Keith The Calvinist Joins the Fail Army

You may remember a while back when I asked a bunch of questions to a Consistent Calvinist. Well, I found another Calvinist on YouTube named Keith, and I decided to ask him the same questions, as I had not yet gotten good answers I could understand.

Keith recently posted a video called “Leaving Calvinism With Alana L” Reaction | Leighton Flowers | Biblical Rebuke where in he plays a clip from this video of Dr Leighton Flowers interviewing Alana L about her journey into and then out of Calvinism. I figured, if this Keith guy is posting videos rebuking Dr Flowers, then he must be a Calvinist who knows what he’s talking about and would be able to answer a few questions.

But to be fair, Keith’s “Biblical Rebuke” consisted of almost no Bible, and “rebuke” such as “these people know Calvinism is true but they don’t like it.” and “Calvinism is Biblical. Point blank, period. it’s biblical. If you disagree with that, you are wrong and that’s a fact. IT”S NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION.” So clearly we’re dealing with an educated person who is open minded and ready for an honest dialogue.

So I sent him all of the questions I had previously sent the Consistent Calvinist and Keith replied with this:

Tune in and continue watching my series on Leighton and Alana L.

This was the entirety of his email. So, while he doesn’t actually SAY he would be addressing my questions in the upcoming videos, I suppose it is slightly implied. So I watched the next video when it came out. It didn’t answer any of my questions.

Keith plays a few minutes of Dr Flowers and Alana talking about how they were arrogant when they were Calvinists, and then he follows it up with a minute and a half of personal attacks against them. He doesn’t address any of the many reasons they discuss which lead them from being Calvinists to no longer thinking Calvinism is Biblical, and he didn’t get anywhere near answering the questions I had emailed him.

So I wrote Keith this:

Hello again Keith, 

I watched part 2, but I feel like, instead of accepting that the two of them used to be arrogant Calvinists who looked down on other people for “not being able to understand Calvinism” you have decided that “People like Alana don’t like the confidence that Calvinists have because they don’t like Calvinism and it puts a bad taste in their mouth.” But they were not talking about YOU, they were talking about themselves. 

But you decided to make it all about you, which… kind of proves their point about Calvinists being arrogant, doesn’t it? But I digress. I do appreciate you allowing them to speak for themselves. That is charitable. 

But what argument do you provide? The video title says “Biblical Rebuke” but… Any argument or evidence for your position or against theirs? None. You end with “Now Just ADMIT IT.  Because that’s true and YOU KNOW it’s true. And then repent of it. Because the truth is, you do not worship the God of the Bible and that’s the problem.” You’ll forgive me for saying, but that doesn’t quite earn the name of “rebuke” does it? It’s certainly not Biblical. Perhaps future installments will be more Biblical and rebuking of specific points of contention?  

But while I am still unfamiliar with all of the ins and outs of Calvinism, I must ask about your demand that they repent. Are you really demanding non-Calvinists REPENT? Like, you think they can just choose freely to create their own repentance? To decide for themselves to become repentant and enlighten their own minds to the theology you ascribe? Because you are telling them to repent, whereas, if Calvinism was true, wouldn’t you simply voice hope that God would grant them repentance? Isn’t telling them to repent, as if it is up to them, the very heresy you are attacking them for? I am confused. It seems that in your Biblical rebuke of Non-Calvinists, you are being non-Calvinist. Am I wrong?

I still have all of the questions Keith. 

Might you be addressing the points of contention in the videos which might follow, or are you going to simply assert that you are right without making any effort to tell the viewer what you believe and why you think it is true? I personally have no problem with you declaring your position confidently, but I am hoping you can bring a little more reason to the defense of your position than “Now Just ADMIT IT.  Because that’s true and YOU KNOW it’s true.” Because it is neither informative nor persuasive. 

But you still have all of my questions, so if you have the time and inclination, and you are in fact a Calvinist, I would appreciate you explaining it to me. 

And thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend

Naturally, Keith took time out of his busy schedule to apologize for his lack of clarity and then proceeded to explain Calvinism in a way which answered all of my questions and allowed me to see that it is not only reasonable, but entirely Biblical.

And then a magical unicorn pony appeared and gave me a croissant! And eating it gave me the power of the magic of friendship, and together, we flew to the moon to harvest snoozleberries to use to bake pies for all of the orphan kittens in the world.

Oh, wait, no. That’s the dream I had that let me know I need to get my prescription changed. Hang, on, let me check my email and see what Keith actual said…

Keith Said:

I know you have questions, they won’t be answered, not by me. You are the exact type of person I am talking about in my video’s and I don’t mean this as a disrespect, it’s just the truth. Please do not email me again regarding this matter or I will have to block your email.

Yup. That was his ENTIRE email. I must say, the mind does reel. This is what I am used to receiving from Atheists, but I suppose anyone who decides that they have no free will is going to fall down the same rabbit hole. But I digress.

I replied to Keith one last time. I said:


The reason you refuse to answer questions or respond to people like Leighton Flowers with Biblical reason instead of personal attacks is because Calvinism is unbiblical heresy that can’t be defended with anything except arrogance. You are the exact type of person Dr Flowers is talking about in his videos. Now Just ADMIT IT. Because that’s true and YOU KNOW it’s true. And the repent of it. Because the truth is, you do not worship the God of the Bible and that’s the problem.

See how persuasive that is? I’ll bet you’re repenting of Calvinism right now.

But before you block me, ask yourself, why would God decree me to send this email? And then let me know because I have no idea.

Ok, go ahead and block me. 

And thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend

So I still have all of the questions. If any of you know of any Calvinists who can answer a direct question with a reasonable answer instead of personal attacks or merely insisting that I already know Calvinism is true, please let me know. And if you’re a Calvinist, do not leave me comments like this because it will make you look stupid. Now Just ADMIT IT. Because that’s true and YOU KNOW it’s true. And the repent of it.

See how persuasive that is?

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1 Response to Keith The Calvinist Joins the Fail Army

  1. wojtek says:

    I’m shocked someone thinks non-Calvinists are heretics. Not even most Calvinists agree with this.


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