Debunking Evolution One Gene at a Time

I was thinking about the debate over Evolutionism recently, and I was reminded how a lot of Evolutionists seem to think that ANY change is evolution, to the extent that more than one has told me that, the fact that he is not genetically IDENTICAL to his mother IS EVOLUTION. Of course this is nonsense, but I have had difficulties in the past getting them to understand why.

But then it hit me; I just need to simplify it down to the lowest genetic level. Get out your pencils kids! It’s time for 6th grade science, and learning to see the forest for the genes.

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A gene is a piece of DNA that codes for a protein. I’m simplifying a bit, but when it comes to the cause and effect relationships of DNA information and parts of the cell, a protein is coded for in a gene. Lots of proteins connect together into organelles, and a bunch of organelles that work together in a single living unit makes a cell. All of those proteins are coded for in the DNA carried in the cell. You should be writing this stuff down. It MIGHT be on the test…

So, imagine a gene. Let’s call it Gary. Gary is the information to make the protein Garatin.

Gary is a gene that codes for Geratin.

Our test subject is an evolutionist who self-identifies as a rhino in a bow tie. We discover that he has Gary in his DNA. Where did Gary come from?

As a rhino is a mammal, and mammals reproduce via sexual reproduction, we know he had a mother and a father. Thus, all of his genes came from either his mother or his father.

Gary is a gene carried by his mother. So, when we just follow Gary around, we find that Gary existed in his mother, and she passed it on to him. There has been no genetic change, and so clearly no evolution. So if you just consider Gary, our rhino friend IS genetically identical to his mother!

And before his mother, Gary existed in our rhino friend’s grandfather. Gary was passed from grandfather to mother to rhino. Again, it is clear that there is no change. A gene gets passed from one generation to the next, which is not evolution.

The reason why people like our rhino friend mistake for evolution the fact that they are not genetically identical to their mothers is the fact that they can’t see the forest for the Garys. They compare their own complete collection of genes to their mother’s complete collection of genes, and because there are differences in those sets, they mistake this for genetic changes. For example, our rhino friend finds that he has a Gene named Leroy. While his mother does have Gary, she does NOT have Leroy, and so our rhino friend mistakes this for a genetic change.

But, where did Leroy come from?

Leroy came from the rhino’s FATHER. His father had Leroy in his DNA, and passed Leroy on to our rhino friend. The gene has not changed, and so clearly there has been no evolution. If you consider JUST Leroy, he is genetically identical to his father! Taking this one gene at a time answers our friend’s evolution confusion!

His mother had Gary, but not Leroy, and his father had Leroy and not Gary, and now our rhino friend has Gary and Leroy. So while it is true that the COMBINATION of Gary and Leroy did not exist in the previous generation, each of them individually DID exist in the previous generation, and so when you just follow the genes, it is clear that there has been NO evolution. And we can do this for every gene that he has. Every single gene he has either came from his mother or his father, and before that from their mother or father. No new genes are being made in this process. Nothing is changing. Nothing is evolving.

We must keep in mind that combinations of genes can have complex results, and so there may be a physical type that results from the combination of Gary and Leroy which neither our rhino friend’s mother nor father had. But evolution is not a new phenotype resulting from the combination of existing genes. Evolution HAS TO produce new genes or it cannot explain why anything other than bacteria exists, even if it can explain bacteria which it cannot.

Here’s the big picture: Evolution claims that fish evolved from worms. Worms do not have fish genes that code for fish parts and fish behaviors. For those worms to evolve into fish, those genes have to change so that new genes that worms do NOT have come into being. Shuffling worm genes will not make fish genes. When you start to see what evolution requires, you start to see why it’s no good to pretend you evolved from your mother because you have a Leroy when all she has is a Gary.

Even if you’re a rhino in a bow tie.

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