Racist Ranting from a Christian School Teacher

Weep for America my friends. Below is an actual quote from an actual School teacher at a Christian school. Think about the poor kids she is influencing.

But first, the context: She is responding to the small and insignificant gathering of EVERY NAZI in America (nearly thirty five of them) and a handful of KKK Clansmen (Klanspersons? Whatever.) at Charlottesville, August 2017, where in someone got run over with a car. From a brief look at Wikipedia, it seems there were 50 KKK members and not enough actual Nazis to count (Come ON Wikipedia! Get your head in the game!). The “Terrorism” mentioned by her is when one of the white supremacists drove their car into the counter protesters, injuring 19 and killing 1.

Just to put it in perspective- There were 8 people murdered in Chicago in a single weekend that August, meaning it was 8 times more dangerous to be around normal Chicagoans in August than to be at the National Gathering of White Supremacists. And frankly, for Chicago, that was a pretty chill weekend. 2020’s “Mostly Peaceful Protests” had that beat by a long shot. But I digress.

The post which follows shows how very badly the American Church needs to learn to think. Take a deep breath and read her public statement to the world below:

#Charlottesville is a showcase of where a sense of false persecution will lead us. 

Let me be very clear- white people are NOT the persecuted. We have been the persecutors. This is a gross display of our ignorant fear of admitting our white privilege. How dare we even for a second believe that we have the right to say that white privilege doesn’t exist.

 When we are too prideful to admit our wrongs, we fail our brothers and sisters. Friends, we can do better. We can start calling things for what they are. 

The white supremacist movement is essentially an act of Christian terrorism. Do not let yourself or anyone you know think for even a second that this is normal or justified behavior. 

There needs to be a SIGHS and ROLLS MY EYES emoji. 

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

That’s not it, but it’s the best I can do on short notice.

I replied to this author and explained the following:

CHARLOTTESVILLE is an example of what Political Correctness does to a culture and this post of hers is a further example of how people are being taught to BE racists in the name of fighting racism and taught to BE hateful bigots under the thin veil of opposing hate.

This- her post in response to one nut killing one person with a car- is an appalling pile of racist and anti-Christian bigotry. She should be ashamed of herself for positing this tripe publicly. How woefully ignorant are people that ANYONE can think white supremacists are a Christian Group?

Especially a self professing Christian who TEACHES AT A CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.

I insisted that she find the Bible passages which support this or apologize. She did neither. WHAT Teaching of Jesus could reasonably be used to support a white supremacy ideology or automotive homicide? If you can find that verse, email me immediately.

How astoundingly ignorant must a person be to think she can call ALL WHITE PEOPLE OPPRESSORS (“persecutors”)? In response, I insisted she “take this garbage down and post a retraction and apology to all of the people you have just accused of being oppressors merely because of their skin color, you racist bigot.”

And just a reminder, SHE is also “white.” I’ll assume you are not surprised and just move along.

If you really feel guilty because you are “white”, then you are a fool and need to get educated out of the lies that are oppressing you. But don’t you DARE come to the public forums and tell ME that I AM guilty of YOUR sins merely because I share your lack of melanin (Or your gender or anything else which I was born with or without).

If I may digress- what white people is this woman hanging out with that, when she sees a KKK member drive into a crowd she says to herself (and then to all of us on Social Media) “There’s ANOTHER White Christian committing acts of racist terrorism! When will they stop?!” Because none of the white people or Christians I know would every do that. I mean she actually SAYS “We have been the persecutors.”

Is this a confession? When she says “WE” does she mean… herself and her friends? Because she sure doesn’t mean me, my friends or my family.

Maybe her view of racism is similar to the way Hollywood thinks America is full of rapists because Hollywood is full of rapists. But again I digress.

It’s PC culture which is racist, and it causes people like this to turn into hateful bigots spreading these lies and hateful, ignorant nonsense. I will say “white privilege doesn’t exist” BECAUSE IT DOES NOT! The only systemic racism in this country is that of the Democratic party and its policies. And by feeding into their lies, this woman is part of that racist system. Shame on HER and everyone like her.

If you are of like mind- spreading racism and hate in the name of Political Correctness, or a self professing Christian who gets your definition of truth from CNN and not from the Bible, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Its time you choose to be part of the solution.

Now, my scolding of this deranged racist woman did not go unanswered. One of her friends, also a Christian school teacher, told me my response was “HATEFUL.” I asked her to show me where I was wrong. I said, If I am wrong, I will admit it and apologize publicly. She offered no such correction. Essentially, she agreed I was right, but she didn’t care for my tone. So, I guess next time I tell someone they are a foolish, hateful racist who is spreading lies, I ought to be nice about it.

Got it. My bad. I guess I should have made it sound like a compliment?

The author herself scolded me for being mean (single tear) and said she WOULD HAVE been interested in an honest, open dialogue, but NOW that I was SO MEAN… blah blah blah. I reminded her that she had said, “This is a gross display of our ignorant fear of admitting our white privilege. How dare we even for a second believe that we have the right to say that white privilege doesn’t exist.”

Which is hardly the language one uses to mean, “I could be wrong. Let’s have an open, honest dialogue about it.” But in the name of open and honest discourse, I gave her my Skype contact info and told her we should talk face to face. She never even replied to this offer, which I made to her at least three times in private messages.

She says “We can start calling things for what they are.” And that is exactly what I did. I called her hateful, ignorant, racist rant “a hateful, ignorant, racist rant”. Somehow she didn’t appreciate the fact that I was following her advice. 

Now, she did banter back and forth with me just enough to try and argue that everything I THOUGHT she said was NOT what she meant. She did not MEAN to say ALL white people are racist oppressors. She did not MEAN to say White Supremacy is somehow Christian. So my last question to her was, “So your argument is, that what you MEANT is the EXACT OPPOSITE of everything you actually SAID? Is that your argument?”

She never replied, which is social media speak for “Yes”.

But if nothing else, I think this may be a good reminder to proof read those emotionally charged rants BEFORE you post, because, apparently, it is possible to post the exact opposite of what you mean, which, sometimes, can make you sound like a crazy racist idiot who has NO interest in hearing from people who disagree, when that is in fact THE LAST thing you intended to communicate.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from A Bit Of Orange.

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6 Responses to Racist Ranting from a Christian School Teacher

  1. jsneese62 says:

    Wow that was quite the read and I actually know people like her on the white side and the black. My man is black and I befriended his stepmother several years ago and we got along just fine. Now she knew that I am white because my photo on FB is of me and my man cheek to cheek. All seemed well until either late 2020 or early 2021 peaceful riots were raging and BLM were at their height. She had asked me if we supported BLM and I said absolutely not, but we listened to Candace Owens. I tell you at that very moment a switch was flipped at that very moment. She told me I had to leave “her SON” right now. He is not “her SON” she is his stepmother that has never met him face to face ever in his life. She said I taught him my “EVIL WAYS” meaning I made him mentally white. She says this as if he is not a full grown man with a mind of his own and can think for himself. She doesn’t know that growing up most of his friends were white and Hispanic because he said himself they treated him better than black kids did. A few months ago she told him to tell me high and we should let past mistakes go. I forgave her, but I am not unblocking her or calling her friend again and act as if what she said was fine because it wasn’t. Jesus said we have to forgive, but as far as I know it doesn’t say we have to reconcile.
    The other was a white person who said to me that whites needed to stop breeding with blacks or were going to breed them out of existence. She evidently does not understand anything about how genetics work. Dark dominates nearly every time I have seen this personally in my own family my brother has a son that is half Korean and he has his mothers skin and eye color so he came out looking like a Korean version of my brother, and he has two daughters that are half Filipino both have their mothers darker skin color and eyes. A friend of mines brother-in-law is married to a Hispanic woman and they have a son that is white as he is, but that seldom happens. If you could out breed any race it would be the white race and even at that white children would still be born.
    I will never understand in this day and age how people can still believe that skin color means anything more than an adaptation to where their ancestors lived. Europeans needed less melanin living where there was exposure to the sun, whereas African and other races needed more because there was very little cover from the sun.
    I have said and I will say again I will not pay one red cent to anyone because none of my ancestors had slaves or were racist and I neither am I. I have never judged anyone by the color of their skin, but have been judged by mine. You spoke of Chicago and what you said is so true. I was born and raised in down state Illinois and we didn’t like that city either. More black people die there at the hands of other black people than pretty much anywhere else in the country. As a side note my Sons last name is Coons and he is thinking of changing his last name because places are starting to censor his last name as offensive.


    • Greetings again my friend,
      I always get interesting stories from you. Some of it must have been difficult, but it’s educational for me to hear. So, thanks for sharing.
      I don’t have a lot to add, but maybe I can encourage you a little. Yes, Jesus said to forgive, and as much as we don’t want to, we are commanded to. However, we are told to live at peace “inasmuch as it is up to you,” which acknowledges that sometimes there is nothing we can do. Try to make peace, but if they won’t have it, then close the door until they are willing to be civil. Being kin doesn’t require us to walk headfirst into conflict if we can avoid it.

      I’m fascinated at how the racist ideologies of the past have become the political correctness of the day. I’ve often said that the Devil only has one trick, and it’s marketing. “Black Lives Matter.” GREAT marketing, because if you don’t fly that flag, you can be immediately attacked as racist and hateful without even asking why. Obviously you don’t believe BLACK LIVES MATTER. It’s a corporate logo that comes with its own accusation. But like all of the devil’s tricks, it depends on people being self-deceitful and lazy. Instead of taking things on face value, people need to say, “What does that mean? And what are it’s goals?” but they don’t. They see the flag and bumper stickers and dig no deeper, like a lot of people who think Abortion is “reproductive rights” or “women’s health.” They see those labels and ask no questions. I think a majority of people are wearing labels for causes or worldviews they don’t truly believe, because they don’t dig deep enough to know what they are professing. One of my goals for the many years I’ve been writing and teaching on Christian apologetics is to encourage people to be less intellectually lazy. Don’t accept a bumper-sticker’s worth of information. Define your terms. Don’t accept or use a label if you don’t know what it means.

      At the end of the day, we are all human first, and we are all made in the image of God. How God saw fit to decorate his image shouldn’t be considered anything other than a reason to praise God for his creativity, but never a cause to value or devalue ourselves or each other. When the Devil’s marketing gets into the church, Christian teachers end up saying some pretty stupid stuff. Let’s strive to love the Lord with all of our minds, and try to remember that, no matter how hateful or stupid, Jesus loves them too.
      As always, thanks for your comments.

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      • jsneese62 says:

        Thank you for the response I enjoyed reading it. I want to touch quickly on abortion. My daughter was born in 1982 and by the time she was in middle school they were already trying to plant lies about preborn babies and what they are while in the womb. She had an upper hand because I taught her about reproduction myself. She saw a human baby born when she was 0 years old. So many of them do not believe until it is born it is anything more than a bunch of cells that aren’t even alive. It does go back to lazy learning so both schools and the girls are at fault. Wonderfully though ultrasounds are starting to change minds. God bless!


      • True that, my friend, ultrasounds are life saving. Something like 70-90% of pregnant women looking to get an abortion decide not to once they have an ultrasound. It seems that a little more information makes a world of difference.

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      • jsneese62 says:

        It sure does and that was suppose to say 9 years old lol. I need to stop writing late at night. If people thought for just one moment they would know cells that aren’t alive do not divide and grow.


  2. wojtek says:

    Yikes! No good.


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