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Is God a Cosmic Dictator?

Often God’s justice is letting people have what they want, and hell is separation from God. This is literally what the Atheist is asking for when he asks God to leave him alone. He is asking for hell, and God respects his choice. Continue reading

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We Need to Talk About Robots and A.I.

If atheism were true, then your brain would differ from the brick or the toaster or the computer only in the complexity of its make up. But not in what you truly are- atoms. Continue reading

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The Gay Debate: Chapter Two- Building Bridges

Welcome back to a Gay debate about Gay marriage! When I last left you, I had spelled out the need for objective moral values in order to take EITHER side in this debate. Now I intend to take a minute … Continue reading

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A Gay Debate: Chapter One

Hello friends. I am your rent a friend, and today I am responding  to a good friend of mine named Amanda who is flummoxed by the debate over giving homosexuals the right to marry. I was further encouraged to reply … Continue reading

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