Why IDENTITY Drove Trans-Cheerleader to CHOKE OUT Teammate | What Do You Meme?

My main man John over at “What do YOU Meme?” posted this video recently, and I thought it was a thoughtful, compassionate, and Biblically wise take on the whole Transgender thing. As a lot of people have reported on, the incidents of violence from men who identify as women against people who don’t also pretend that they are women are many. But John here digs into the reasons why this may be the case, and I think his conclusions not only make sense, but might help us all find some compassion for those men. They need Jesus. Sometimes we can forget that, and it’s good to be reminded.

Enjoy! And remember, Jesus Loves You too!

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3 Responses to Why IDENTITY Drove Trans-Cheerleader to CHOKE OUT Teammate | What Do You Meme?

  1. jsneese62 says:

    While I agree our identity should come from God and he is right about that. Giving that man a “valid” excuse to have put his hands on a young girl or anyone is a bad idea. I frankly at the point he choked a 17 year old girl I do not care why I only care that he did. Had she been my daughter he would have went to jail. The girl was right he did not belong there on a girls cheer leading team and in my opinion he could not handle the truth.
    Society is going to see more and more of this simply because people keep excusing the behavior for one reason or another. Are they not going to be satisfied until one of these men kills a girl over her opinion? It is sad when society takes the side of a pretend female over a biological female. These people think they have to be accepted by everyone and that is not reality. You can expect it I suppose, but the reality is it is never going to happen. You cannot force people to accept anything let alone how you see yourself.
    If things like this keeps up the violence is only going to escalate and more people will be hurt on both sides. When it comes to someone the age he is though literally man handling a young girl it should never be tolerated. Sure the camp got rid of him, but not before a girl was injured. He should not have been allowed there at all.


    • I think I agree with everything you have said, although had she been my daughter, he would not have gone to jail.
      I would have gone to jail, because I would have handled it myself.
      Don’t mess with the dad of a girl. We get all Texan on y’all.
      Thanks again for your comments, as always!

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      • jsneese62 says:

        Well I suppose I could take care of it myself with some help if you get my drift. Makes me wonder if the parents even tried to have charges pressed against him. If not shame on them.


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