Robot Cat Waitress is Coming for Your Job

You think I am kidding. But I have actually seen one of these with my own eyes while eating sushi. Robot cats are becoming waitresses, and you don’t even need to tip them.

Our good friends on the increasingly Socialist Democratic Left have been talking about EVERYONE earning a “living wage,” by which they mean you should be able to make enough money to have the streaming service of your choice in your own apartment while making monthly payments on your electric car, all the while working a job that requires no more education or intelligence than could be expected from the average cocker-spaniel. The number that keeps being thrown around as a “basic human right” is $15 per hour. And if you’re a mop pushing high school drop out with no ambition outside of video games and smoking weed, this sounds GREAT. But then, the robot cats roll in.

Let’s do the math together:

$15/hr, working an 8 hour shift is $120 per day. Now, these robots can cost $9,000, so if you’re like me you’re thinking, NO WAY is someone who runs a little mom and pop restaurant going to buy one of these. But then you do the math.

$9,000/$120 per day = 75 days.

Assuming the wait staff take off two days per week, this means you are getting 12 hour shifts for seven days a week for the same cost as 8 hour shifts for five days a week, which pays for itself in less than three months. In fact, if you consider the full 12 hours, it pays for itself in just under two months.

In short- More Work for Less Money.

Robot Cats are coming for YOUR JOBS!!!!

Robot Cats are CHEAP. No medical or dental. No smoke breaks, lunch breaks, vacation or sick days. No bad attitude. No showing up late or stealing from the till. These robots are not better than a good wait staff in every way, but when it comes to the bottom line, these guys cannot be beat.

Look, I don’t have a lot of answers, because I can’t see the future. But one thing I do know- the more our millionaire (and yet perplexingly socialist) politicians keep increasing the minimum wage, the more small businesses (by which I mean almost all of them) will be forced to find affordable replacements for the waitresses, fry cooks, floor moppers and lawn mowers of today.

Demanding that businesses spend more money is not a long term solution. Having low wage, entry level jobs for some, and opportunities to learn and grow for all is going to present more good outcomes than politicians making the absurd assumption that all businesses can simply pay their employees more. Keep in mind that these are the same politicians who get to decide their own paychecks, their own debt ceiling, and whose answer to a lot of economic problems has been “Let’s just print more money!”

These socialist politicians have never worked real jobs and don’t understand how money actually works in the real world. Just as one example- even if you have a top of the line Hewlett Packard laser jet printer, you aren’t ALLOWED to print your own money. And you certainly can’t spent it at Target, even if you have coupons.

We can’t count on the socialist politicians to make business work for the little guy. Every time they try to “help” the little guy, the little guy ends up unemployed or closing his third generation family store. We need to make sure the little guys can all stand on their own two feet. That’s what makes America great.

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  1. jsneese62 says:

    This reminds me in a way of a movie called Cloud Atlas I warn people about it in some regard because there is a couple of scenes with some nudity and short sex scene. The part that reminds me of this in the movie there are people born with comet birth marks and these people are connected through time which we know is not true. In the far future scene there are “real” people, and and clone women who are not considered human that do all the work for the consumers or “real” people. They are told that if they work hard they can be chosen to become a consumer, but what they don’t know is they are really being sent to their death. They are then recycled into food to feed the other clones. Sort of like in the book Soylent Green. To me it shows the lengths some are willing to go to make things easier for the rich and the evil the timeline is set in a place called Neo-Seoul and the people that speak the native tongue are considered lesser humans and treated worse than dogs. Scientists have been playing with the idea of clones for a long time like Dolly the sheep, and I believe they are working on human ones behind the scenes whether they have been successful yet is debatable. They was the I believe Chinese scientist that modified the DNA of I believe two babies and has since disappeared.
    On a side note may I ask you to pray for my man his name is Dwight. He was admitted to the hospital last night his blood pressure was extremely high and it has damaged his kidneys to the point he is now on dialysis. There is a chance his kidneys could start working again. I trust God and the more prayer the better.


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