Why Mei is a Trash Panda (Turning Red Review)

Disney/Pixar recently released Turning Red, which one may think is a confession about them all embracing communism, but in fact is a confession about them grooming children for the sex trades. I wrote a different article about that, but in this post I want to gripe about the fact that, having been written by immature children, Mei is an immature child who needs to grow up and never does- like a Peter Pan that makes you REALLY hope Hook gets in a lucky swing of the saber. In short- skip Turning Red. It is trash.

What family film is complete without a lengthy “middle school girl tweerking” sequence?

Before I explain why, let me admit that the artistic team at Pixar is amazing. The visual work that Pixar has created has been better with every movie for many years now, and this movie is no exception. The problem is, when you consider the the story and characters (or, what many of us refer to simply as “The Movie”) Turning Red is like being served a fresh, steamy dog turd on a beautiful ceramic dish. Very quickly the beauty of the dish means extremely little and you just want the waiter to take it as far away as possible.

13 and Already Pro-Choice!

At the very beginning of the movie, Mei describes herself and expresses her philosophy that, while it’s ok to honor your father and mother, we need to make sure we also honor ourselves. So, she’s selfish. Ok, it’s the start of the movie and she’s 13. At the start of the Little Mermaid, all we know about Ariel is that she is a selfish hoarder. It’s a place from which to grow. But Mei NEVER grows up. At the end of the movie, her last words to her mother are words of selfish disrespect that reference her legal right to murder her unborn children. “My Panda My Choice, MOM!” Her mother questions her choice of attire, and Mei not only responds with rude defiance, but reminds her mother that any potential grandchildren that she may have can be legally butchered. Girl power!

Between this selfish start and the arrogant, murderous ending, Mei goes from being an annoying, over confident girl, to being a lying, dishonest, and occasionally violent (as well as “Sweaty and lusty” according to the director) child pornographer. Again, see my previous article, and if you disagree, then we can at least agree that that Mei lies to her mother and father, dishonors their authority, chooses her friends over her family, and when the conflict comes, not only screams at her mother in a very public confrontation, but KNOCKS HER OUT COLD. On purpose. Because she is angry.


Family Entertainment (Lesbians, Porn and Physical Assault)

Someone want to tell me when was the last time a Disney princess KNOCKED OUT her own mother because she felt her mother didn’t let her be sexual enough? If you haven’t seen it, and you shouldn’t, Mei goes from screaming about how she likes twerking (while shaking her tail at her mother) and she likes boys and her mother needs to DEAL WITH IT! And then, moments later, she knocks her out with a violent blow to the head.

Now, naturally some of you are already typing furiously in the comments section, reminding me that the original ending to Cinderella has Cindy shaking her butt in her stepmother’s face screaming, “This booty runs the kingdom now, fool!” After which she knocks her out with a right hook to the jaw. And while we all know Walt Disney wanted to make a family film about a girl who climbs from the upper middle class to almost absolute power by sleeping her way to the top of the kingdom and implementing violence against her own family through brute force, the censors wouldn’t allow it and made him change it to that nonsense about shoes.

So sexist.

When you see a director making a movie, essentially about herself, where in she admits to being a selfish, annoying, overconfident, sometimes violent idiot child who disrespected her family, chooses her idiot friends over her family at every turn, and who embraced being “sweaty and lusty” over self control and moral, all culminating in a violent confrontation with her mother where in not only is there millions of dollars in property damage, but where in our heroine knocks out her own mother with violent force, you might think, “this is not what Walt Disney would have wanted.” But that’s before I tell you that it is STRONGLY implied that one of her friends is a lesbian! So, clearly the kind of movie Walt would have made for parents and children to enjoy together.

Did I mention the lesbians? Because that’s a thing. Ew.

And there’s that whole central plotline about Mei becoming a porn star. That’s kind of a big part of the story. I stand by that interpretation.

The Script Spoiled the Ending (So I might as well too)

I may as well spoil the ending. After knocking out her mother- on purpose- and not in an act of self defense- just lashing out in anger because her mother refuses to acknowledge her sexuality and love of boy bands or something- they find themselves in the spirit world where the women of the family are supposed to separate themselves from their Pandas. Despite the fact that Mei’s mother warns her early on that, the more you turn into your panda, the harder it will be to control, Mei decides, Nah. The panda’s only been part of ONE violent catastrophe of destruction resulting in millions in property damage and a violent assault on my own mother (plus that classmate she assaulted, but they’re cool now because they like the same band). It’ll be FINE. And she chooses to keep her Panda. And the film makers say “Yeah! You go girl!” because they apparently forgot the beginning of this movie. And the time she assaulted her classmate and got the cops called on her.

Mei almost KILLS this kid! Twice.

Mei finds her mother in the spirit world, who at this point is a frightened teen girl, crying because of trauma caused by her relationship with her own mother. Oh, speaking of parents, Mei has a father. I almost forgot, because the writers intended him to be forgotten. Anyway, Mei walks her mother to the mystic portal out of the spirit world and her mother says something about how PROUD she is of her daughter- the daughter who just knocked her out after a fight following her lying to her mother about prostituting her panda for money to go to a concert her mother told her she was not allowed to go to. So, sure, why not? And then she says, “The further you go, the prouder I’ll be.” And since the movie makes NO EFFORT to explain that line, I won’t either. But if I had to guess, the director’s mother is rightfully ashamed of her for being a promiscuous, disrespectful idiot who has killed at least one of two of her potential grandchildren before they could be born, and so the only way she was every going to hear her mother tell her she was proud of her was to arbitrarily write it into the end of this dumpster fire of a movie.

But that’s just a guess.

Turning Red Sucks Because: Atheism

Atheists can make a beautiful picture because they have eyes, but they can’t tell a good story because they have no story to tell. On atheism, we came from nothing, we are going to nothing, and in between, we are organic pain collectors racing toward oblivion, so we better focus on making ourselves happy- or, “Honoring ourselves.” God commands us to honor our father and mother, but an atheistic world just puts the self in the place of God, making it more likely that we will worship ourselves than honor our parents. Self worship is the problem with a lot of female driven movies as of late, as the writers put themselves on screen, but with established self worship, there is no room for growth. No one tells their god to grow up and become a better person, and so Mei starts the movie with the same philosophy she ends with- “Honor thyself.” And along the way she chooses dishonesty, prostitution, and several acts of violence with which to honor herself at the expense of anyone who dares to oppose her desires.

I can’t wait until Disney starts adding male characters looking at girls this way! Aoooowga! Family entertainment!

Like a lot of trash movies of the past decade, this movie is a great example of what happens when godless millennial leftists try and write a movie. It’s an immature, disrespectful, immoral piece of dog poop celebrating the things which a sane, mature person would be ashamed of. It has open hostility toward men, making them either weak background set dressing or openly hostile antagonists, or objects of lust with no personality. It has a complete disrespect for the family as it shows Mei’s family doing whatever they need to in order to help her, but sides with her choice to abandon her family and their desires for that of herself first and her “sweaty and lusty” tween friends next, including (as I have said repeatedly now because I find it so alarming) actual physical assault against Mei’s own mother.

Mei’s mother is far from perfect. Her family members are all deeply flawed, but they are all also selflessly loving toward her. The worst things her family seems to be guilty of is their awkwardness and lack of self awareness, both of which are couched in love for their family. As bad as their execution is at many times, Mei’s family all treat her like a person of value whose wellbeing they care about, and I didn’t get the feeling that the movie intended us or Mei to appreciate that fact about them at all. Her family was FAR more an obstacle to overcome instead of an imperfect family to love and appreciate. Mei is shown to tolerate all of them out of either fear or disinterest, and to scheme her way around them at every turn instead of ever being honest. From her very first lines to her very last, she doesn’t learn the value of honoring her mother and father. She knocks her mother out, and then sees herself as the wiser, more mature one in that relationship, and we as the audience are supposed to agree with that assessment. Yes, her mother is flawed, but Mei is 13. Mei is the director’s self portrait, and it seems neither of them will ever grow up.

Mei doesn’t grow as a person or learn anything along the way. She merely grows more arrogant and confrontational. That’s all she learns- how to scream at and occasionally assault her own mother. That is her character arc, because these brainless feminist millennials can’t imagine a girl who needs to actually LEARN something and grow and mature, because they are too immature to see themselves as in need of growth and maturity. Character growth is not something they understand. They know only self worship and hate. Those we condemn can never be redeemed (#Canceled), and we don’t need to grow- we are perfect as we are (#Pride). It’s no wonder they hate the Christian Church, because their message is the exact opposite of that of Jesus.

Jesus taught that pride was a sin, and that the humble would see God. Jesus taught that every sinner could repent and be forgiven. Jesus taught that all of us were sinners in need of forgiveness, and that we should forgive as we have been forgiven. The worldview of the modern left teaches them to put themselves in the place of God, worshipping themselves, demanding repentance from everyone else, but never offering forgiveness. Turning Red is what you get when you only know self worship and hate. You don’t get a story worth watching. You don’t get a character who grows and learns.

And hopefully you never get a sequel.

Trailers for the upcoming Lightyear movie are out, and it looks to be some of Pixar’s most visually amazing work yet. At the same time, rumors are that this will also be Pixar’s first movie with an openly homosexual kissing scene. With every addition to the beauty of the dish, Pixar seems determined to add a little more dog poop. Sometimes less is more, and this is one of those times. I’ve been a big fan of Disney my whole life, but maybe we need to eat at a different restaurant until they change the menu back to the wholesome stuff they used to serve. I’m getting sick of Disney serving us crap.

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