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Read “Answering Atheism” FOR FREE!!!

Atheism seems so complex that even the Atheists on the internet seem to have no idea what it is. Despite their seeming limitless ignorance, those same internet Atheists have a LOT to say about… well, absolutely everything. How is one … Continue reading

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Why IDENTITY Drove Trans-Cheerleader to CHOKE OUT Teammate | What Do You Meme?

My main man John over at “What do YOU Meme?” posted this video recently, and I thought it was a thoughtful, compassionate, and Biblically wise take on the whole Transgender thing. As a lot of people have reported on, the … Continue reading

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Elephant painters and…What sort of Buffoon AM I?

Many of you may be Christians who get comments like this and don’t know how to respond. So put on your rubber gloves and lab coat, because it’s time for a Feedback Dissection Lab! Continue reading

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Racist Ranting from a Christian School Teacher

Essentially, she agreed I was right, but she didn’t care for my tone. So, I guess next time I tell someone they are a foolish, hateful racist who is spreading lies, I ought to be nice about it. Got it. My bad. Continue reading

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PLEASE, Let’s All Agree to Stop Reading the KJV

I know that many of you hold the King James Version of the Bible in a special place in your hearts as your favorite translation. Many of you read and quote nothing else, and I am about to make all … Continue reading

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Read “Proof of God” FOR FREE!

Of course, you can believe in God with no reasons, but if you want to know why God exists and the Bible can be trusted, then this book has a lot to offer you! Proof of God shows arguments and … Continue reading

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“Safe and Legal”? The Abortion Debate in a Nutshell

Abortion can Never be “Safe and Legal” Should Abortion be Legal? Is it morally justifiable to kill an innocent, unborn human baby? Is it acceptable to kill a baby? Is it ok to murder? Should murder be LEGAL? If no, … Continue reading

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Read “The Socratic Ducky” FOR FREE!!!

Ever wanted to learn or teach Biblical Apologetics but didn’t know where to start? Start with a Rubber Duck! Our book, The Socratic Ducky, is a fun, entertaining, entry-level look at the philosophy, theology, and apologetics it takes to make … Continue reading

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Amber Vs Whitney and Why the Gospels are True

This year’s trial of the century has just ended, as Johnny Depp sued Ex-Wife Amber Heard for defamation, and she (Neener-Neener) sued him right back for defamation as well, both asserting that the other had abused them and then lied … Continue reading

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Is God a Cosmic Dictator?

Often God’s justice is letting people have what they want, and hell is separation from God. This is literally what the Atheist is asking for when he asks God to leave him alone. He is asking for hell, and God respects his choice. Continue reading

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