The GOSPEL- Part 1: Would You Like to Take a Survey?

Many well meaning viewers on social media (and pastors who haven’t taken a science class since the 1970’s) probably wonder why I would spend time attacking Evolution or Deep time. Why don’t I just agree to disagree and celebrate Darwin’s birthday in my own way by NOT baking a monkey shaped cake? The answer in a word (well, a word and a definite article) is The Gospel.

Even though it offers no actual argument or evidence against the existence of God or the gospel, many people falsely believe that evolution and deep time do somehow disprove Christianity, and thus they stand as barriers between people and the gospel. Thus, by tearing down the lies, I am seeking to bring people to Jesus. But what is the Gospel?

Gospel means “Good News.” It is a declaration of celebration or victory. But before I tell you the good news, I need to tell you the bad news. But before I tell you that bad news, I need to have you take a quick survey:

How GOOD are you? On a scale from 1 to 10. Think about all of the things you do, say, think, and feel, and decide how good you are. And remember, I’m asking how good you ARE, not how good you wish you were.

  1. I’m practically perfect in every way.
  2. I’m almost entirely good.
  3. I’m very good.
  4. I’m pretty good.
  5. I’m a little more good than bad.
  6. I’m as good as I am bad.
  7. I’m more bad than good.
  8. I’m kind of bad.
  9. I’m mostly bad.
  10. I’m almost pure evil.

How did you rate? Be honest now, it’s just us here. You’re not as good as what’s her name, but you’re CERTAINLY not as bad as what’s his face. If you’re like most people, you’d rate yourself as a 7. It’s a C, but it’s better than passing, right? In fact, at your better moments, you have achieved 9 or 10 status, even if that isn’t your average.

But… there was that one time… you know the time I mean. You really did sink down below 5 didn’t you? I mean, I don’t know if you hit as low as1, but you could have felt it if you had reached out for it. And when you think of the things you would have done if you had the strength, or if you had known you would never have been caught…

Of course, you never would have done or said those things if HE hadn’t… you remember. The Jerk. And the situation was so bad, what choice did you have? And you had been drinking, so you PROBABLY wouldn’t have done what you did if you had been in your full faculties, right? So that doesn’t count.

Or does it?

Imagine that Microsoft Billionaire Bill Gates has murdered Dora the Explorer. Just beat her to death in a rage with that singing map of hers. He is arrested and stands before the judge, truly sorry for what he has done.

What would a truly JUST judge do? Consider a few things. First, Dora can be kind of annoying. I think we’ve all wanted to at least smack her with that map of hers, even if not actually kill her.

Second, Bill Gates is the president and founder of one of the most influential companies on earth. He’s a very important guy.

Thirds, Bill is one of the richest people on earth. He gives more to charity every year than you will every make in your whole lifetime.

Also, as far as we know he has never killed anyone before. And he will probably never do it again.

Would a good judge- a truly JUST judge really punish him for one little homicide?

Obviously the answer is yes. His money can’t bring her back from the dead, and his importance doesn’t undo what he has done. Doing what is right doesn’t undo an act of evil. Civil law is not a scale where all of your deeds are added up, and the law of God is no different. Good deeds are not stored up to pay for future sins. They are just what you are supposed to do all of the time.

This even works with little sins. Next time you get pulled over, tell the cop how many times you we not pulled over and see if he can still justify giving you a ticket for going 75 in a school zone that ONE time.

Another consideration is the position of the victim of your crime. Consider Mr K. One day, his wifi went out. In a rage, he kicked his cat. What punishment will the law hand down? Nothing very severe. He may have his cat taken away.

Now imagine he kicked his wife. The law would have a more serious punishment this time.

Now imagine he kicked the queen of England. He may be executed for treason to the crown.

When you sin against God, you are committing a crime against the highest office, not in the land, or even on the planet, but in the universe. The punishment will fit the crime.

There is one more thing to consider when trying to understand what sin is. Imagine a fleet of boats. You are the captain of one boat. What does it take to be considered a good captain? What does it take to be considered a bad one? You’ve been given three basic instructions from your admiral- take care of your ship, sail well with others, and reach the appointed destination. If your boat is falling apart and failing to function because you neglect your duty, you will be fired.

What’s worse, because your ship doesn’t work right, it will run into other ships in the fleet, causing damage to both. Finally, even if you can get your ship in shape and not run into other ships, you will all get fired if you sail to the wrong destination. You are captain of your own ship, but you are responsible to obey your admiral.

This is why Jesus says if you’ve lusted, you have committed adultery, or if you have hated, you are guilty of murder. What you do to your own ship effects the fleet, and allowing your own ship to fall into disrepair is still violating the instructions of your Admiral, even if it doesn’t cause damage to other ships.

The bad news is, you have allowed lust, greed, and hate to damage your ship. You have crashed into other ships. You have failed to sail to your appointed destination. You have sinned against God, and your sins are not a mere kicking of the cat. You have murdered the king. Nothing you can do in a lifetime of good deeds will ever balance that scale.

Romans 3:23 says “..all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God..”

THAT, my friends, is the bad news. But you remember that the message of Christianity is called the Gospel- the GOOD news. So your story doesn’t have to end here. For a sneak peek at the end, see John 3:16.

In part 2, we will see how the bad news actually gets worse. But don’t let that get you down, because remember, #JesusLovesYou

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