Leftists Amazed that A “Black” Person Did Something!

Forgive my sarcasm, but, seriously, what the what?!?!?

“Making History” how? HOW Cinema Blend?!??!

She’s not the first “black” Disney princess.

She’s not the first “black” actor put into a previously “white” role.

She’s not the first “black” Disney lead.

“Black Actresses have been a thing for several generations now. What is HISTORIC about it EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS?

And it’s not limited to “black” persons, but apparently the Left thinks it AMAZING anytime a non-white or non-man does anything at all, even if it’s been done for literally generations.

This came across my newsfeed recently. This is from Smithsonian.

WHY are we acting like it’s a big deal? This is the adult version of the participation trophy, and it needs to stop. Celebrating the already-been-done by pretending there’s a FIRST because someone doing it has checked a collection of identity politics boxes that weren’t checked by someone else doing that thing is STUPID. And the need to HIRE people for these flimsy idiot reasons is literally putting people in danger.

Think about this: Ms. Mann is the commander of the mission in space. Unless she was hired BECAUSE she was the most qualified to run the show (and it is a fun coincidence that she is the first identity check box to have the role) then a LESS QUALIFIED PERSON was chosen to make decisions than was a available, in a place where, if something goes wrong, there is no help nearby. If it gets a little stuffy and she decides to open a window, they all die.

I’m not saying its a likely scenario, but weirder things have happened. Have you ever watched Fail Army?

Also, the first Native American WOMAN is Space, is still a Mann (rim-shot).

There’s only ONE purpose to this constant nonsense, and that is to divide people according to these identity boxes. If we CONSTANTLY describe people as belonging to THIS identity group, or THAT identity group, then it seems like its real. Remember, if you tell a lie often enough, eventually it begins to sound like the truth. And if we’re PRAISING this person for being BRAVE and HISTORIC and standing up under the inevitable TSUNAMI OF RACIST/SEXIST/HOMOPHOBOC BACKLASH which will inevitably come when someone says, “Ariel is a Red-Head,” then clearly it must be right.

Also, while dividing people according to these fake categories, we get to tell all of the non-“white” and biologically female people that they are living in the white man’s world where they have no opportunities. I mean, LOOK AT HOW LONG it has taken for Disney to finally have a Black actress portraying a half-fish, or for a native American woman to get into space. What more evidence do you need that America is a White Man’s Privilege World? If America wasn’t a racist hellscape that hates women, there would be a Native American reservation on the moon by now!

It’s all bad marketing for stupid, pretend categories, the purpose of which is to divide us and let the rich and powerful get away with their own evils.

The human race is ONE RACE. Not a collection of different races which evolved at different times in different places. We are all made in the image of God, and descended from the same family. We come from Adam and Eve, and we come by way of Noah. What would be HISTORIC is if the left started treating all people as simply human. That would be worth celebrating.

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2 Responses to Leftists Amazed that A “Black” Person Did Something!

  1. Basically, white males are the worst scum of the earth, and we are the oppressors. Whenever I see something about the first female non-white to do something, I lose interest. But like the headlines you’re emphasizing, yee haw boy howdy! look at the victim groups — even if the people involved are not trying to make a statement, just do their jobs.

    Radio talk show host Chris Plante mentions this, and says how things like the first one-legged black lesbian will be given a job or political post over a more qualified “oppressor.”


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