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The Gospel According to Frozen

Everyone LOVES Frozen. It’s a beautiful movie with likable characters and VERY catchy songs that your kids will sing over and over and over and over until you catch yourself thinking about drinking rum strait from the bottle like you … Continue reading

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10 (non)Commandments of Atheism #9 and 10- Prohibited and Yet Mandatory

Today we conclude a look at the 10 (non) commandments offered as an alternative to the ten (actual) commandments. This list is compiled from nearly 3,000 submissions from atheists from more than a dozen countries. In keeping with the mindless … Continue reading

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The GOSPEL- Part 1: Would You Like to Take a Survey?

Many well meaning viewers on social media (and pastors who haven’t taken a science class since the 1970’s) probably wonder why I would spend time attacking Evolution or Deep time. Why don’t I just agree to disagree and celebrate Darwin’s … Continue reading

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