“Safe and Legal”? The Abortion Debate in a Nutshell

Abortion can Never be “Safe and Legal”

  1. Should Abortion be Legal?

Is it morally justifiable to kill an innocent, unborn human baby?

Is it acceptable to kill a baby?

Is it ok to murder? Should murder be LEGAL?

If no, then abortion is evil and should not be legal.

Photo by SHAHBAZ AKRAM on Pexels.com

Abortion can NEVER be “Safe and Legal.”

2. Can Abortion ever be “Safe”?

By definition, if no living human is killed- if NO ONE DIES- the abortion has failed.

For an abortion to succeed, a baby MUST DIE- not by accident or natural causes, but by intentional murder of that baby.

So calling Abortion “Safe” is either willful ignorance or the most bitter of sarcasm, akin to saying condoms should be made free so that rape can be “safe.”

As murder is already illegal, it is impossible for Abortion to be legal. As it requires a baby to be murdered, it can never be safe.

Thus, Abortion can NEVER be “Safe and Legal”

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6 Responses to “Safe and Legal”? The Abortion Debate in a Nutshell

  1. jsneese62 says:

    I have tried to educate people about abortion and the evils of it for a long time. I have talked to young girls and women about it. I have three granddaughters one 19, one 18, and one 16my son’s two I never really worried about because my son has raised them well and have been taught by their parents that abortion is murder and evil. My daughters, daughter I worried about for awhile because she fed into a lot of the liberal crap for awhile, but we have talked and she also understands how wrong it is.
    I use to be shocked at the lack of knowledge with people of color when it comes to racist ideals of Planned Parenthood, but not anymore I now see it more as willful ignorance. Many of these women do not want to know the truth no matter the color they are. They want to keep thinking it is not a baby, or that Planned Parenthood and the government have an agenda and they are lining up and walking right into it. I saw a video awhile back of a woman that said it is not a baby, but even if it was she would gladly kill it anyway. Depravity goes deep these days and even though Roe has been overturned the battle is far from over.


    • You speak truth my friend. But God bless you for trying to shine light into the lives of those around you. The world needs people like you, who don’t just sit on their hands and say, “I hope that works out.” We need people who can step into the role of teacher for the people we love, because the truth sets us free.
      Thanks as always!

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      • jsneese62 says:

        I try to do what I can where I can and if nothing else I hope I plant a seed in a person that resists the truth and it gives them pause to educate themselves further. Men are important too because they are a part of starting new life, but sadly many believe they have no right to speak up. I try to change their minds too where I can. God bless my friend.


  2. wojtek says:

    Good post.



  3. wojtek says:



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