller chocolate bars? This is why Darwin FAILS. Things are NEVER created by existing things going away. One cannot add by subtracting. Oi vey. This Mouthful of Soap was from the Evolution … Continue reading

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