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Questions for Calvinists (Part 3- My Limited Understanding of Limited Atonement)

Welcome back to Questions for Calvinists where I admit that it’s just entirely possible that I have NO IDEA what I’m talking about when it comes to Calvinism. That’s why I’m asking all of these questions. This installment brings us … Continue reading

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Why Does Blood Pay for Sins But Not Bratwurst?

The natural inclination is to think about how different this is from our own personal experience and ask, “Hey, what’s with this blood business? WHY does blood pay for sins?” For that matter why does $4 pay for a bratwurst? Continue reading

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I See a Black Door and I Want It Painted Red

Calvinists like to use the raising of Lazarus as a metaphor for what salvation is like. Our boy Lazarus is dead, and lying in his grave for a handful of days. He clearly is not going anywhere on his own. … Continue reading

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