Turning Red Turns Pixar into a Middle School Pimp

How about that title, huh? Attention grabbing! But far from being click-bait, I am about to argue that the creative minds behind Pixar’s Turning Red have made a 90 minute advertisement for middle school girls to get into… adult entertainment and the sex trades.

Wow, I feel dirty just saying this stuff. But, here we go.

Turning Red is Trash

TheWrap spoke to director Domee Shi (making her feature directorial debut) and producer Lindsey Collins. You can find it here.

The tile of this article is, as you will see if you follow the link is

‘Turning Red’ Director Domee Shi and Producer Lindsey Collins on Making Pixar’s Horniest Movie Yet
(The filmmakers open up about puberty and red pandas)

Yup. That’s what THEY said about this movie. But, WAIT. It gets worse.

Director Domee Shi says this about her intent in making this movie:

I just thought with this movie we could shed a light on this side of teen girls that you don’t really see that we are, or I was just as awkward and sweaty and lusty and excited as any of boy. And that’s something to celebrate and laugh at and cringe at.

Good family fun! Nothing says Disney magic like “sweaty and lusty,” am I right? Let’s celebrate the sweaty lustiness of tween girls! That’s what Walt Disney would have wanted! Or am I thinking of Jeffery Epstein?

The director describes the main character of this movie as “this bubbly, excited, confident but super-dorky 13-year-old Asian kid in Canada.” Also, a sweaty, lusty kid. Ok, ew. I just wrote the phrase “A sweaty, lusty kid.” DO YOU SEE WHAT THIS MOVIE HAS DONE TO ME? I’ve NEVER even THOUGHT of writing those words together before! And now I HAVE TO in order to accurately describe the film makers intent! AH! Wash my brain in bleach!

Exploring Magical Puberty

In explaining the message of the movie, Shi says, “I mean, from the very beginning we were going to be exploring magical puberty and all of what that means.” So keep that in your head for a bit. The fact that this 13 year old kid is turning into a giant red panda is a metaphor for “magical puberty.” Her body changes, there is hair where there wasn’t before, the change is a RED panda, and her mom is sending her to school with tampons. I’m not making this stuff up. And just in case, here is another quote from Shi who tells Polygon “The red panda is a metaphor not just for puberty, but also what we inherit from our moms, and how we deal with the things that we inherit from them.”

So the transformation into a red panda is a magical metaphor for the 13 year old hitting puberty. Everyone see how I’m not reading that into the movie without just cause? The director said it. Not me.

Now let’s consider what the super-dorky 13-year-old Asian kid does in this film.

Turning Puberty into CASH

At first she is confused and upset by the changes her body is undergoing, and she has troubles navigating the emotional roller-coaster that comes with it. At this point, I have no problems. On the surface, it’s clever. But then comes the PLOT. The plucky protagonist, Mei, after unsuccessfully hiding the changes her body undergoes at school finds that, not only are the kids at school accepting of her panda body, but they love it. They want to touch it. They want photographs. And Mei needs money…

Photos with her “Panda” for money! Without adult supervision! Need money, kids?

There is an entire central montage of Mei letting EVERY KID IN HER SCHOOL touch, photograph, and video tape themselves with her PANDA. For money. She and her friends turn this into a business. Remember what the Panda represents?

Boys and girls lining up, cash in hand, to touch the Panda. I wonder what that represents?

AND THEN a kid who is a HORRIBLE, selfish antagonist offers her HUNDREDS of dollars to come to his birthday party to use her PANDA as entertainment for his guests. His party guests get to look at the panda, touch the panda, take pictures with the panda, and RIDE THE PANDA AROUND THE BACK YARD.

What did the panda represent again?

Mei hates Tyler, and almost kills him twice.
And she literally lets him ride her around his backyard because he paid her a lot of cash.

Child Groomers or Just Incompetent?

Now I know what some of you are going to say. You think the panda is supposed to, on one hand, represent the changes of puberty, but on the other hand, and COMPLETELY SEPPARATE from that, just be a magical transformation into an animal that DOESN’T represent her body changing with a magical puberty. And I get that. MAYBE the writers created a clear and stated intent for the panda transformation which they also want us to completely divorce from the movie at certain times when it makes them look like child abusing groomer perverts. I will concede that they are terrible writers who are immature and somewhat stupid. I have SO MANY MORE complaints about this film which I will save for another time. So maybe they didn’t intend for this to be a metaphor for a middle school girl selling her body for money. Maybe they were just terrible writers. Maybe…

Mei shows her own mom the tail end. That’s not perverse! Totally normal for kids to do! Right?

On the other hand, in the six months before this movie was released, more than a dozen Disney employees were arrested for having child porn on their computers at work, and other Disney/Pixar employees have been quoted as saying they want to put as much “Queer” stuff into their movies as possible, and Disney as a corporation, thanks to the amazing leadership at the top, came out against a Florida law that was intended to keep adult discussions of adult sexuality out of preschools and grade schools. So, there are child abusing groomer perverts in the organization. Disney/Pixar has groomers. It’s a concern. And all things considered, I don’t think the writers were just too stupid to realize what they had written. I think they were assuming the audience would be.

In conclusion, SKIP this terrible movie. I don’t care if the film makers intended it or if it was an incompetent mistake. They have made a movie where a girl sells her body for money, and at the end of the story, she remains a horrible, disrespectful, selfish idiot. If this movie has taught us anything, it’s a reminder that there are child abusing, groomer perverts out there, and we need to protect our kids from them, whether that’s in schools or in movie theaters. Look, I’ve taught middle school, and those kids do give us a lot of things to celebrate. Turning Red doesn’t offer any of them. Until this changes, Disney/Pixar needs to be Turned AWAY, and Turned OFF.

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4 Responses to Turning Red Turns Pixar into a Middle School Pimp

  1. Pardon me for being off topic (I haven’t read this yet), but some of us have been concerned about you. I sent you some emails. Hope you are doing well.


    • Good day, Cowboy! I got something from you, but nothing personal. Like, a blog update or something like that. But it’s good to hear from you.
      Yeah, this year has been a mixed bag. Last school year I was teaching science and apologetics, which was a full time thing for part time pay. Then I got cut because enrollment was down and I kind of gave up on everything which had come before. I gave up teaching and I gave up apologetics. I quit posting anything, and I stopped following a lot of the apologetics on social media I used to follow.
      In short, because it seems like God has no plan or purpose for my life, I decided to just try and embrace my role as an NPC- background character who has no effect on the story. I’m set dressing. So I figured I may as well accept it and stop trying. But then the company I’m working for stopped answering my emails so I had no work to do, and I got sick for most of April, and I wound up laying in bed and staring at the ceiling with no desire to do ANYTHING for several days. And I had a three day anxiety attack. That sucked. Zeros stars. Would not recommend.
      Ultimately I am back to annoy people on social media, not because I think it’s worth my time and effort, and not because I think it’s God’s will for me, but merely because when I don’t stay busy, the depression starts to win over the Sertraline.
      So I posted three months of articles. I’m thinking about making Rent a Friend videos again, but I’m not real motivated.
      Other than that, things are great here. How are you?


      • Well, aside from some funny pictures and other things, I also asked how you were. Some of your feelings echo my own, and I was extremely close to shutting down the Fakebook Page and doing creation science. This didn’t help my life-long struggles with depression.

        However, I had learned long ago that it’s a serious problem to do something impulsively in that state. (Charles Stanly says H.A.L.T. when making decisions when Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.) I am not in danger of apostatizing, and it’s a great time to be a biblical creationist. I had to remember my commitment to keep going. Who knows, mayhaps things I write and share can have an impact on someone who will be influential. Also, I keep reminding myself that while an occasional “attaboy” is nice, I’m to seek glory to God, not glory to Bob.

        The Fakebook shadowban (which was something that also caused me to consider shutting down) seems to have been lifted. Atheopaths are angry and dishonest as usual, but they’ll have to stand before God and explain themselves.

        My recommendation is to pray for clarity and wisdom for yourself. Let’s pray for each other.


  2. Reblogged this on The Creation Cowboy and commented:
    The Disney company has been showing signs of political correctness, wokeness, and just plain arrogance for years. Now they are way over any lines of decency. Read this article to see what’s going on with the garbage panda.


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