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I Believe in Free Will Because I Have No Choice

I have a collection of questions outside of TULIP about the various doctrines in and associated with Calvinism. The primary collection revolve around free-will and determinism. Some people who call themselves Calvinists believe we have free-will and the ability to … Continue reading

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Some Calvinists Aren’t Calvinists

If you have followed the old Bit of Orange for any amount of time, you have seen me explaining to Atheists and Evolutionists that they are not actually Atheists and Evolutionists. I’ve had to show people who believe the Big … Continue reading

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Keith The Calvinist Joins the Fail Army

You may remember a while back when I asked a bunch of questions to a Consistent Calvinist. Well, I found another Calvinist on YouTube named Keith, and I decided to ask him the same questions, as I had not yet … Continue reading

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Questions for Calvinists (part 4- I’m Resisting the Irresistible)

Welcome once again to Questions for Calvinists, where I am walking through TULIP saying to myself, “There is no way I am understanding this correctly. Am I?” But that’s the purpose of the series. I want Calvinists to explain to … Continue reading

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Questions for Calvinists (Part 3- My Limited Understanding of Limited Atonement)

Welcome back to Questions for Calvinists where I admit that it’s just entirely possible that I have NO IDEA what I’m talking about when it comes to Calvinism. That’s why I’m asking all of these questions. This installment brings us … Continue reading

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Questions for Calvinists (part 2- Casting a Vote Against Election)

Welcome back to my “Questions for Calvinists” series wherein I am charitably assuming it possible that I simply do not understand Calvinism at all. From what I THINK I understand, Calvinism is a ridiculous pile of heretical nonsense, but it … Continue reading

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Questions for Calvinists (part 1- WHY T?)

As you may know, I have been writing occasional articles about Calvinism where I always start by saying I don’t want to become the kind of blog that writes articles about Calvinism. But when something seems to me worth deep … Continue reading

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Did Judas Really Have a Choice?

How did God determine that Judas would betray Jesus without overriding Judas’s own free will? Calvinist will frequently point toward the events surrounding and leading toward the crucifixion of Jesus as being a clear example of God’s meticulous decree controlling … Continue reading

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Dr Calvin and the Cancer Restaurant

Our intrepid reporter is on location to interview the one she has been told is the Great Physician. A beautiful restaurant is full of people from all walks of life, enjoying a meal and drinks in a grand hall. The … Continue reading

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Calvinism SMACK DOWN! (James White Vs James White)

I know I keep saying this, but I have no interest in making this one of those blogs that talks about Calvinism Vs Arminianism all of the time. First, because it’s a false dichotomy and I am neither. Secondly, because … Continue reading

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